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 Guangzhou’s Nansha District will now accept the Wechat ID of users, an make it equivalent to the Chinese state paper ID issued to the people. 

The province announced that it will allow users to identify themselves anywhere around China, and the ID could be used to access any online and offline government services, which also includes hotel registration, ticketing. The district is using the verification process that allows uses facial recognition to confirm the user before issuing an ID, this new technology adaptation will reduce online identity theft, the province added.


After the announcement, more than 30,000 people have applied for the facial recognition on Wechat in 24hrs. This will be a trial in the city of Guangzhou and will then be extended to other regions starting from January 2018.

Wechat, also known as Weixin in China is the largest social media network in China, developed by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security and WeChat developers Tencent,and also supported by other government agencies including banking sector too.

It has around 980 million users monthly.

Do you have an event coming, with little or no budget to kick start its promotion on social media? Here are 10 guaranteed ways that will give your next event a massive buzz it needs.

1. Have an event Landing page. User friendly, loads quickly, easy to navigate and have quick details of the event.


2. Social Media Event pages where people can sign up too. It should have a call to Action button for sign ups.


2b. Use a consistent hashtag on all your communications across all Social Media platforms that you use. Something Unique.


3. Does your event have speakers /special guests. Showcase them. Tag them & their most active followers (They will RT & share). 


4. Have Great Designs, More Pictures/ Graphics, less text. Add Web and Social Media details.


5. Use your Social Media assets - headers, profile picture, Add your event details to your email signatures. Ask your friends to do same.


6. Send out Event Press releases, manage your budget well to reach your targeted audiences with the right blogs/news site. Side note: there are a lot of blogs that allow you to upload your information for free and still have really great reach.


7.Write articles- Ensure to use keywords that pertain to your event. Make your articles interesting. Use headlines that increase clicks. It's great to test your headlines, there are many free headline test tools online. 



8. Forum Marketing: Forums are free & have really great SEO. Search out 10-15 forums that can reach your targeted audience & post articles.


9. Email Marketing is great too. Again, always test your headlines. Do not spam. One event reminder a week (if it's close to the event).


 10. Event sites are free and have great push. Upload details of your event on event sites. Eventbrite is awesome.

     Written by Ized Uanikhehi who tweets as @zegbua.

Digital Media Marketer and Content Strategist

The latest trending act on social media with Vietnamese Netizen involves risking their lives for Facebook likes. This is a game by Vietnamese youths challenging themselves to carry out a dangerous act if their peers can give them a particular number of likes.

The trend was started by a young man in Ho Chi Minh city, challenging people that he will go to  Tan phu bridge, set himself on fire and jump into the river, if he gets 40,000 likes on that status update post.

The post went viral on social media, and the man got 93,000 likes.

On September 20, keeping to his words, the man went to the bridge, while people all rush to see him perform his act,and did exactly as he had promised the people.


The trends now inlcudes "taking off my shirt in front of the camera” and “beating someone at school” to “running seven laps around the schoolyard naked” and “eating my own feaces,” with the minimum ‘like target’ of 1,000.

The recent headline of this trend involves a 13-year old school girl in the south-central province of Khanh Hoa that promised to burn down her school if she get 1,000 likes. Though she was reluctant at first, but was getting threatened by people that "liked" her status. 

On September 10, she then came to Pham Ngu Lao Middle School with 0.5 litres of gasoline and burn the school medical room, also getting slight burn on her legs.

In Nigeria, the youths are using Twitter to get what they want. The game in Nigeria involves a Twitter user asking an individual for money, a company for jobs or original jersey. 

The user will ask " How many retweets to get XYZ" where XYZ is the material, and the company can reply, 500 retweets and you can get our XYZ.

At first, the Retweeting game involves boys asking girl on a date, but now, many people are using it to obtain cash, materials, and jobs.


It’s been bothering my mind recently, and I can’t just stop thinking of this topic and decided to write an article on it and share it on D-Software technology blog page with readers...

I will like to share this simple topic with friends and please do me a favor of using the poll section to vote on the poll as I will instruct changing the poll of the week to this..."Has Social network done more harm than good”

First of all...

what’s social networking? The use of a dedicated Web site to communicate informally with other members of the site, by posting messages, photographs and many more.

This is the mode of communication among the youths in the 21st century; it’s been very easy for different people from different background, ethnicity, continent or belief to be friends.

It’s very easy to register on a social networking site, connect to the website and put in your information, which will be your profile page that different people can view later. When the website approve your registration...Whoop online...isn’t that simple?

We have a lot of social networking sites online and excluding online dating site, I was able to count up to 205 social networks online, all this social networks have their different focus...and description...If you interested in checking them out please Click here

These are one of the most visited social network sites in no particular order.....

Facebook  Twitter   Myspace   Skype         

Google+   Bebo    Badoo     Habbo 

Windows Live     Tencent Weibo        Linkedln

 VK   Qzone    Sina Weibo   



Before I start pointing fingers or telling you what people have achieved using social networks, I will start with mine... I will say I have gained a lot from chatting with people online, let me tell you a secret about my definition of the internet, I believe its the biggest library in the world and just like your physical library, everything is well arranged in its shelf, You go to the exact place where you need your exact information, pick it up, read from it, when you through, return it back for others to use....

When I started chatting online, all I was concerned about is browsing without paying, how do I go about this?, I keep asking people and they keep laughing at my stupidity, to be sincere the internet was way too expensive, and its not exactly you enjoy the internet services...that was a long time though, to cut the long story short, I met a friend online, who later told me about how to go about it...I tried it and that was it...when I later told people that were laughing at me, they were surprised and needed my help to do it for them...I must tell you since that day, I am always on the road, people pick me up for this service...and I am always with Cash inside the pages of different that is an example of myself getting what I wanted (WYWIWYG) what you want is what you get..That is another way of defining the internet..... (Don’t ask me what I did then...I wont tell you..:D)...This got me a job, because people started calling me a GURU, because I started other IT stuff, like consultation, to be sincere I was offered a job by a foreign company which I later rejected because I have to further my studies....all this came just by meeting someone online...

Now I know a lot of you have a lot to share...when you meet people on social networks, 

Do you try to gain something or is it all about FRIENDSHIP?

Why exactly are you socializing?

If you can give yourself straight answer without looking at the roof...then you right to be socializing

I have a lot of stories to share about me, I have actually gained a lot, but this is not about me, and mind you I also help people online a lot through face book and twitter mostly....

Facebook and Twitter are one of the social networks used by youths, small and large organizations, religious organizations and a whole lot of them, I will say that these organizations have been able to promote their products and services on these social networks, some companies don’t even have a website, they ask you to check their face book page and Like them, or follow us on like OMG...

 Facebook have saved a couple of people but you can Google to check this, i will share some interesting link here

   This is the story of a woman that was kidnapped with a 17 month old baby, she was smart to update her facebook page on a laptop at where she was held hostage, and people call 911..

  I once read about someone that was on morning exercise, and slumped on the way...she was dying, but was able to type “ Save me am dying...”she typed the location and immediately,   many of  her followers who saw that tweet immediately called 911...and she was saved after few minutes..

 Also in Kenya, a man saved his family from armed robbery, when he tweeted, “someone is forcing the door open, please call the police” sometimes, you can’t call, you might be in danger, but  if you can tweet or update your status, your good friends will come support you.

About 2 weeks ago, 2 different cancer patients was saved via twitter, and it was all over the news online, her friends created a hastag #SaveDebbie and tweeted about this for few days, tweeting @ the celebrities...and I can tell you that her friends raised $40,000 for this lady just via twitter and facebook,the other lady was saved on twitter too, she was given approximately     $20,000...This  are the joy of social networks.....

Now lets take a look at the damage of Social networks(Cons)

 If you are addictive to social networks, you may see yourself sharing too much information online, and before you know someone else is masquerading under your identity, another reason is scammers use social networking site to trick people into downloading malicious software (malware)...Now those are just the technical part...

One of the many reasons writing this is to share and also warn people that spent all day reading updates on facebook or tweeting...the past few days have not been too good for some ladies that have been unfortunate because of social networks

Sometimes your friend wont care about your updates on social networks, i read a story of a Thailand woman and was very sad, this lady wrote on facebook....”I will kill myself in 10 minutes (am not sure about the time any longer ) but instead of the friend calling the neighbors, husband or the police, they all wrote “ Lmaooo, some Lol and some just like the status....and few minutes later she committed suicide by hanging her self sad.

Did anyone remember the Craigslist killer (Philip Markoff) who will invite his victims via craiglist and rob them at gun point .A lady was killed at one of his operations...

 A lady recently shared his ordeal in the hands of married men he met on BBM(blackberry messenger)  after few days of chatting, they met themselves and started seeing each other...after few months, she was invited on a boat cruise, their she was drugged, raped, molested and was also threatened  that if she call the police..The picture of what happened will be available on BBM, facebook and twitter...this could cause a serious trauma for this lady if the man makes known his threats...

Also the daughter of an army officer that was invited recently was killed by her friends, she met them on facebook and they have been exchanging pleasantries, she traveled to meet them, but they drugged, raped and killed the innocent lady 

Now this are some of the things that pop up on my mind...Is Social networking doing more good than harm?...I don’t want to write more stories not to keep you bored....but I need your comments on this...share the good, Bad and ugly with me and readers of this article please....


My personal tip of advise:

If you are under 18 and want to connect with your friends online, please connect to the ones that you know in real life, not just may be in danger...This is for newbies about joining facebook.

 If you like twitter and you not 18 and above, make sure you only follow your good friends, my experience on twitter is not too good...because I followed a lot of strangers on twitter...I have my reason though...but I am matured enough...and I must tell you...I block a lot of people on twitter when they tweet offensive tweet or I get offended when they reply my mentions with offensive or bad languages...I wont advise you to follow strangers, and block people/tweets that makes you feel uncomfortable...

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