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In Tears: South Korean president officially apologized for the ferry Disaster
The South Korean president Park Geun-hye officially apologized to the citizens in a state television amidst tears. The president have been under fire from it's citizens since the ferry transporting 472 passengers sank without good response from the coast guard. I apologise to the nation for the pain and suffering that everyone felt, as the president who should have been responsible for the safety and lives of the people.
India welcomes a new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi
Lots of jubilation now in India as they elect a new prime minister Narendra Damodardas Modi . The Indian politician born September  17, 1950, is a man of humble beginning because both parents are poor. He won the election, winning his rival, Rahul Gandhi, the son of India Hero Mahatma Gandhi                   
A plane carrying Laos top government official crashed
Reporting reaching us now is that a plane with registration number Antonov AN- 74TK-300 just crashed near Vietnam. According to reports from reaching us, the plane is said to be conveying Laos government officials, which include the: Defense Minister Douangchay Phichit and the wife.   The Governor of Vientiane   Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs                        
Deny your religion or face death as Sudan woman faces death by hanging.
8 months pregnant Sudanese lady faces death for apostasy and adultery in Sudan, the woman; Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag was said to have married a Christian man which is against the Islamic law. Sudan is a country with high muslim population.  The court giving out the ruling said:  We gave you three days to recant, but you insist on not returning to Islam. I sentence you to be hanged to death," the judge told the woman, AFP report.
Video : How a cat saved a young boy from stray dog attack.
Both animals are lovely. But this dog in the video which is a stray dog seems to have  gotten more than he bargained for as it attacks an innocent boy. The young boy cat seeing what happened went for a smack down. The boy says, my cat is my new hero.
Turkey Coal Mine Explosion: 200 confirmed dead and many more trapped.
200 people are confirmed dead in a coal mine explosion in Turkey.  The explosion had said to be caused by an electrical fault. At the time of this report, it has been reported that the hope of finding more survivors of the blast fades as another fire started in the ventilation system as rescue workers were trying to help survivors. Turkey's energy minister, Taner Yildiz confirmed that there is less hope of finding survivors in one of the country's worst disaster.
Magic Johnson is a bad influence for Los Angeles Kids---Donald Sterling
The saga between LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend has been going on for a while after she released a tape that shows the clipper's owner warning V. Stiviano never to bring black people to his game. The argument happened after the lady took a picture with Magic Johnson,a former NBA player and posted in on Instagram.
China action on sea is "PROVOCATIVE" -John Kerry
The USA secretary of state in a telephone call yesterday said.  The United States sees China’s introduction of an oil rig and several vessels in waters disputed with Vietnam as “provocative," US Secretary of State John Kerry told China’s foreign minister. Speaking  at a conference in Washington on Monday, he said all nations engaged in navigation and traffic on the South China and East China Seas are deeply concerned about China's aggressive actions. He also said:
Swap : We will exchange the girls for our brothers in Nigerian prisons + Video
Report reaching us at the moment is that the current hashtag BringBackOurGirls is giving new hope to the Nigeria government and mothers of the 276 abducted girls as the leader of the dreaded group Boko Haram showed the girls in an unknown forest reciting the first verse of the Quran. We should remind readers that abducted girls are mostly christians.
#TwitterTrending: Man Kills wife and 2 teenage children---#RIPMegan
Trending on twitter today all round the world is the #RIPMegan hashtags as we see friends and colleagues of showing love round the for the young Megan. It was said that a Florida man decided to end it all as he kills his wife and 2 teenagers, 19 years old and Megan Campbell, shot himself to the head and set the whole apartment ablaze.
#BringBackOurGirls campaign continues as Vietnam shows support
The #BringBackOurGirls campaign continues after few weeks of the kidnapped girls as international communities are raising their voice to return the girls back to their parents. Our crew in Hanoi just reported that some organisations in Hanoi have shown support and lend their voices as well to bring back the 200+ missing girls.                        
Tensions rising as Viet nam and China vessel collides on Sea
There has been tensions recently as Vietnam and China collide at the Sea. Viet nam accused the Chinese of setting up an oil rig at the area that is been claimed by both areas in a long time. Speaking in Hanoi yesterday, Ngo Ngoc Thu, the Vietnam Maritime vice-commander said that the Chinese vessel intentionally slammed into its own vessels and also squalling water from its water cannon and destroying the Vietnamese vessel on Sea.                                       
Nigeria government awards $300,000 for information on missing girls
The Nigeria police today offered a reward for information on the recently abducted school girls in Chibok, Borno State Nigeria. Tweeting from the Nigeria police force today, the police will offer a reward money of $300,000 to anyone with reliable information. More than 200 schools girls were abducted by the deadly terrorist group called Boko haram, which means No to western Education in Hausa language. The picture below show the news as posted on the Ngeria police force website
200 girls missing In Nigeria, Boko Haram group claim abduction
For the past 3 weeks now, 200 Nigeria girls in Nigeria have gone missing. The girls were abducted at a town in Nigeria called Chibok in Borno State during their examination (WAEC). A lot of protesters have been on the street nationwide in the country demanding for the return of the girls that were abducted.