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In this blog post, i will show you how to watch TV stations from over 135 countries, listen to radio from all this countries and watch live sports just from a piece of software.  Though some people subscribed to cable or satellite TV's but am very sure non of them can see TV stations from 135 countries. But what i will be introducing to you will allow you watch different TV stations, listen to radio and watch live sports whenever your favorite sport is on TV. Call it the satellite TV software, you are welcome cheeky

This software will allow you watch TV according to a selected country or genre. You can watch anything, i mean anything on this software...

Ladies and gentlemen, i am introducing to you Readon TV Movie Radio Player.

I am sure some of us have tried searching for a software like this on the internet, but won't find it...i have been using this software for years now and i can tell you, its completely free, you don't have to pay a cent to have it, and it doesn't tell you to pay after 1 year (Hello whatsapp).

I have seen a lot of guys selling different internet TV software, and have given it different name....sorry, i just burst your operation...i am not sure the exact software they sell out to people, but am sure, it can't be as good as what am putting up now.

Download the software with the link above, install the software like your everyday software installation, if any other software is needed, you will be informed. I have seen it requesting for Dot net framework , but am guessing 70% computer have this and if you don't, there is a link on the Download page you just visited...go ahead and download it, install it and you should be good to go.\


                                                                        Readon Screenshot   

After installation you should see the interface like shown above (Readon screenshot). You can search by country or by on the TV station you interested to see and that's all.. To see all TV stations that are into news, select NEWS  and it will display only TV stations related to News.

To listen to radio, you need to click the Radio tab, select the country from a drop down, this will display only the radio station available to the country you have selected. To listen to a particular genre,i.e  Rap music, it will display all radio station that plays or related to rap music.

But if you know exactly what you searching for, you can use the search box, to search for TV station like CNN, BBC or FOX news.

You can watch anything, i repeat anything with this software.... Please note, unlike old desktop computer we use back then, you don't need a TV card to use this software.hahaha. The only thing needed here is your Internet.

Other features of this software includes :

Thousands of TV and radio channels from all around the world.

Watch and download latest movies (even those showing in the cinema now!)

Live sports (NBA, European soccer, etc).
A large variety of genres including movies, comedy, news, general TV, kids, music, pop, jazz, classic etc.
Record online music to MP3 audio files.
Record TV into various formats of video files. You are able to view recorded shows on your iPhone and Windows Mobile phone.
Able to work as a video converter.
Flash games search engine plugin(Thousands of games).
Music on demand search engine plugin (Millions of MP3)
Movie search engine plugin.
Includes all SopCast channels.
Include all ShoutCast channels.
Include all TVU player channels.
Google Youtube
Audio CD ripper (to MP3 and lossless wave).
News and weather reports.
Free to use.
Auto updatable channel lists.     
Auto shut down.
Always update the software, because newly added radio and TV channels are updated from time to time
To update : click Tools > Check for Updates ( wait for the software to update )
To show if any new TV/Radio is updated, click Tools > show newly added channels > click the drop down to check if new TV or radio are added to the program....You will be amazed at the update....:)

Please we will appreciate your comments/Questions Via the comment text box below.

I love soccer game so much, but since am always busy on my computers, i prefer to watch them online...and sometimes, the TV wont show matches because of some other to avoid this i searched for ways to watch my favorite English premier league online and recently have 2 different ways of watching the matches live without going to the bar or using the TV...:)

 To watch the live matches, you need 2 programs 

 1. Sopcast (You can download sopcast here

 2. VLC (You can download VLC here

   MAC users can download VLC here (

    Most people have the VLC...if you do, you can skip the downloading of VLC and continue with the next step..

 3. Install Sopcast

 You can read about Sopcast if you follow my link above....but basically, its a P2P streaming app so you don't need huge bandwidth to watch the matches.. Sopcast on your desktop or anywhere you place the program when installing

 Sopcast allows you to login as anonymous...You can also create your account if you like to login using a user name and password...I always login as anonymous though :D

 Sopcast logs in easily when you login as anonymous

 5.Go to Options (at the bottom --> Click Option)

 6.Under the general tab ----->Choose external player---->choose the "Use my own media player."

 7.Click on select and search for the VLC icon in your PC

 Tip:  C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe (This is the standard link if you have not changed your installation path when installing VLC)

 Accept this, and restart Sopcast. Start a channel, wait until it has buffered > 30%, and then select the below button;            


  8.Open VLC --> media---->Open Network stream --> http:// and press ok. But Sopcast and a channel should be running first (as usual)!

 just close the previous channel you should see a symbol on the channel on SOPCAST <<..Use it to close the channel..don't exit SOPCAST, all the channels on Sopcast seems to be showing the EPL matches on English premiership its quite good for watching the EPL...since its P2P you don't need huge bandwidth....with the network stream address will watch the match on favorite channel..........................

I will share with you a free software that allows me to watch TV in all countries, listen to radio and also watch live sport..

 I love Sopcast with VLC because the of the low bandwidth it uses in playing the matches....I support Arsenal though...

 So watch the next match with your computer... are about to say thank you....Its Ok friend...enjoy the EPL......

 Write a comment if you need help....