Should Australians Be Allowed To Carry Concealed Weapons For Protection?

We need a weapon, we need to protect ourselves from terrorist!!!. That is the latest trend on Facebook and twitter nowadays. I read on many American Facebook walls telling Australians to stand up now and ask the government to allow it's people to carry guns. What happened to peaceful living among us? Should we allow gun control or allow Australians citizens to own their own concealed weapon?

The 28th of April, 1996 is a day Australians home and Abroad will not forget, after a man with mental issue massacre close to 32 people in a tourist public area. He took hostages and killed a lot of people. And the Prime minister at the time , John Howard restricted guns among it's citizens.


Now a little replay of what happened in 1996 was going to happen again in Sydney at Lindt Cafe, but thanks to the Australian force that averted the tragedy. It was sad 2 people had to die during rescue operations, but the question now is, Do Australians need to debate gun control? In my honest opinion, I will vote No.

Australians don't need guns for protection. A lot of things are meant to happen, even with the gun in America, not all of them are saved. The gun killings in America are lessons learnt for the world to know it is not the right time to allow people to carry guns. Even though a lot of people had argued about the incident and claimed that if the accident happens back in Texas or anywhere in the USA, someone with a gun would have brought him down, that might be right. But what people don't know is that terrorist are not people with the same plan, they are always with different plans hurting innocent citizens. I am sure a lot of people had guns on them at the twin tower in 9/11 and am sure they could not use it. If America could just sit down and calculate how many times gun had helped them than it hurts them, maybe a lot of them would not be of such advice. 


I am happy to know if a country like Pakistan or Nigeria had the thought of allowing it's citizen to use guns against Talibans and Boko haram, but a country like Australia should not implement such law. Australia is a peaceful country and one man insanity should not change the course of their future.

We have heard the cinema shooting, accidental discharge, suicide killings, driveway shooting, school killings and a lot of it in the USA. I am not sure Australia wants the same thing. In 2013 alone, USA lost 30 people everyday to gun violence, am not sure Australia wants this.

So Australians don't debate gun at the moment, the disadvantage is way more than what you gain. Terrorism is everywhere and we must all fight it together, but beheading ourselves is not a cure for headache. Slow and steady wins the race.

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