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Meek Mill might need to check his temper and think about other people, as reports reaching out is that the Dreamchasers boss is angry with his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj for not looking out for him during the feud between himself and Nicki Minaj long time friend, Drake.

Meek Mill who replied Drake in his "Wanna Know" diss track this week received a very low applause from fans who were disappointed at the rapper effort in getting back to Drake who released 2 tracks dissing Meek Mill


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Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are heading for a split as Nicki Minaj refused to pick sides, and angry Meek Mill is pushing her to such decision point.

Another evidence that showed the couple might be heading for a split is the show they put up at the HOTTEST CLUB Crazy Horse for an afterparty, where they were both paid over 100k each to appear. The once lovey dovey rappers came for the show separately, and also left separately for the show.

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Nicki Minaj had fun with her girls, and when she was done, she left Nicki Minaj for her next destination.

What a week for Meek Mill .....

This is all what we have been waiting for....Meek Mill finally responds to Drake "Charged Up" and "Back to Back" diss tracks with "Wanna Know". The Philly rapper says he wants to know why Drake claims to be god when he is not being writing his songs...He also claims to want a refund, because what Drake did on his album was a fraud.

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He also talks about Drake fight with P.Diddy, and said that Diddy almost got charged for domestic for beating Drake, referring to Drake as a woman.

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Some of the lyrics of Wanna know includes :

 We just want a refund this ain’t what we paid for
Every time that we come, we get what we came for
Spitting another n***s shit, what you claiming king though?

I just wanna know, I just wanna know
How these n***s acting like they true but really faking
People acting like it go
We just, I just wanna know
I just wanna know
Was it Quentin Miller? Was it Hush Was it Detail where you really got your flow?

Listen to the track here


The recent diss between Drake and Meek is going hard after Drake went hard on Meek Mill yesterday, and the new Drake, "Back to Back" song just shut down Twitter with a lot of Meek Mill fans asking for the rapper to come out and reply Drake diss songs, but he is yet to do so, instead the rapper just tweeted,"Z"

Meek Mill tweeted that Drake has not been writing his songs, and he has been using a ghostwriter called, Quentin Miller. An allegation a lot of Drake associates have said is not true and said Meek Mill is spewing arrant nonsense. During his Twitter rant, Meek Mill also touches base with his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj ex, Safaree Samuel, calls the young man gay.

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So Drake, who was silent after the tweet was released never said anything, until Sunday night, when Drake dropped "Charged Up". Meek Mill thought Drake was kidding, and he went on twitter to say that the song was too soft, but also shade the rapper by saying, "I can tell he wrote that 1 tho".

Now Drake came back with a heavy tune that makes even the Meek Mill fans doubt their loyalty. Drake new track, "Back to Back" is the type of song that might end an upcoming musician career, but Meek Mill has paid his due on the street, and will not be crucified, unless he is given a chance to reply the diss tracks, but at the junction, it is safe to say the score is :


The best thing Meek Mill could do now is go "ether" on Drake, and that is the only surviving chance he might have in their hip hop world, else, Meek Mill will just be another joke to the rap scene.

These Are Some Reason Drake Might Win The Upcoming Battle

Drake Is Not A Street Dude :Meek Mill is one of the best MCs in the game, and he came up from the street. He has said it different times on records, and if you listened to all the records from Meek Mill and Cassidy diss, it was easy for Meek Mill to go hard on Cassidy because they both know what is on ths street, how the street had showed more love to one artiste than another.

But Drake has never been on those corners Meek Mill talks about, and he has never tried to be street on his record either. He just flows easily whenever he is in the booth, so on the street wise level, Meek Mill got nothing on Drake, and we all know that is one of his strongest standpoint.

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Drake Got More Money Than Meek Mill: A simple google search will show you that Drake has got more money and cash flow than Meek Mill at the moment.Drake is worth $75 Million and Meek Mill is worth only $3 Million.

I remember when Meek Mill diss Cassidy in his track "Kendrick You Next", he said Cassidy used to have a nice backyard, with dogs living there, now Cassidy is the one living in them backyards now, and even asked him what happened. (Oouccch)

But Meek Mill won't dare say something like that in the case of Drake unless he wants to be clowning on the record, because even is boss, Rick Ross is only worth $35 Million

More Hit Records: The recent album of Meek Mill, "Dream worth More Than Money" is the album that has put him in the limelight, he had craved for, even though a lot of people have attributed his success to his new girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

Drake is got more fame, more hit records than Meek Mill, so before Meek Mill goes into that booth, he should not talk about going platinum, moreover, Drake has got a Grammy Award and Meek Mill is yet to be nominated for Grammy's at all.

So Drake has not only been here for a long time, he got a lot to show for it as well.

Drake Heard It All : After all the points we have listed, Meek Mill might want to come with that, Drake is soft and he sings and deceives fans. The truth is that, we have come to realise that Drake sings when he raps, and a lot of people have dissed him on that. The likes of Pusha-T, Common and others..

And even Drake said it in Back to back, "You should got bodied by a singing N****

So Meek should swerve from the angle....

So what is Meek Mill going to rap about? Hopefully he won't be needing a ghostwriter from the Drake's camp. But Meek is a street hustler and we all are anticipating what he will bring to the table..


Meek Mill needs to stop Tweeting and get inside the booth to put something out. Earlier today, we all saw the diss from Drake, Back To Back, and also released one 2 days ago, "Charged up". Well, Nicki Minaj ex, Safaree also dropped a diss track for Meek Mill and it's about to be a hot diss atmosphere in the hip-hop world.

Safaree diss Meek Mill for his album sales, with lines like, You dream about Drake numbers in your nightmares, and also not leaving his shape behind saying, "You need to eat a pear”


And wait, Safaree claims to write some songs on the Pinkprint album. And wait, here are some OMG bars Meek Mill needs to address in his next diss track ;

 This ni**a bent outta shape with a gorilla face, My bars on the Pinkprint no one will ever match / My dick-print lil ni**a, you could never match.

And he also drop some for his ex, Nicki Minaj

I left and I don’t want it back,F*ck if you cheated, 12 years a slave anyway

Listen To the track here :



Drake who is being quiet after the Meek Mill Twitter rant about him not writing his music have decided to give Meek Mill what he asked for, a diss record.

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The 6 god, Drake released a new track titled, "Back To Back (Freestyle), where he bashed Meek Mill about going on Nicki Minaj tour, and deceiving himself to be going on tour, Drake said something on the track like :

  You love her then you gotta get a world tour / Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour? / I know that you gotta be a thug for her / This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.”
“Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers / You gettin’ bodied by a singin’ ni**a.”

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Listen to the Track here:


Meek Mill who had promised to reply Drake on his first diss track, "Charged Up" and release the track to Funkmaster Flex, but disappointed both Funkmaster Flex and his fans has he never released any track, and Drake has something to say about that :

         I did another one, I did another one / You still ain’t did sh%t about the other one / Got the drink in me going back to back




Amidst the beef between Meek Mill And Drake, the MMG/Dreamchasers artiste have dropped video for one of the best songs on the recently released "Dreams Worth More Than Money" album.

All Eyez on me features Meek Mill boo, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj showed their love to the world in the video, as she walks into the room with just her towel, and he carried her with her legs around her waist and steamy scenes followed.

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The video is directed by Benny Boom, and it is fun to watch...




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Drake has finally responded to to the Meek Mill Twitter rant about him last week. He responding to Meek Mill saying to his fans that Drake never writes his own songs, instead uses a ghost writer called Quentin Miller.

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Drake responded to the diss in his OVO sound radio show on Saturday, July 25, with a new song he called "Charged Up"


Drake started off about saying he was honoured for people think the whole thing was staged, and later said he won't be doing any new feature as he never makes money from it anyway. He also diss Meek Mill album sales and diss how they hype the song via channels nobody knows.

I’m honored that you think this is staged, I’m flattered, man / In fact, I’m amazed … You boys are getting into your feelings on me / You should embrace it, this could be one of our realest moments.

Done doing favors for people / ‘Cause it ain’t like I need the money I make off a feature”) and takes shots at Meek’s sales (“I see you ni**as having trouble going gold / Turning into some so-and-sos that no one knows

Drake did not just stop at Meek Mill, he also brings in Nicki Minaj, the girlfriend of Meek Mill ;

 No woman ever had me starstruck or was able to tell me to get my bars up”) and chides Meek for his pettiness (“Cops are killin’ people with their arms up / And your main focus is tryna harm us

Listen to the song here :


Meek Mill, seems a trouble maker went to Twitter and said the new diss song is weak as lotion



People might have said a lot of things about Meek Mill allegations that Drake never writes his whole rap lyrics, but Drake himself stays mute, except a leaked DM with one of his pals. 

Looks like one of Drake men, is not letting things slide easily like that after he took to Twitter to address the Drake Vs Meek Mill beef. Noah "40" Shebib, Drake's producer responsible for so many of his hit songs had said his own side of the story. Read his tweets below :

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Usher, Noah Shebib and Drake



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As the Twitter war between Drake and Meek Mill thickens, a lot of people have picked sides, while some have picked Drake and dissed Meek Mill, other have given Meek Mill a thumbs up for his revelation. Drake as we have known him don't like rushing out to speak on issues on like, and this is no different.

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But in a subtle way, he replied Meek Mill diss, when a battle rapper called, Hitman Holla, posted a screenshot of his conversation with Drake via Instagram. The battle rapper Dm'd Drake and said :


I see da foolishness, you know me & Showw not buying it.. U our guy keep killing u motivate niggas like us!", and drake replied with a prayer hand emojis, and later with a simple message that says, "I signed up for greatness. This comes with it." (See Screenshot below)


Meek Mill account is probably hacked as he tweeted some not-so-nice things via his twitter handle @Meekmill. In his tweet, the MMG rapper talked about his album, DWMTM and said that his last album did 165k in a week, and looks like he improved and he got 200k in the first week of his new album, and people should stop attributing his album success to Nicki.

The rapper also tweeted that his friend and other rapper, Drake did not write any of his lyrics, including the one he featured in the new album track, Rico. The rapper said he would have removed the song, because he want true music, and not the one someone wrote for him. He said he nearly removed the track from the album.


The rapper tweet did not stop there, he also talked about Nicki Minaj performances, where he gives rapper like Drake a lap dance, well, via the "leaked" or "hacked" tweet, he said that Nicki Minaj won't be doing that for any other rapper as long as they are together.

Read the tweet here :


Hopefully Meek Mill will come out and deny all these tweets