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Kim and Kanye West are not waiting for the pope to confer the title of saint on their new boy, they have done it their own way. The TV reality star, Kim Kardashian-West revealed the name of the new born baby on her Instagram and website page.

The name of the new boy will be "Saint", while his middle name will be "Robert". The name Robert is given to the boy to honour the late father of Kim.

Full name :Saint Robert West


The ‘KUWTK’ star, Kim Kardashian and rapper, Kanye West have welcomed a boy. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and their daughter, North West were able to meet the new precious gift on Dec. 5,and it's all joy.

The name of the new baby is yet to be revealed, but an undisclosed source said that Kim Kardashian wants that the baby middle name be "Robert" to honour her father, Robert Kardashian.


Hours before baby arrived, the selfie queen,Kim Kardashian posted the picture of the baby bump saying,  “Ready whenever you are lol,” and it appears that she had no complications having the baby.

Kim had recently revealed in a blog post on Oct. 5 on her website that;

 “I’m gonna keep it real: For me, pregnancy is the worst experience of my life! LOL! I don’t enjoy one moment of it and I don’t understand people who enjoy it. My mom and Kourtney clearly did! More power to them but I just don’t relate!”

From Doynews, Congrats To Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

While fans await the the Kanye West the new album, Swish, the singer went ahead and released two new tracks on his soundcloud account on Monday. The song titled,  ‘When I See It’ + ‘Say You Will (Remix)’

The first track,   ‘When I See It’ is a remix of Weeknd's song, "Tell your friends", a song he produced. Kanye West could be heard singing in auto-tune in the two minute track.


The second single, Say You Will (Remix)’, is an alternate version of the track on his 808s & Heartbreak album.

Listen to When I see it here:


Listen to Say You Will (Remix)



Kanye West dropped a bomb on attendees at the MTV VMA award last night when he said, he will contest for the White house, come 2020. The rapper was honoured with the Michal Jackson video vanguard award at Sunday's 2015 MTV VMAs, and to the surprise of everyone presents, Taylor Swift was the artiste that gave Kanye West the award.


 Joking about their first meeting at the encounter they had in 2009, when Kanye West disrupted Taylor Swift when getting her award, Taylor, 25, gushed about her new friend, Kanye West.

I first met Kanye at this show actually, Kanye defines what it is to be a creative force in music, fashion and well, life.

She then used the same phrase he used during their encounter, "Imma let you finish," before welcoming Kanye West on stage.

Getting up on the stage, and not saying anything for about 5 minutes, Kanye West fans keep chanting him "Yeezus".

After enjoying his awesome fame, Mr. West said ;

 Listen to the kids.Thank you Taylor for being so gracious and giving me this award this evening.

Kanye West then talks about how far he can go in defending an artists, he said, although he can be disrespectful sometimes while doing that.

 Sometimes I feel like I died for the artist to have an opinion after they were successful

Then he rants about award shows, Kanye said;

 I still don't understand awards shows," he said, saying they shouldn't get to judge creative artists. "I don't understand when the biggest album or the biggest video [doesn't win] ... I just want people to like me more, but f--- that bro

Wait, wait for it....Kanye West then dropped the biggest news of the night, he said ;

After talking about "the kids" and how those in the future won't be controlled by brands, but taught to be free, he said, "I don't know what I'm going to lose for [saying] this. But it ain't about me. It's about ideas ... And yes, as you can guess, I have decided in 2020 to run for president."

You can see the shock on his wife, Kim Kardashian face, and also shocking his new friend, Taylor Swift once again.

Tyga has just bought a Ferrari worth $320,000 for his girlfriend who just turned 18, Kylie Jenner. Tyga who had waited for the party to be in full swing presented the white Ferrari to his girlfriend. The gift was presented at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood.


                                              Kylie Jenner new pictures and her new Ferrari

We have recently picked up on the news that the Tyga had gave Kylie Jenner a red Mercedes G-Wagen, belonging to his former wife, Blac Chyna. But that was not really the gift, as she was only driving the Mercedes to her birthday dinner.


Kylie Jenner is now a girl, according to the law of the country, and people can stop calling Tyga a paedophile. He is now confident to share pictures of her girlfriend looking all wet and nice, and she captioned the pics; Happy bday to dopest girl ever


Her family members also were in the part of the 18th birthday celebration. See photos :


                              Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall were also at the party



Drake OVO Fest all fun for the fans, and he is not letting Meek Mill go just yet. During his show at the OVO Fest, Drake displayed different Memes of Meek Mill that was shared by fans after he dropped his "Back To Back" song.


Drake did not just mock Meek Mill on stage, he also did have a good laugh off stage along with Kanye West and Will Smith who had come as a surprise guest for the show.

In the short video, it appeared that Will Smith shared one of the hilarious Meek memes on his iPhone with the 2 rappers, and they couldn't but laugh out loud.

Read : 2 People Dead At Drake OVO Festival After Party

Watch Video :

Earlier in the day, Drake was seen wearing a Free Meek Mill shirt after his rehearsal


The reality star, Kim Kardashian just broke the news that her next baby is a boy. The reality star is married to the famous rapper, Kanye West and recently revealed the news during the father's day celebration, she said the most 3 important men in her life are : Her late father  Robert Kardashian, Husband Kanye West, and their unborn son.

Kim Kardashian also shared the good news via her instagram page on Sunday evening. She wrote :


Precious moments like this when we were traveling on tour with you are what I live for. You're such a good daddy to North & you will be the best daddy to our new son too!" she captioned a sweet pic of Kanye and baby North West

Big Sean might have done a lot of video from the start he was in the spotlight, but this seems to be one of his best video yet. The Mercy rapper drops video for, "One man can change the world" featuring his label boss, Kanye West and John Legend.


The video is a tribute to Big Sean late grandmother,Mildred V. Leonard which we heard her voice at the end of the video. The video shows the rapper childhood struggle, violence and drugs, but the message of his grandmother, one man can change the word keeps him going. And also letting fans and listeners know working hard is the best way to achieve their dream.

Sean Grandmother, Mildred overcame poverty, sexism and make history. She was the first female black captain to fight in World war II and also the first black female police officer in Detroit.

This is an emotional video and thanks to Big Sean and his team giving this to the fans.




Kanye West Graduation

Kanye West can now be addressed as Dr. West as he was conferred an honorary doctorate from the Art Institute of Chicago. The rapper who was dressed in black cap and gown received the receives the doctorate degree from the university on Monday.


In his Kanye West way of doing things, Kanye West after invited to the stage, removed the water bottles from the podium and said jokingly :

  “I’m sorry, that was just my opinion,” he told the professors and students in the auditorium

Kanye West who has performed in sold out arenas worldwide and won many accolades said that he was feeling nervous: 

  “I felt my nerves a bit, and I don’t feel that feeling a lot—the nerves of humility and modesty, when being honored. A humanization, a reality of being recognized

   “I am a pop artist so my medium is public opinion and the world is my canvas,” he continued.

   “George Bush…” he trailed off before the crowd erupted in laughter. “Has some very cool self-portraits. I didn’t know he was an artist.”


The wife of the rapper, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to congratulate her husband with caption :

  Dr. Kanye West!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you baby & I know your mom would be so proud too!!!!

Kanye West mom,Late Donda West was Chair of the English Department at Chicago State University. 

Amber Rose and Kanye West

Amber Rose seems not to have forgotten what Kanye West said about her on the Morning Breakfast club 105.1, when he said he had 30 showers when he left Amber Rose. Even though, she never said much about Kanye West after the talk show, she seems to want to have a jab at his career.


At a recent club event at Supper club in LA where Amber Rose was a host , she asked the DJ who was playing Kanye West music to stop, she took the mic and said :

   “Stop playing n*ggas I used to f***, stop. Why don’t we play the n*gga who writes the songs for the other n*gga, Travis Scott!”

Looks like Amber Rose was drunk in the video, but lets wait and see

Watch the video here :