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Cardi B

Cardi B is capping off the year with the video to her latest single, "Money". Cardi in the new video decided to go back to her stripping days youth by going to the strip club to shoot the new video.

The money track is currently on number 26 of the billboard hot 100, and will appear on the "invasion of privacy" deluxe album set to drop on Jan. 25th, and it is also going to include another Cardi B music track, Press.




Cardi B

Bodak Yellow rapper, Cardi B has come out to say though she did not miss Offset, but she misses having sex with him. The rapper took to the internet to describe the detail of how much she misses sex with offset, saying; 

I want it…in my throat…inside of me…demolishing me…destroying me.


The two entertainers broke up their less than a year marriage after Cardi B caught offset cheating on her with someone else. 

Offset in a show of getting back his wife went to surprise the rapper on stage with $15,000 in roses, but was turned down by the rapper who also was not amused by her ex-husband's gesture.




In the video, Cardi B defended the father of her child, then talked about how much he misses his D.


                                 Cardi B talking about what she misses in Offset.

After a successful hit single, Bodak Yellow, Cardi B is back with a new single, and this is titled "Bartier Cardi" featuring. 21 Savage.


Critics have wondered if Cardi B would be able to replicate the success of her Bodak Yellow single, and she has since assured fans, saying: "I got six, seven solid songs that I like, But I wonder if a month from now, I’m going to change my mind. It’s not as fun to do music. My mind doesn’t flow as free ’cause I have so much on my mind."

Listen to  Bartier Cardi feat. 21 Savage



Cardi B has grown to be a house-hold name among rap and hIp-hop lover after she overthrow Taylor Swift new single, "Look what you made me do." Cardi B new single is currently number 1 on the billboard 100, pushing down Taylor Swift.

In a freestyle she released on Instagram, the rapper decided to squash the recent rumour about her past. A lot of report online haS shown that the new rapper used to be an exotic dancer and prostitutes, but in the latest freestyle, she debunked all that, rapping;

Used to dance at a club right across from my school,I said dance, not f**k, don’t get it confused / Had to set the record straight, ’cause bitches love to assume.

Listen to the freestyle here;


She also raps about how she got to the top 100. She raps, she is authentic, and speak the truth, unlike fellow rappers, she raps;

Started speaking my mind and tripled my views,” she raps. “Real bitch, only thing fake is the boobs / Get money, go hard, motherfuckin’ right / Never been a fraud in my motherfuckin’ life.

It is not clear if the freestyle will be fully released, but Cardi had previously promised fans of a freestyle before her debut album.