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APC Candidate, Godwin Obaseki Wins Edo State Gubernatorial Election
Edo State, Nigeria: The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has declared All Progressive Congress, Godwin Obaseki as the winner of the governorship election taking place in the state. More than 15 candidates from different party had shown interest in the leadership of the state, but the race had been centred on the PDP candidate, Andrew Ize-Iyamu  versus the APC candidate, Godwin Obaseki.
Syrian Refugee Saves A Canadian Wedding Four Days Staying In Canada
A Syrian refugee who arrived in Canada just four days before never knew he would be saving the wedding of Jo Du after her zipper broke on the wedding day.Nobody at the wedding knew what they could do to save the day, and there was no tailor working in Guelph, Ontario on Sunday. Fortunately for the bride, a Syrian refugee has just moved next door four days before the wedding. He had been a tailor for 28 years in Aleppo, Syria.
Serena Williams Talks About The Fear Of Her Nephew And Unborn Child Due To Police Violence
As more celebrities in the U.S. continues to talk about police violence, Serena Williams has also decided to lend her voice to the issue of police violence in the country after she found herself afraid of her life, and that of his nephew who was driving her.                    
Philippine Preseident, Rodrigo Duterte To Bring Back Death Penalty After 18 Months Was Raped
President Duterte of the Philippines is wanting to reimpose the death penalty so that criminals can all pay for their crimes just in the case that there is no God. The president believes that he would bring it back even though the “bleeding hearts” like priests and human rights groups have said that it does not reduce crime rate.                          In a speech at Malacañang on Monday afternoon, Duterte said;
Boko Haram Are Ready To Release Chibok Girls, Appoints Lawyer
Boko Haram terrorist group operating in Nigeria are not ready to release the Chibok girls that they kidnapped from their dorm on 14 April 2014. The terrorist group has now appointed Barrister Aisha Wakil, also known as Mama Bokoharam as their negotiator with the Nigeria government.                
Vietnam English Online Newspaper, Thanh Nien News Shutdown
A popular online news website, thanhniennews, has been shut down, and won't be updating their news article again.  The major news was pasted on the website homepage after it claimed the new development is because of the company reorganization, and thanks readers, contributors.  The English-speaking website operated for 12 years in the country, giving expats and English speaking individual a news source.
Officer That Shot Terrence Crutcher Charged With Manslaughter
The officer involved in the Terrence Crutcher murder, officer Betty Shelby has now been charged with manslaughter by prosecutors in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The death of the African-American men have drawn debate nationwide after the officer claimed that Terrence was reaching for something inside his car, but the family of Terrence claimed they have the video, and the windows of the SUV were closed.
Black Man Raised Hand, Had No Gun On Him, But Was Shot And Killed In Tulsa, Oklahoma
The police department policy on killing black men still continues despite protest by various groups. The recent victim of senseless police shooting is a 40-year-Old Terence Crutcher, who was shot and killed by white police officers on Friday night.
Vietnam Expats Brace Up For New Zealand Alleged Fraudster, Christopher Michael Heaps
Christopher Michael Heaps, 28-year-old New Zealand real estate and precious metals trader from New Zealand has joined the expat community in Vietnam, and according to Stuff, NZ,  Christopher is a wanted man in New Zealand and Christchurch District Court has issued a  warrant for his arrest.                      
SAD: Cancer Killed 25 Year Old Woman, One Day To Her Wedding
Anna Swabey, a 25-year old woman had died last Friday, a day to her planned dream wedding. Anna was diagnosed of brain tumour in January 2015, and was given three years to live.  Anna then joined Tinder, where he met Andy Bell, he told Bell about her condition, and that she was going to die and break his heart.                          
13 Year Old Tyree King Killed By White Police Officer In Ohio
A 13-year old black boy, Tyree King, has been killed by a white police officer in Columbus, Ohio. King was fatally shot in an alley after police responded to an armed robbery report on Wednesday.  He was shot after he appeared to have pulled out a weapon that was later determined to be a BB gun.                                                                                Replica of BB gun
Russian Hackers Accuse Williams sisters, Simone Biles Of Doping After Hacking WADA Database
Russian hacking group, Fancy bears, has published the medical records of top USA star, Venus and Serena Williams, and also the Olympics gold medallist gymnast Simone Biles. The group hacked into the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and reveal that the athletes were allowed to consume banned substances.                                Fancy bears wrote on their website;
8 Nigerians Sentence To 8 Years For Drug-Related Crime In Cambodia
Eight Nigerians have been sentenced to five to eight years by Cambodia's Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Monday for drug trafficking.                         
Another Black Man Killed In Florida By Police While Eating Chicken Wings In His Backyard
Police in South Florida gunned down a Black man,Gregory Frazier, 56, in his backyard in in Pompano Beach, while he was eating chicken wing on Friday evening. The Broward Sheriff’s deputies had responded to a domestic violence call from Frazier sister, Deborah, after she claimed that Frazier and his daughter were involved in an altercation. When the officers arrived at the scene of the fight, the fight between the duo had ended.
Duterte Has Asked The US Special Forces To Vacate Southern Philippines
Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte has asked that the US special forces in the southern island of Mindanao to vacate the Island as their presence worsen the situation in the Muslim-majority area long riven by insurgency and terrorism.                
Brit Denied Entry To Vietnam Experience Hell On Earth In Thailand Prison
A British citizen, Gavin Topley, 30, was recently denied entry to Vietnam because of a Handwash gel that dripped on his passport, and was then sent back to Thailand. Since his 30 days Thai visa had expired, he was led to a 30ft by 20ft cell where he will spend his next 6 hell days.                         Gavin documented the ordeal by taking selfies and snaps on his phone, and he was allowed to keep it. 
French Tourist Arrested With Meth In Cambodia
A French tourist, Julien David Fleury was arrested in Sihanoukville, Cambodia in the early morning on Monday at  Tor Bpee (Two lions) guesthouse with drugs and paraphernalia.                The man will soon be arraigned to court for legal proceedings.                  
Hillary Clinton Diagnosed With Pneumonia. May Drop Out Of Presidential Race
Hillary Clinton has faced different health episode in the past, but her recent health trouble was at the 9/11 memorial service. Hillary was not feeling too good, and was helped to get inside her van after she fainted.               
Breaking News: Hillary Clinton Fainted And Was Taken Away From 9/11 Memorial Service
Hillary Clinton was recently rushed away from a 9/11 memorial service after she fainted and taken away by her security detail. The democratic party presidential candidate was with rival, Donald J. Trump and other politicians when the episode happens.                         
Police Chief In St. Louis Missouri Shot Himself In The Chest After Mayor Fired Him
Bay St. Louis Police Chief Mike DeNardo,63, shot himself in the chest as he was escorted off the city property after fired by the mayor.  Mike DeNardo was with two other sheriff's deputies  as they escorted him off the city property, before he shot himself in the chest, causing commotion on the property. He was later taken away by the ambulance.