Antifa Groups Hunts Man With Swastika Armband In Seattle And Knock Him Out

A man with a swastika armband was recently hunt down and knocked down after a Twitter account shared his image on Twitter on Sunday. 

According to the Seattle police department, the man was with a swastika armband and was "instigating fights"late Sunday. Before that time, the man's image was captured while he was on the bus, and he was reported to be going downtown Seattle. The user account that posted his picture also alleged that the man had harassed an African-American man while in the bus.


When the man was later found by the police, he was on the floor, he then removed his armband and left without saying anything to the police.


            The man was later punched with a man wearing a grey sweathshirt

The man activities after the first post about him on the bus was later tweeted, and he was reported by other anti-fascists Twitter accounts when he got downtown. Reports from Twiitter also suggested the man was "yelling at passerby" and "spewing racist vitriol"

The man was reportedly attacked by another man in grey sweatshirt, and the videographer was heard saying "Night Night"

The Antifa group celebrated what happened to the man with Swastika armband via Twiiter.