Solange Knowles

After the fight that broke out between rapper Jay-z and Solange Knowles (read store here) few days ago, the Carters, who we may always let stories about them slide off decided to answer this one and therefore, released a press statement to Associated press.

As a result of the public release of the elevator security footage from Monday, May 5th, there has been a great deal of speculation about what triggered the unfortunate incident. But the most important thing is that our family has worked through it.

Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred. They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.

The reports of Solange being intoxicated or displaying erratic behavior throughout that evening are simply false. At the end of the day families have problems and we're no different. We love each other and above all we are family. We've put this behind us and hope everyone else will do the same.



Despite the fracas that happened between Solange Knowles with Jay-z few days ago(Read story here) at Standard hotel where we saw Solange hitting the hip-hop and business mogul. Beyonce took to Instagram to post some really beautiful pictures of Ms Solange and herself performing and having fun.

Is this a proof to show us blood is thicker than water, or it's fine to say that she is telling us what Solange did was alright as she acted in her defense, or they are trying to cover up the story in the media by telling us all is fine between the couple and Solange..

Just stay tuned to our entertainment report as we will give you more information on this as soon as we have them. 

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Photo Credit : Instagram



         Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit :Instagram

A video surfaced online today showing Queen Bey sister Solange Knowles attacking one of the richest man in Hip Hop, Jay-z. The video shows Jay-z, Beyonce  and Solange Knowles leaving an event they both attended earlier together. 

About to enter the elevator is Solange attacking Jay-z and kicking him until he was separated from Jay-z by security personnel around the Carter family. The cause of this fight is not known, but we hope a press release is released soon.


It seems Jay-z have 99 problems and Solange is one.


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