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Godswill Orubebe Disrupts INEC Results, Says Jega Is Compromised
Abuja, Nigeria: PDP official, Elder Godswill Orubebe  disrupted the announcement of INEC results in the collation centre in Abuja. The former minster of Niger delta alleges that the INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega has been compromised. Orubebe said that the INEC Chairman is selective, partial and is tribalistic.                     
Bus Head-On Collision Kills 5 In Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam: Two drivers in Hanoi had a head-on collision on Monday when they tried dodging a concrete mixer that fell off a truck on the highway. According to police in Hanoi, the 14 and 26 seater bus were driving on the opposite side of the highway at the time of the accident, but swerved to the same side of the road to avoid the concrete mixer.                
INEC Postpone Election Result, As APC Have 10 States And PDP 9 States
Abuja, Nigeria : The announcement of Nigerian election continues in Abuja as Professor Attahiru Jega till 11 :18am. The INEC Chairman while calling for the postponement of the election till Tuesday, 31-03-2015.                                          The results announced since the 1st and second recess :
Nigeria Election: Twitter Ban User Calling For Murder Of All Igbos
As Nigerian user have been banned on the micro social network website, Twitter. The user with twitter handle @mcvaaey via his twitter handle had used the social network to spread hate speech against the Igbo tribe of Nigeria.                                    
Joint UK and US statement On Nigerian Election Alleges Political Interference During Results Collation
The observer at the Nigeria election from the UK and US had released a joint statement. The Foreign Secretary and US Secretary of State in their joint report said that there was no systemic manipulation in the process of election, but the collation processes might have been subject to deliberate political interference.                         Read the full reports here : 
INEC Postponed Election Announcement As It Announces Results For 9 States
The official results from INEC has been put on a hold to investigate election results in some states. Before putting the election on hold, INEC announced the election results of some states in Nigeria.                    The states already    Ekiti Results
Doyin Okupe Tweeted Buhari Will Be Gone Forever
Doyin Okupe, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs today tweeted via his Twitter handle : @doyinokupe.Doyin tweeted Buhari is gone forever, which means, Buhari after the 2015 election would loose and won't be able to contest for the presidential seat anymore              
Nigeria Election : Unofficial Results Show Buhari Is Leading President Jonathan In Presidential Election
 Nigeria: The preliminary presidential results are starting to be collated at each states by INEC. According to Saharareporters, General Muhammadu Buhari is leading president Jonathan in 20 states. INEC is yet to release the official results from all states, but elections observers have been sending out results. Check the graph below :                  
Nigeria Election : I Want INEC To Cancel Election Results In Rivers State
Rivers State, Nigeria: The Rivers state governor, Governor Rotimi Amaechi has called on INEC to cancel the election in his state. The governor while speaking to Sahara TV said that people in his state are not allowed to vote by the opposition party, the PDP. 
Open The Door For The Sake Of God, Germanwings Pilot Plea With Co-pilot
As the investigation continues on the doomed Germanwings flight, investigators have revealed yet another desperate plea by the pilot of the flight, Patrick Sonderheimer. The black box recording, transcript that was published saw the pilot shouting " Open the goddamn door"  after he came back from the hotel. The pilot whom investigators said he was scared of loosing his pilot's license because of his blurred vision crashed the Germanwings flight into the Alps in France, killing 149 other people and himself.
Ukrainian Man Sentenced To 5-Years For ATM Fraud In Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: The Ho chi minh court sentenced a Ukranian man for credit card fraud, withdrawing more than $17,000 from different ATM machines at 60 different occasions.  Bilokonov Vitalii, 33 years old of Ukranian national had arrived the country in 2013 with a tourist visa, and had used digital equipment to appropriate, a crime that can let culprit spend up to 20 years of prison term. Vitalii was sentenced to 5 years in prison.
I Will Use A Dog-Headed Execution Device If You Always Report That I Am A Failure -Gen Prayuth, Thai Prime Minister
Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, well, Hell has no fury like a general in Civilian dress. The Thailand prime minister, General Prayuth Chan-ocha has send out a notice to all Thai media houses and reporters that says he is a failure, saying he plan on using a dog-headed execution to eliminate such reporter. In an interview with reporters before his flight to Brunei, series of questions were asked. Read below the interview that leads to the talk by General Prayuth Chan-ocha :
Epe APC Local Government Aspirant, Muiz Bello And Olu Of Epe Son, Azeez Adewale Dead In Boat Mishap
Epe, Lagos State: It is a sad mood in Epe Local government as people mourn two important people, Muiz Bello and Prince Azeez Adewale. The two men had gone to cast their votes in a riverine area where they had to cast their votes, on their way back, the boat they were coming with capsized killing the  two men.                                
Andreas Lubitz’s ex-girlfriend Reveals He Wanted His Name Known
The Investigation to the GermanWings that crash continues as the girlfriend of Andreas Lubitz, Maria W had just confirmed that the co-pilot once said he was going to do something that will make his name known worldwide.                 
#NigeriaElection :President Jonathan Could Not Be Accredited At Polling Booth
Otuoke, Bayelsa: As Nigerians vote their Presidential and senatorial candidates today, the Nigerian president was left with shock as he could not get accredited at the polling booth in Otuoke. The president who went to the polling booth with his wife this morning, Patience Jonathan.
INEC Educates Nigerians On Election Procedure As They Vote Today
Nigeria: As Nigerians go out to vote for their presidential candidates today, the National Electoral commission (INEC) has put out a video for electorates to follow the normal and right election processes. Also a video to show how voters can vote and do their accreditation is posted alongside the voters education.                 VOTING
Transcript Of General Muhammadu Buhari Final Mission Statement To Nigerians
Nigeria: As the Nigerian presidential election happens in few hours, the APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari had recorded a 6-minute video talking to the supporters of APC and Nigerians, he said he can see the overwhelming support of Nigerians home and abroad screaming for change and he is not going to disappoint them. In the video he said :
13 Jailed For Causing Traffic Accident To Rob Foreigners In Saigon
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: A Vietnamese court on Wednesday decreased the number of criminals in Saigon as it sends away 13 criminals to jail for another 6 years. The gang are known for staging a traffic accident with their victims,while the members of the crew comes in and takes away valuables from their victim.
#Germanwings : Co-Pilots Might Have Crashed Plane Because Of Recent Relationship Breakdown
The recent news of the Germanwings pilot, Andreas Lubitz is that the German national had a relationship crisis with a girlfriend, he was to supposed to be married next year, but instead had a break up with his girlfriend, which German Bild is claiming might have trigger an emotional reaction killing 149 people including himself on board.
Photo Of Co-Pilot Who Killed 150 People On board Germanwings Revealed
The co-pilot of the Germanwings flight Airbus A320 that killed 150 people has been revealed. The co-pilot,  Andreas Günter Lubitz was said to have deliberately crashed the plane, though the intention of the crash is not yet known.  According to French prosecutor, Brice Robin , who gave more details about the crash. He said Andreas Lubitz, 28 had locked out his co-pilot after the senior captain, Patrick Sonderheimer left the cockpit.