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The story between Hanh Nguyen and Steven John continues today after a publication by Steven via the comment section after he read what Hanh wrote about him. According to the various allegations by Hanh in her previous post where she wrote that she was the one taking care of Steven when he had no job, and domestic violence, and also wrote that he never married Steven.


                                                         Hanh Nguyen/6 year old and Steven John

Steven had replied back in an emotional post, and he wrote a summary on how he met Hanh fron the first day at the airport.

Before you engage in this long read, you should see the previous post between the once lover turned enemies. The article before this one you are about to read can be seen below to give an insight about what you are about to read.

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According to the new comment by Steven, he had met Hanh via the expat website called  "The New Hanoian", and they started talking, but while talking, he saw many red flags on the personality of Hanh, but he ignored it to move ahead. Steven wrote about how he met Hanh in a small room that looks so dirty and he pitied her condition, then another red flag, the new women she had met asked him for some money for her small rent, which she did have her $250 to take care of other things too.

On their marriage, Steven talked about how the pair was about to get married, but it all seems like a delay tactic by Hanh, he was never going to marry him and he later realised Hanh was using him to get to the UK, and when the plan went south, that was when he started noticing some wrongs in Hanh's behaviour.

He wrote about how the pair suffered together without no money, and when he got a job as an English teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam, a television station came to where he was teaching, and did an interview with him, and that was when he was well known and more teaching hours was coming in to the new about to be a family.                    

But most times, Steven said he won't get salaries from any of these centres, because Hanh already wrote a text via his own phone to English centres asking for advance payment, and claims that his mother was sick. He had confronted her many times on times on this, but things never changed.

Hanh is currently facing another divorce now after the new husband saw what the former man went through, and Hanh tried to get back at him, but he refused as he has realised she was up to no good..

Read Steven John Statement On What Transpired Between Hanh And Himself

Ok I just read what Hanh had to say. Well I kind of expected a fabrication of the truth behind this. Firstly yes there were terrible rows in our house, she said I got violent, yes the rows were heated and the only violence came from here, when I found out she was constantly using my money for her own devious purposes I became angry as I knew she was never telling the truth. And when she continued to lie and I would not let it drop, she went very crazy, I received nail marks across my neck both sides, drawing a lot of blood. I at no time ever hit her. I always had to defend myself by holding her arms so she would not dig her nails into me. Many times I tried to escape her, but she always begged me to stay, and made quite a fool of her self-doing so. She would literally grab me by the legs and prevent me from leaving. And turned on a charm I’m afraid one could not escape, the only way to get her off me was to hurt her, but that is not what I wanted to do. She calls me a mad man in love. Well mad in a sense, and that is mad for putting up with a woman like that for so long. I always knew she was up to no good, I often found bits of information.

The truth to be told is the real truth. I will right from the start be honest, even if it means degrading myself or even embarrassing myself. I did some stupid things, things I knew that could get me in a lot of trouble.

But I sacrificed a lot to come here to Hanoi. For me it was a new start in a country I became fascinated with. I had come to Vietnam for the first time in 2011. I experienced a life and culture that I enjoyed being around, and I experienced some amazing places here. I initially stayed for three months. On returning to the UK, I could not get the experience of Vietnam out of my mind. Exactly a year a later I returned for another three month tour. This time taking in Cambodia, Lao, and Thailand. 

And back to Vietnam. On returning to the UK for the second time from Vietnam, I found once again how good I felt touring Asia. And from that moment I decided I would find a way of living and working there. So over the next several months I researched as much as I could, getting in touch with English centers etc, trying to build up a support base for when I arrived here. My first contact with Hanh was through TNH an expats forum. As well as coming here for a new way of life to what I had in the UK. Where I was a self-employed carpenter. I had a very nice home; I had everything that I wanted, except a family. I felt if I had another family in a new country where I felt the most alive for many years, this would be a prize or risk worth taking. Work had not been going well back in the UK for some time, and I felt restless. So a new life was calling me. 


Now after initial contact with Hanh whom I nicknamed Asian Rose, we developed an on line relationship. I kind of sensed something was not quite right as early as then.

I even chatted with some of her face book friends, because I sensed something not quite right. One of her western friends called Brian told me that she is jumping from man to man, in efforts to con them. Now meanwhile back in the UK, I am preparing to sell up all I had to fund my trip, and at least 6 months’ worth of money to survive should the worst come to the worst. 

I was going to Vietnam no matter what. If Hanh and myself did not work out then great, I would have a support network established prior to arriving anyway. But despite warnings from my friends at home I wanted to go. I had always been an adventurer. 

We meet for the first time at Hanoi airport. She is kind of plain looking no makeup, but that smile was so intoxicating. We sat and chatted at the airport for a while. I’m getting a feeling that the kind of situation I’m walking into is a bit dodgy. But I thought give it a try it may work out. 

Ok the wisest thing to of done at that point was go my own way and find another way forward. But I decided to go home with her, to what turned out to be the most worst kind of living conditions you could imagine, a tiny room, nothing more than brick room with a tin roof, just big enough for a double bed, and the most disgusting bathroom come kitchen. I could not believe she lived in such terrible conditions with a young child. 

I felt sorry for her and her child. I wanted to get out of it find another way for myself. But I decided to stay. I think it was the next morning she asked me if I could give her some money for the rent as it was due. I gave her something like $250 to cover rent electric my food etc. later in the week she appears with a scooter, I asked where did the bike come from, she told me it was hers, but it had been at a garage being repaired. After a time I became convinced that she got it with the money I gave her.

Like a fool I decided to stick with her and help her and her son out of the terrible living conditions she and her son lived in. We did a lot of going out to different places around the city, I often liked to go to Hoan keam Lake, and the old quarter, to relive my previous visits to Vietnam. However it was always an effort to get her to go there, she was all ways saying it had bad memories for her. It later transpired that she had a very good reason for not wanting to visit the old quarter area.

We decided that we would get married. So we did all the paper work, medical, translated documents etc. and when it was almost completed, she announced that she had to get her ID card off her sister. So we went to see her sister who was a teacher at a children’s school, her sister seemed very uptight with Hanh coming to see her. Her sister introduced herself to me politely and then asked that I leave, so she could have a private chat, I think it was more than a chat. I would not of understood anything she would have had to say to Hanh even had I not left them to it.

It would not of surprised me that a heated argument ensued, for reasons I was not aware of. After the meeting with her sister, she got talking to this old man at a road side tea place opposite her sisters school. He invited us into his house, and Rose as I called her explained we were getting married, and that her sister was withholding her ID card, and we needed it to get married. This gentleman was some kind of ex minister here, who worked apparently within the offices of president Ho Chi Minh. He said he would help us in getting our documentation sorted out so we could marry. 

And we should give him all the necessary paperwork including my passport. It was agreed we meet him the next day at his house, we went to his house the next day with all our paper work, but he was not in. Rose then took all the paperwork to the guard at the school gates and spoke to him and then gave him all our paperwork. At that moment I felt a bit concerned about this. I asked her why is she giving all our paperwork to the school guard, she told me he would give it to the man we met the day previously. So I accepted her explanation with some trepidation. 

So the weeks past, she told me not to worry about anything as that man would get my visa sorted out as well, and it would be a five year visa. Prior to handing over all our paperwork we had visited the British Embassy in Hanoi to have our documents processed for getting married, while there I came across some information regarding marrying, and eventually travelling to UK with a Vietnamese family. It became clear that I would have little chance, of being able to get her a visa to live in the UK, due to certain conditions I was unable to fulfill. I think it was at that point Rose decided she did not want to marry me, because I would be unable to take her to the UK. But she continued to convince me that all was well. 

 In the meantime while waiting for our marriage to be processed, we had some nice times together as a family, every time I got restless because of the terrible conditions we lived in, and the amount of time our paperwork was taking, she would try to reassure me all was well. But I was increasingly thinking that everything was taking too long and costing me a lot of money. I think she had something like $1000 , saying it was the cost of all the paperwork for our marriage. I looked up on line to see what the cost should have been. It was more like around $400. I said I think you are pulling the wool over my eyes, the more she insisted that what I was reading on the internet was rubbish regarding price of getting married.

I knew she was ripping me off. And again I was stupid to keep putting up with it. But I was now feeling trapped in the situation. My home back in the UK was now gone and along with everything I had. I made a lot of mistakes, mostly trusting her despite she was clearly ripping me off. I often caught her constantly texting on her phone, pretty much nonstop all the time. I suspected she was chatting to other men she met on line. Often she would quickly hide her phone or change what she was doing, so I could not see what she was doing. But I could tell from her body language she was telling lies, I even heard her in the bathroom talking in English to other men. And arranging to meet them. Don’t tell me I know, I should of just got out of that situation and try and find another way forward without her. But I foolishly continued to trust her. For all those who think it was just an old man, looking for a good time with a young woman that is wrong. I genuinely just wanted a family life. Sex was never a driving force with me with her, to be honest she was never that good. I never felt any love as you might expect during romantic times with her. 

So I just accepted that. But I knew it was because she was having sex with other men. I was sure of it. During my first three months with her and her son. She would become extremely angry and frustrated with anything her son did, that she found annoying. She used to slap that boy so much he would have her finger marks all over that boys face and back. Many times I had to drag her off him because I feared for him. This happened on many occasions. I could not believe what I was seeing. I knew I was probably the cause of her anger and frustration. I think it was because she felt she also has made a mistake by agreeing to marry me. But she continued to try to reassure me all was well. It was only a week or two before my visa ran out. I asked Rose what is happening regarding our marriage and my visa for 5 yrs. She told me it was still being processed. I did not believe her, but she insisted everything was ok. Then on the evening before my return flight home and the expiry of my visa, she suddenly announced that we were not married. 

I was not really surprised at hearing this, but she covered herself by saying that the man she gave our paperwork to, had asked her for sexual favors to process our paperwork, and because she would not have sex with him she said he withheld our paperwork and my passport. So I told her to get in touch with this man as I needed my passport. She told me that this man would meet me the next morning at 8am to give me back my passport. That evening I packed my bags and prepared to leave and go back to the UK. The next morning Rose gave me back my passport soon after I woke up, she told me that this man had met her on the main road while I was asleep. I knew she had had it all the time. An argument ensued and I discovered that she did not want to marry me because I would not be able to get her a visa to go to the UK. She then got all our paperwork for the marriage and tore them up in my face. I picked up my bags and went to leave for the airport. I had no idea how I would get there I was penniless; she had taken all the money I came here with, which was around $3000. 

I had estimated that this would last me at least six months until such time I found work here. But Rose pretty much had the lot, as all I was spending on my self was no more than around 200k every day or two. As I’m trying to leave she is breaking down and begging me to stay and grabbing hold of me and refusing to let me go. I was very upset by this woman begging me not to leave, it really got to me emotionally, she was pleading with all her heart for me to stay. And like a fool I caved in, I agreed to stay. The biggest mistake of my life was made right there and then. We did not have a penny between us. But we decided to carry on and find a way forward. We ate just rice and sometimes went without food, we used to get food from the local market on credit from time to time.

We struggled on for weeks like this. We even set up a stall selling egg rolls on the street, just to keep ticking over and some food in our mouths. It was a tough existence. I see this kind of lifestyle all around me and notice that the Vietnamese just get on with it. So I did my best to do the same. But all the time I spent selling rolls on the street, I kept trying to think of a way forward, as this kind of life was ridicules. But I could not find a way. So I decided after living like this for around three months after my visa expired, I and Rose had a chat, I said I wanted to go to the embassy and explain my situation. I couldn’t continue to live like this, and the constant pressure of being caught here with no visa. So we went to the Embassy and I explained my situation, but they said they could do nothing for me and referred me to the immigration dept. I was kind of worried about that and what I have heard could happen regarding my visa being out of date for three months. Rose that night again convinced me to stay, by this time I felt close to having a breakdown. I just wanted out of this mess. She yet again pleaded for me to stay; again I was broken down by her emotional outburst begging me to stay. I so much wanted to go, but she was relentless in her emotional cry’s, She told me she would get everything fixed and we could be free to go about life normally, she had friends in the police etc. anything to try and convince me to stay.

 By this time I was an emotional wreck, I did not know what to do. The only thing I could do was breakdown, I felt like my life was at the gates of hell.

But by this time I was very attached to Rose and her son, I felt a strong sense of responsibility for her and her son. I could not leave them both in the mess they were in financially, and lifestyle they would of had to of lived without me. I couldn’t turn my back on them; I wanted our relationship to work. She assured me that we would make a fresh start and find a way forward. I knew it was wrong to again trust her, but I did.

Rose said that she would get me some teaching work, I was very unsure about doing that without any legal documents. She then set about obtaining the documents to get me work, which included I believe behind my back dating other men, and one man in particular. His name was John. The name she then got me to use, and his teaching documents. I was so against doing this and told her this was very wrong. A heated argument ensued, and eventually she managed to convince me this was the only way forward for us. We had no money we were living on rice only a lot of the time, I had no choice but to comply with her plan. So she arranged me to have interviews with various English centers. I quickly got into work, and during the coming months I started to get a lot more classes. Despite not having any teaching experience, I managed to keep a lot of the classes I did. I was very nervous about teaching and having to live what was essentially a lie.

Then one day at a center I worked at , a TV news crew came to film one of my classes. I did not want that kind of exposure considering my circumstances. But I ended up having this news crew filming my class lesson, with a short interview with me. As a result of this news crew filming my lesson. Rose decided to advertise this in a recruitment drive for me. I told her this was drawing attention, unwanted attention to me. But she continued to advertise me to all the English centers she could find. I ended up getting so much work. I was up to 24 classes a week with lessons between 1.30 and two hours long. I was making a lot of money. Now Rose insisted that she take care of the money I earned. It’s the Vietnamese way when married she told me. And the married part was her way of covering my stay with her. She convinced everybody we were married. And told me she paid off the local manager in charge of our area where we lived, to keep me safe.

I estimated I earned around 30 to 45 million vnd a month, at the height of my teaching here. It all went to her. I rarely ever collected my salary as Rose had said to all the centers to pay her. She often sent texts from my phone pretending to be me, asking for advances on my salary because of illness in the family, and even my mother who was ill in hospital. My mother died many years ago. She was always doing this, I found from time to time, messages like this on my phone she had forgotten to delete. I was furious at her for telling these lies to these centers. Obtaining money by deception.

I let that woman walk all over me; she manipulated me and used me the whole time. And because of my vulnerability here I let her do it. And of course I genuinely loved her despite what she was doing to me. I wanted to help her and her son have a better life. Well I managed to give her a better life. We moved into a bigger house, We moved a few times, and then eventually we moved into a large house. And she set up an English center there. We kitted out the classroom with all the teaching aides’ desks books flash cards etc. She even set up a web site through face book, to advertise classes using video and pics of me teaching. On the outside we looked like we were the perfect family, me doing well as a teacher, and she had a job as a receptionist at a bank. And our lives had become better. I managed to get her and her son and myself on our feet. Not having to worry where the next meal would come from. With her salary and mine combined we were doing very well. But as I said there were many arguments behind the scenes over what she was doing with so much money. I was just living a simple life; she only ever gave me 2-300k every day or two for pocket money. But arguments were raging at home over money. 

 I insisted that she came clean with me and give me the truth of where all this money I earned went. Well suffice to say I got many stories regarding this money, and where it was all going. It ranged from money she owed people to gambling debts and savings in the bank for our future. But every time I asked for evidence of money she was saving, or using she evaded showing me any evidence of these savings or outgoings. I continually accused her of using me as if I was just a cash machine for her, all she kept me for was the money she got from me. So the arguments raged on and she would never tell me the real truth. Always spinning me a story to cover up what she was doing. I knew she was just using me. 

I know it is hard for anyone to understand why I put up with so much from her. I wrongly felt I could trust her, I wrongly thought I loved her. But I had a family to take care of for better or worse. I committed myself to her and her son. I wanted our love to work, and she always made a point of telling me she would stay with me forever no matter what. Convincing me I was wrong about her. So much more I could detail but I would be writing for weeks on this. I wanted time to write a fully detailed account of my life with Rose. I still have much more to say. And there is much I will reveal when I can get down to it. I feel I have been rushed into writing this account. It is not edited, it is straight from the heart. I have no wish to deceive anybody; I want the complete truth to be known. Yes I made an ass of myself. But I’m not the person that woman is trying to make me out to be. People here know the real me, they know I’m not the person Rose has written about me. She has a charm about her that she uses to manipulate people at will. 

I fell for a lot of her stories out of what was blind love. People have a choice they believe what I have said or they don’t. I don’t care that she may of convinced people otherwise about me. I know what I have written is the gods honest truth. And there is so much more I could detail about her. People who know about Rose should take time to submit the story they know about her. I know there are many ex pats and local Vietnamese people who can verify what I have written. It’s up to those who know the real truth to speak out. What that woman has done is despicable. She needs to be exposed for what she is. I fear that her new husband is going to learn a very hard lesson about her. She has already told me of her intentions toward him. When I found out about her marrying over Christmas, while I was in Sappa. She still tried to keep me in her pocket by hatching a plan to rip her other husband off. I agreed to go along with her idea. Only to see how far she was willing to keep me hanging on. She continued to try and take all she could from me. Staying a night or two with me and then back to her other husband. Her husband got wind of my posting on massive. I think he kicked her out. Because she came back to me and said she wanted to stay with me, because she realized she loved me. 

 I never believed her for one second. After a day or so she said she had to meet her other husband to get divorce papers sorted out. Before she left leaving me with her son, she took my sim card out of my phone without telling me. I discovered this when I tried to call her a couple of hours later. So I could not contact her. I expected her back no later than around 10pm. But the whole night went by, I knew she had spun me another story and she must of spent the night trying to convince him to stay with her. I at this point got very drunk on some wine I had brought back from a restaurant we had been to. I don’t drink much as I don’t like alcohol much, but I drank this very strong local stuff that just wrecked me. I then got it into my head that my life was over with her, I had lost everything I had worked so hard for. I was not going to let her make another penny out of me. In my drunken state I destroyed anything she could sell. I knew she would try to sell everything. I knew this because I searched the internet and found proof of the lies she told me. She had sold all the clothes I brought for her, bags shoes dresses I phone, I pad etc, she told me her I phone and I pad were stolen, but I found adverts where she sold the things she said were stolen or broken by her son. You can look on the net and see this is what she did with everything she brought with my money. She just sold everything and spun me a story every time I questioned where is this or that.

I could go on writing this story for days as there is much more to tell. As I have said I feel pressured into writing this now. I want the real story out there, and I know a lot of people can verify my story if they so wished. Rose on the day we separated for good managed to get my phone and delete as many messages she sent me as she could, in an effort to cover her guilt. She never got all the messages, and I’m sure face book could still retrieve these messages she deleted. And those messages would lead to her complete downfall. And expose her in full.

So there it is, a somewhat rushed account of my life with Asian Rose. Decide for your self-people of Hanoi. In due course I will write a further story revealing much more and many pics of our life together. But for now this version will do.

Steven John.

Do you know any of these two? Can you comment below about what you think?



Seven days ago, we posted an article of a Vietnamese lady that was accused of marrying two foreigners at a time. The news was posted on Hanoi Massive, a  Facebook group used by expats in the the Hanoi area, and the husband allegedly said that the wife married to another foreigner while he was away on a trip. 

If you missed the story, please go to this link before you continue this article: How A Vietnamese Lady Stayed Married To 2 Men And Ripped Off English Teachers In Hanoi

Today, the accused lady, Hanh Nguyen had written us an email, detailing her side of what happened in their marriage, and also said he was never married to Steven properly. She had only taken the photos by Steven so as to show his employee and be able to defend himself when he is asked about Visa.


                      Steven John (L) accused Hanh Nguyen(R) of stealing from him, and marrying a new man while they were still married

The lady said hat Sten never had Visa for more than 3 years, and she had to be of help to him, but at the end, he couldn't take his angry nature and jealousy.

The below text is from the accused lady, and it was edited to make it readable for our readers...

Hello Sir/madam

I heard that my ex- boyfriend tried contacting you and told you things about me. I understand why he did that. Steven never had visa for 3 years and 5 months while he was in Vietnam, and he could not go back to England, and the only way for him to move back was for me to break up with him.  I am geting scared when we are together.

When Steven came to Vietnam 3 years ago, he was homeless back in England and he had no where to go back to. I told him to stay with me in Vietnam, and I will earn money to look after him, because at that time, he had no job.

I later got him a job as an English teacher, and he was earning more money than I was making, that was when he changed totally. He was acting bossy at home, and he won't allow anyone near me, or get too close to me, including my son.

Jealousy dawn on him, and sometimes would get jealous when I decide to sleep in my son's room. He started to control my life like he owns me, but I was only his girlfriend.

All he wanted was sex anytime am home, and he will shout and wax me in the presence of my son. I started seeing him as a man not in love, but a madman in love. When i noticed all this trait, i started to think of ways of letting him go for the sake of my son and my own personal safety.

I had met my husband Steven talked about 2 years ago, and i fell in love wiTh him, though even while i was with my husband, i stayed with Steven. Steven had no job or visa, and he keeps quitting a lot of jobs. I had to go to school managers and help explain to them to let him keep his job.

He gets angry easily, and he still believes real life is like life back in the army. If he communicates with Steven, and you ignored him, or don't reply while he was talking, he will get angry and starts to shout.

When angry, he throws things around. He had broken the furnitures, he cuts all my clothes, broke the TV, he literally destroys anything when angry. What will you do if someone like that lives with you and your 6 years old kid? Would you leave or stay with him?

I tried to stay with him, i know he had nobody in the UK, even his family did not like. Go ahead and ask Steven if anybody cares when he had a problem in his life. He knows that I was married, and we were only seeing how we can go, he accepted me after knowing I had a husband, now he is saying I lied to him. He wanted me to divorce my husband, and when I told him I loved my husband, he became really mad.

He vowed to destroy me if I go ahead not staying with him, and that is what he is currently doing now. He posted many things about me on Public Facebook group in Hanoi. He destroyed my life here. We were never married, we only had some pictures together to look like we did. We did not marry properly, so when i have a new man, i think it is normal

He keeps posting about me, and i think people don't want to see his post anymore because they realise his angry nature. He destroyed my life in Hanoi, and my husband is going to divorce me. I lost everything, but he is not satisfied. He still wants to go ahead and destroy me. 

In his mind, i  am not good and this is what he keeps telling people. I just think I should tell my side, so it does not go one way. 

Thanks and best regards.

Hanh Nguyen

Comment below: 


A Vietnamese lady is in the centre of scamming activities in Hanoi, and her photos are currently making rounds on a Hanoi Facebook expat group, Hanoi Massive. According to her ex-Husband, Steven John, he had married the lady and was also responsible for the son of her previous marriage.


According to Steven,who is in is Sixties, the alleged lady had different names; Hanh Nguyen, Linh Duckett, Rose, Hang Nguyen and Nguyen Linh she used in ripping people off  across the Vietnam capital. Steven said the woman had ruined her in his second Facebook post on the expat Facebook group warning other foreigners not to have business dealings with the lady in the picture, and not to care about her name, as she comes up with any name to do her dirty dealings.


Steven wrote on Facebook;

beware of this woman. She is a cheat scam artist etc, she uses names such as Linh Duckett, Hanh Nguyen, Rose. Her only ambition in life is to steal everything you have.Do not go near this woman if you vaue what you have.She will destroy you.

In the comment section, Steven wrote how the lady had requested for most of his salary in advance from his employers in Hanoi, giving them different stories about her parent's health. He also talked about how she had requested all of his money and he is currently penniless due to the woman requests, and when she saw that Steven was down financially, he then moved on to a man he had married secretly even while he was with Steven.

Steven also wrote;

My entire life and all my money stolen by this woman, she lived a double life, pretending to be married to me at the same time as being married to another guy.. for two years she cheated on me and her husband, we both had no idea for two years what she was doing.

According to Steven, Hang had told him on the day she was going to marry a new man that he should travel to another city for tourism, as he has worked the whole time. When Steven asked that they go together, she said that she had to work tirelessly, and the man can go on his own without her.

But that weekend when Steven left Hanoi to have fun away from Hanoi, his wife was getting married to a new man in Hanoi.

Teachers Rip-Off


The name Hang Nguyen was the name she had used to run an English centre in Hanoi. The lady was accused of taking foreigners to Thai Nguyen City for English teaching job, and would promise them a work permit and visa. 

According to a Facebook post by Raegel Rivera who was a victim of Hang, the lady had collected his important documents. Please read;



After Rivera story, a lot of people in the same comment section confirmed the accusation and one lady in the comment section said;


 Hanh Nguyen replied to Steven John accusations and answered some of our questions, Check it here


After searching through Vietnam to get your bride, you have finally met a Vietnamese woman with these 7 qualities, and you are ready to get married. What is the next thing to do. Get married? yes, right..What do you need to know? This is what we are discussing today....


                        A foreigner and A Vietnamese after a marriage ceremony credit:owners

1. Select good date and time for marriage ceremony. (This is decided by a Buddhist monk, Spiritual leader, or fortune teller due to the spiritual nature of the occasion. This tends to change if the family is Catholic.
(The wedding consists of an extensive set of ceremonies: asking permission to receive the bride, receiving the bride at her house, and bringing the bride to the groom's house. Both Vietnamese and oversea-Vietnamese who desire to have a hybrid traditional Vietnamese and Western-style wedding will often incorporate the last two ceremonies with the Western-style wedding.
At the end of the ceremonies, there is a wedding reception for the two families and guests.)

2. Take photographs in a studio: bride and groom will dress in wedding costumes and make up. Every studios have many service packages and can provide consultancy.

3.  Select location for wedding reception including preparing a list of guest and deciding on menu.
4. Prepare wedding invitations by ordering at card production shops. Bride and groom will select the template and provide the shop owner with the number of wedding invitations needed to be produced.
5. Send out wedding invitations.

6. Work with the wedding ceremony host about the ceremony program, decoration, music band, etc.
7. Prepare wedding costumes (ao dai, suit, dress); order a make up service for bride and key relatives; order a photography or filming services.
8. Make decoration at bride’s house and groom’s house
9. Prepare wedding rings
10. Prepare flowers for wedding (hand-bunch for bride, flower to be decorated on suit of groom, relatives)
11. Prepare wedding offerings (fruits, nem & cha, areca nut & betel, tea & wine and a wedding cake) to be put in 5 red caskets respectively.
12. Prepare wedding cars



If your Vietnamese lady is asking for Oxes or buffaloes before wedding, check google map, if you are in Kenya, you are safe, go ahead and buy the Oxes/buffaloes but if Google acknowledges you are in Vietnam, Nope, stop at Step 1...

You can help your wife family members of course, but use your street consciousness, and make sure you are doing the right things for the right reasons.

How To Have A Successful Marriage With A Vietnamese Lady

Having a successful marriage with a Vietnamese is not rocket science......These are the fundamental steps to having a succesful marriage with the Vietnamese lady. If you know more, please add below in the comment box and it will be updated by our editor.

1. You should overcome the language barrirer and learn some Vietnamese culture/tradition when you are a foreigner. You should understand and accept the difference to some extent. 
2. Love is the most fundamental element to begin a relationship and will keep both you.
3. Establish a trust between you both. Vietnamese ladies are faithful to their husband and regard him more important than everything. However, they are also sensitive and emotional.

4. Family is an important institution in Vietnam, and they are always at the side of their family members, be respectful to your spouses family.

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If you are about dating a Vietnamese lady anywhere in the part of the world and you have your doubt, stop doubting and go for it. I will be sharing some man to man talks with you and also debunk some rumour you have heard or something someone had when dating a Vietnamese lady.

Some reason you will love dating/marrying a Vietnamese lady are :

Loyalty : One of the problems people encounter in their marriage is loyalty. Outside of Vietnam, a lot of people had divorced because they could not trust whoever they had given their love to. A lot of culture had defined dating as a way to get laid anytime, and marriage is about getting laid, having kids and walking out of it when you are bored of each other.

A lot of men had noticed this in other countries, and most of relationship problems comes from spouses that are not loyal.

Definition of loyalty

giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.

synonyms:faithfultruetrue-heartedtried and truetrue-bluedevoted;

Vietnamese girls

The above bolded words are the definition of a typical Vietnamese lady. These are also the reasons while you will see a lot of foreigners (Americans, Australians, Others)getting married to these ladies. The difference is completely clear.

A lot of foreign ladies will tell you that Vietnamese girls are not open-minded, but the truth is, these are the type of girls we all wanted all this time, and they are in Vietnam. We don't want a lady that believes virginity is a curse and should be gone when you 16 and dating 2 friends is normal and it is because you look beautiful.

I had seen a lady that had a breakup with his boyfriend on Skype and to cool off the breakup, he was humping on my friend, 5 hours later. If a Vietnamese girl leaves you, she is still trying to see how to make it work after a month and all these times crying. 

I am not saying that all the ladies are 100% loyal, but when you are good, you meet good people, at least i have met more than 95% loyal ladies. If you continue this post, i will tell you why you keep meeting the wrong ones too.

Independent And Supportive: There is a myth that a Vietnamese girl will date you for your money.The truth is that Vietnamese girls are self-dependent and don't need how much you earn unless you choose to tell them. A lot of working class ladies just want someone who is cool, nice and you should be an independent guy. 

Some men out there will tell you that the girls need your money and you must be careful. This is a wrong allegation and such person is probably a moron. When you decided to show a lady you met in a bar a stash of cash and she follows you to spend the cash, i guess that is a wise thing to do.

A wise man once told me:

 When you meet a foolish man who does not value what he has got, it's better you enrich yourself, because the wise man won't give you that advantage


So when some old men that believed they had failed in their country meet a lady with a backless shirt, they believe they can continue the same lifestyle that failed them in their country and get the lady, she played smart and they starts crying and cursing. 

So when some old men that believed they had failed in their country meet a lady with a backless shirt, they believe they can continue the same lifestyle that failed them in their country and get the lady, she played smart and they starts crying and cursing. 

If you meet a classy, independent working class Vietnamese. I can tell you that she will take care of herself and also will support you if you are a visionary person. Vietnamese girls are not gold-diggers, but if you show a low-class lady a pile of gold, she will dig it...Ohhh yeah, i am a gold digger too...Show me your gold dude.

Taking Care Of Your Family: If you are lucky enough to date a girl not from the city or spend few years abroad and brainwashed, Vietnamese ladies will take care of your immediate family and not the other way round as propagated.


I have heard a lot of foreigners in bar talking about marrying a Vietnamese girl requires you to marry the family, This is not true at least from my experience. If you want to help, that is great, she will not make it a priority or makes you feel you should do that. Don't insult the family value of a the Vietnamese lady. They love and cherish their family and will stay with them during their difficult period. 

Though i have heard some people on expat forum saying the family wanted them to do this or that, but like i once said, if you are a bad person that felt you can hide your immorality in Vietnam, Karma will travel with you all the way and will lead you to someone who will make your life a hell. But Vietnamese lady are not like this if you date the right person. 

The Vietnamese family will support their child's family anyway they can and make sure you have a good wedding, so if they need help and you can do it, it is a normal thing to help. Nobody will judge you on not helping, but your wife will sure stand by her family when they need her.

The 100% truth is when a Vietnamese lady marry you, they take good care of their husband family, if your parents are old and you marry a Vietnamese lady. Sack your nurse the next day, she will fit in like they are her parents. Just call your nurse for prescription. So they marry you and your own family. But like i said if you are wayward, Karma is sweet.

                    Beautiful vietnamese ladies

Trust-Worthy : Vietnamese girls are trust-worthy. You can go anywhere you want to go. They will be waiting for you when you are back. They will always say the truth, please don't doubt her. The truth is real in Vietnam. You don't need to snoop around her phone or what she is doing. She knows she is married and will not want to do anything that will hurt your feelings. Tell her what you like or don't like. She will definitely comply

Hey, chill out, Vietnamese girls are not robot. If you tell her don't do this or that, she might stand up for herself, YES. Most Vietnamese ladies don't like a "I am the boss" kind of man. They will love you, but let them have a say, they are not machines and will prove it if you are turning to a dictator in your relationship.

You don't need a lawyer to spell out your do's and don'ts. They can understand you.

Domestic Goddess: If you want a lady that will serve you delicious and home-made meals. Go for a Vietnamese. Your Mcdonald, KFC and lotteria days are getting over. You will go there at rare occasions and they are not supplement for dinner food. A lot of Vietnamese girls will tell you they are bad cooks. Wait for it, Wait for it. It is not true. They just don't want you to expect a Gordon Ramsay type of meal, but you can eat and be happy you have a lovely meal.

Well maybe my palate is not that strong, but when the few ones i met complains about being a bad cook, i end up eating everything and wait for her next invitation. They also have a lot of hand skills that they can do. Some can knit, sew or do little businesses aside from their day's job.

Some will learn new things and try them out to support themselves. And a lot of them will make your place neat as they hate being look down as dirty.

If these features appeal to you as a man to get a woman, Vietnam should be your next destination, don't read up things some clowns write after spending 2 days or just 1 week in Vietnam.

 Well Cultured/Manners : I can confirm that Vietnamese women are one of the most highly cultured people in the world (Take that to the bank). That is why you will see a lot of people saying they are too traditional. You might get a lot of culture shock with the ladies when you are here.

Don't expect the way you are treated back home. This is completely different. They treat you like kings, they want to know how you doing at least at most hours. They want to know if you had lunch or dinner. And even though they might have bad eggs, but the amount of the well-mannered women in Vietnam is more than the bad eggs. 

Like i said before, i had met a lot of the well cultured ladies, might makes you want to go crazy, but after a while, it just becomes part of you.

Most Beautiful Girl In South East Asia: Hey look, that lady looks beautiful, i have seen a lot of Vietnamese girls, and i think they are beautiful than most ladies i have met around the SEA region, a friend of mine and also a pretty lady confirms this. 

I can also tell you that you have a lot of pretty Vietnamese girls than you have in most of Asia, maybe it's because of their stature or the body composure or maybe the smile. They are flawlessly beautiful (Take that to the bank too). Actually a lot of ladies from foreign countries also admire their beauty. Either slim or little big, you still have a very beautiful and lovely Vietnamese lady...

Oh, have you heard a Vietnamese lady on the phone. I mean the ladies at offices frontdesk? Try a prank call and see for yourself, it totally melts your heart...The first word is "Yallo" ....

 Note : This post about the Vietnamese lady anywhere in Vietnam. I won't approve this post for any Vietnamese that had stayed 10 years abroad.But if you pick on one here...Welcome to a long lasting, peaceful and true definition of love and marriage. 

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