Read This Before Voting For Donald J. Trump Or Hillary Clinton On November 8.

On November 8, 2016, Americans will decide on their new president between 2-popular political parties, the Republican candiate, Donald J. Trump and Democratic candidate and first woman to assume the position, Hillary Clinton.

There are dedicated supporters of Clinton and Trump. People have taken to their social media accounts to campaign for their own preferred candidates. A lot of fist thrown around, smiles, the scandal has been thrown around, and sometimes people around the world wonder if this is the American they have grown up to hear about.


On November 8, when Barack Obama steps down, American would need a new president, but before you go out there, I will like to advise you on a few things to consider before you use the voting machine.

1. You are not just voting for just a month or six months, anybody you decide to vote for will be in the White house for either four, or possibly eight years. Make sure the lady or man telling you their  campaign promises can live up to that promise, because most of their decisions are what you will live through all 8 years, or forever.

2. Don't be selfish when voting. Don't look at what you stand to gain from the election, but what majority tends to gain from the candidate. Think if the candidate policy will ruin the chances of others.

3. American politics is not America football game, they are two different things. I have seen a lot of Americans standing with the party their parents or grand-parents had always been loyal to, but sometimes, we all need to take a step back and watch things and decide on our own terms. 

This is your life and generation, take charge of it.

Do not vote for a candidate because they belong to your party and you want your party member to lead the country. That would be disastrous, but vote for someone that will move things forward for at least 80% American and also American allies.

4. Remember your vote is your power as a citizen. Once they get there, your power will only be used again in 4 years, unless they sleep with their intern or break some of American law. So it would be wise to not just sit on your computer shaming people or staying on reddit. 

Like Obama said, "Don't boo, vote" whether you are a republican or Democrats, please go and vote.