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Pharmaceutical Overlord Plotted To Destroy Cancer Drugs To Drive Up Sale To 4000 Per Cent
A recent leaked email from one of the World's pharmaceutical companies calling for "celebration" over the prices hike of cancer drugs. In 2014, the staff at  Aspen Pharmacare plotted to destroy pile of life-saving cancer drugs during a price dispute with the Spanish health service. After purchasing the drugs from British firm GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the company raised the price 40 times their normal price to sell to Europe.
US Drops "Mother Of All Bombs" In ISIS Populated Area
The US military has just dropped a "Mother Of All Bombs" at an ISIS occupied area in the East part of Afghanistan, well known to be populated ISIS-affiliated militants. According to the Pentagon, this is the first time the MOAB is used in a non-combat operations.                     
China Want Military To Be Prepared To Move To North Korea Border
China is not happy with North Korea multiple missile test, and the chaos its causing in the Peninsula at the moment. Last Sunday, US President ordered an aircraft carrier to the Korean peninsula in a show of force as North Korea prepares for its 6th missile test program.               
Four Injured In San Bernadino Shooting In A Murder Shooting
Four people have been injured in a San Bernadino shooting elementary school. The shooter entered a classroom at North Park Elementary School, and opened fire. The injured includes tow students, a teacher, and the shooter. The police chief,  Jarrod Burguan has said the incident appeared to be a murder suicide.              According to Maria Garcia, a spokeswoman for San Bernardino City;
U.S. Navy strike Move In A Show Of Force To Korean Peninsula
A U.S official has said that the U.S Navy strike group will be moving to the western Pacific Ocean near the Korean peninsula in a show of force, because of recent North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un missiles weapon program. The strike group called the  Carl Vinson, will make its way from Singapore toward the Korean peninsula. The Carl Vinson includes an aircraft carrier. In a statement by U.S Navy, the Carl Vinson will be heading North, but its destination is yet to be specified, and will operate in the Western Pacific instead of its previously planned port visits to Australia.
US Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch As Supreme Court Justice
The US senate has now confirmed,  Judge Neil M. Gorsuch as 113th justice of the Supreme Court on Friday. This is a win for Donald J. Trump, who during his campaign has said he would appoint a committed conservative to succeed Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February 2016.           
Three People Dead As Lorry Rams Into Crowd In Stockholm
Three people have been reported dead after a lorry rams into a store in Drottninggatan (Queen Street), the city major pedestrian street. The lorry was hijacked on Friday from its owner, and was used to smash into people at the Ahlens department store just before 15:00 local time. Local media have reported that a suspect has been arrested, but police officials are yet to confirm the story.                   
US Launch Missile Strike On Syria Airbase After Chemical Attack On Civilians
The US launched dozen of missile strikes on Syria airbase on Thursday night after the US accused the Assad government of using a chemical attack on civilians, that killed more than 100 people. Two US warship,  USS Ross and the USS Porter located in the Mediterranean Sea, launched 59 missiles at the Shayrat Airfield in Homs province in western Syria, the airfield supposedly used by the Syrian government to drop the chemical payload on its own citizen.
The O'Reilly Factor Suffers Backlash As Advertisers Pulls Commercial Amidst Sexual Scandal
The O'Reilly Factor run by political commentator, Bill O'Reilly on Fox News has recently faced backlash after allegations from different woman that the host of the show had sexually harassed them. The recent revelation has made Mercedes Benz and Hyundai pull their advertisement from the show.                  According to a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson;
11 Killed, 45 Injured In St. Petersburg Metro, Russia
A recent metro explosion in St Petersburg has killed 11 people, and injured 11 others. The head of the anti-terrorist committee confirmed the news, and said the blast hit a train between Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the blast was a "terrorist attack," and an anti-terror investigation.                    
Son Of Notorious UK Hate Preacher, Abu Hamza Stripped Off UK Passport For Jihad In Syria
Sufiyan Mustafa, 22, the son of the UK hate preacher, Abu Hamza is currently stateless after the Home Office withdraw his passport, leaving him stranded in the civil war in Syria. Sufiyan has travelled to Syria to join ISIS to support Jihad. He had left the UK in 2013 after his father was extradited to America to stand trial after been convicted of terrorism charges. Mustafa denied fighting for ISIS or Al-Qaeda.
3 Gay Men Killed, And 100 Gays Detained In Chechnya, Russia
The recent campaign against homosexual in Chechnya has led authorities to detain 100 gay men, and also 3 men killed in the anti-gay campaign.  The recent crackdown on homosexuals had led police in arresting local television authorities and religious figures who are gays. The report has since been denied by Alvi Karimov, Chechnya’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov spokesperson.                          
Mike Flynn Agrees To Testify In Trump-Russia Investigation If Granted Immunity
Former Trump National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn has offered to testify before the FBI and congressional committee investigating Trump-Russia inquiry in exchange for immunity.      The former NatSec through his lawyer, Robert Kelner said that he had a story to tell, but he wants immunity assurances before telling his story. In a statement by Robert, he wrote;
Russia Actively Meddling With France Election
Russia is reported to be meddling with the French election, just like it did with the US election. US Senate Intelligence chief, Senator Richard Burr reveal the latest attack by the Putin government, who has been strongly tied with meddling with the election that made Donald Trump the US president.                     Richard said;
US Diplomat Arrested For Taking Bribe To Sell US Secrets
Candace Marie Claiborne, 60, US diplomat allegedly charged with taking thousands of dollars in cash and gifts from Chinese intelligence officials have been charged for lying to investigators about her contact. The Department of Justice said that Candace knew the money that was given to her by the men was for trading US secrets, because the men were security officials of the Chinese government. She took cash given to her and a new iPhone, and also shared some of the loot with an unidentified man she stayed with in Beijing and Shanghai.
21 Year Old Iranian Sentenced To Death For "Insulting Islam" On Messenger App
For "Insulting Islam" Sina Dehghan, a 21-year-old man will not be given the second chance in life, instead a court has asked that the man's life be taken away from him. Sina was arrested by security forces on October 21, 2015 at a military barracks in Tehran for insulting a prophet of Islam, a criminal charge punishable by death in Iran.               
Blogger And Top Vladmir Putin Contender, Alexei Navalny Jailed
A Blogger and possible top contender of Vladmir Putin, Alexei Navalny has been jailed. Alexei rose to prominence in 2007, after a detailed exposure of corruption of Kremlin top officials, and also released secret files that questions government deals.                       
ExxonMobil Wants Donald Trump To Stay In Paris Climate Agreement
While the Donald Trump administration sees staying the Paris Climate change as wasting of US funds, and had signed an executive order to withdraw US from the climate change agreement, Exxon’s manager for environmental policy,Peter Trelenberg is advising the US president not to leave the agreement.                      
Theresa May Triggers Brexit
Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 50, this will start the exit of the UK from the European Union. Britain EU ambassador handed a letter to the EU Council President Donald Tusk, which means there is no turning back on Brexit, and Britain will quit the European Union it joined in 1973.                    Speaking to parliament on the exit of the UK, Theresa May said;
Marijuana Will Legal In Canada By July 2018
The liberal government in Canada is set to announce next month on the legalization of Marijuana come July 1, 2018. The Bill Blair, the former Toronto police chief recently briefed the Liberal caucus on the roll out plan of the legislation during a meeting with caucus this weekend.