murder in Vietnam

lai thi kieu trang

Thai Binh, Vietnam: In a recent investigation report by the Thai Binh police department, a 25 year old woman, Lai Thi Kieu Trang - who was having an affair with the husband of her older cousin, and the husband had called her last November 2019,  he wanted to stop the affair, had instead decided to kill her cousin instead.


Trang had planned to kill D.T.H.Y because she was having an affair with the husband, and he(D.T.H.Y husband) was looking to stop the affair around October. Trang was devastated, and decided to commit suicide with a cyanide she bought online, but at the last minute decided to instead kill D.T.H.Y using the popular milk tea in Viet Nam.

She then went to the workplace of Thai Binh Lung Disease Hospital in Thai Binh City, Thai Binh capital, where D.T.H.Y works, and pretended she was a family of a patient, and asked that one of the nurses give the milk to her.

At around 10:00am on December 3, N.T.H, who is a colleague of D.T.H.Y took a drink from the poisoned laced drink, and collapsed to her death.

Police in the city later got information on the death at around 4pm the same day, but suspected a foul play in the death of N.T.H, and decided to launch a formal investigation on what had happened. Two days later, after an investigation, Trang was arrested.


                    Police exhume the body of the corpse.

In the course of the investigation to confirm the cause of death, the corpse of the co-worker was exhumed.


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: A US citizen in Vietnam has been handed a 7-years prison term after he stabbed a Vietnamese citizen last year. Nguyen Trung Hau, 32, was a Vietnamese-American, who was arrested last year after a traffic collision with a 20 year old,  Nguyen Dang Long.

According to local media reports, Hau was driving his wife on Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street near the Saigon railway station in District 3 on July 14, when his motorbike hit Long's Motorbike who had run the red traffic light.


Though nobody was hurt in the accident, Hau and Long engaged in a fight, and Long ran away from the scene of the fight.

After a few minute, the couple encountered again while walking near the Saigon Railway station, and stopped to continue with the young man. Hau punched him in the left eye, and later stabbed him with a jack knife in the left hip.

Hau was rushed to the hospital, and was treated for the stab wounds.

The Prosecutor had asked that Hau be sentenced to 12-14 years in prison, but the judge said they will give him a "lenient sentence" because he had a clean record, and confessed to the crime, and compensated the victim.

Hau's lawyer said his client should have been charged with deliberately injuring others, and not murder. The legal team have 2 weeks to appeal the verdict.