AirAsia Crash

A Russian passenger plane operated by  Saratov Airlines, carrying 65 passengers and six crew on board has crashed after a takeoff from Moscow.

The plane had left Moscow’s Domodedovo airport en route to the city of Orsk. According to eyewitness account, the plane exploded midair, with witnesses saying that the plane had broke in two midair before dropping from the sky.


Rescuers were quick to appear on the scene of the crash, and the black box of the plane has been recovered.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry says that it is trying to verify that the plane went down southeast of Moscow. 

The explosion of the flight is now treated as a "criminal investigation". According to the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, the communication with the flight was lost a few minutes after takeoff.

A plane caught fire in a New York busiest airport, JFK, while taxiing on the runway of the busiest airport.

According to pictures taken by onlookers, the jet was shown with flames spewing from its fuselage as it is stays at the airport tarmac. 


The flight, Aerolineas Argentinas flight 1301 was headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina, taxied back to the gate, and crew rushed to the scene of the plane to help with the fire.

According to eyewitness, there was an explosion, and followed by flames coming out from the fuselage. Another passenger travelling with the plane said that he was filming takeoff, when there was an explosion and the right engine caught fire.



48 people have been reported dead after a small twin-propeller belonging to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crashed near Havelian, the hilly area near Abbottabad district in  the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, on Wednesday.

According to PIA spokesman, Daniyal Gilani, the aircraft had lost contact with the control tower before the crash, and killed forty-two passengers, five crew members and a ground engineer.


The Pakistan's airline industry had gone through different an air mishap in the last few years.

The most recent tragic accident was in May 2015, when a Mi-17 helicopter crashed in a holiday resort in the scenic hills of Gilgit, the capital city of the country’s northernmost administrative territory of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Seven people died in the air accident, including the Norway, Phillipines and Indonesia ambassador.

In August 2015, a military helicopter containing dozens of military personnel was killed in a tragic plane crash.

In 2010, 152 people were killed in an air crash after the airbus 321 operated by Airblue private airline company, flying from Karachi crashed into the hills outside Islamabad

The deadliest crash was in 1992, after 167 people died when Airbus A300 operated by PIA crashed into a cloud-covered hillside on approach to the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu.


Surabaya, Indonesia : The recent AirAsia plane that was reported missing Sunday has now been found. The plane was found at Java sea with dead bodies floating on the water.The family members of the passengers had been shouting and crying after the Indonesian news channel,TV One shows dead bodies flowing in the sea.


Picture Credit : Australia News


The Airbus A320-200 was flying from Indonesia to Singapore last Sunday when it was reported missing midair. At the time of writing this report, More than 40 bodies are found and rescue operations are on the way to evacuate more body. The flight manifests shows that 162 people were on board at the time of the incident.


                            Picture Credit : Australia News

A lot of families are currently being carried away from stretcher as they fainted at the sight of their love ones on the national television dead. The TV network had since apologised for doing so.

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