Shot Fired : Mutiny in the Nigerian Army as commanding officer ran into hiding

According to a report by Sahara Reporters

  Nigeria is a country with chaos at the moment as soldiers from its 7th division created specifically for the Boko Haram group went berserk yesterday as they form mutiny against the General officer commander, Major General Abubakar Mohammed. While speaking to reporters, the soldiers claimed that the top military officers before now have not been providing them adequate weapons to fight the deadly group and everyday. Everyday Boko Haram lay ambush to take them out like chickens but never published or announced to the media. The soldier also complained that money provided by the Nigerian government to fight the deadly Boko Haram is not being used for the welfares of the soldiers instead distributed among the Military Top officials.

Moreover, the soldiers claimed that no troop rotation was devised for the soldiers in combat to rest and resume the war and its frustrating.

It was said the GOC escaped as the situation at the camp was so tensed, and the soldiers were going to launch a personal attack on him. The mutiny was said to have when the soldiers again witnessed how the other soldiers always are wheeled into the morgue everday.

Speaking to close residents to the camp, they confirmed the story that shot was fired yesterday and they all thought the Boko haram sect are probably trying to enter the camp, and the soldiers are sending them back by shooting into the air.

Confirming the news this morning, the spokesman of the Nigerian Army, Major General  Christ Olukolade said questions will be asked on :

The circumstances surrounding the conduct of soldiers who fired some shots today while the General Officers Commanding was addressing troops in Maimalari cantonment Maiduguri

He also said investigation is ongoing.

From Doy News

Is this true to what Rita's reports as she claimed some Nigerian citizen said the military top officials are using the insurgency to gain more money from the government? Please read Rita's report here