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11-Year Old Girl Survives Cancer, But Killed Herself Over Bullying
It is a sad time for the family of 11 year old girl,  Bethany Thompson after she killed herself recently. Bethany was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 3, and had to undergo radiation treatments, and in 2008, Bethany was declared cancer free. According to her mother, Wendy Feucht, Bethany treatment caused a nerve damage to her smile, and also her curly hair, and this allows let to bullying by students that are cowards and lack good parenting.
FBI Found New E-Mail Related To Hillary Clinton, And Will Re-Open Investigation
The FBI has announced it will be re-opening the Former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton investigation after the bureau finds some new emails related to the email server. The FBI director, James Comey makes the announcement today.                    
Vietnamese Woman Defraud Australian Of 30k In Ho Chi Minh City
Police in Ho Chi Minh city are looking for a restaurant owner, Thi Hong Phuong, 37, also known as Trang for an alleged card fraud in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Trang allegedly committed a fraud when an Australian man, Caracciolo David John, dined at her Nightfall restaurant, located on Thai Van Lung Street in District 1 on August 11. The staff at the diner asked that there was a problem with the POS reading device, and asked that Join enter his pin code multiple times, while the diner remove money from his account.
Brexit Is A Catastrophe And A New Referendum Is Needed -Tony Blair
Former UK Prime minister from 1997-2007, Tony Blair has suggested that the UK should be able to reverse his position on Brexit. He said this during his appearance on BBC radio 4's "Today" program".                    
Man In Charge Of ISIS Funds Run Away From Mosul With Another A Female Member
Abu Mu’taz Qahtani, man in-charge of ISIS Millions of dollars have been reported to have fled the city of Mosul. Abu Mu’taz Qahtani was also in charge of IS female suicide bombers, fled the city of Mosul to an unknown location.                        Also another IS commander that supervises female suicide bomber, and also in charge of foreign female IS member, fleed with Qahtani.
A Newzelander, Christopher Adams, Founded Dead In Phnom Penh For Drug Overdose
A 34 year old New Zealand citizen, Christopher Adams, was found dead by a cleaner at the Angkor International Hotel located on street 148 in Phsar Kandal I commune, Daun Penh district, Phnom Penh.                  His body was found at around 4:30pm by the cleaner after no response was received from his room during cleaning time. 
Man Kill Two People And Wounded Two Police Officers In Oklahoma
Police in Oklahoma are hunting for Michael Vance for allegedly killing two people and also injuring two police officers in a shootout.  Police were responding to a report of shots being fired in a caravan park near a highway in Wellston, a small town near the capital Oklahoma City, on Sunday evening at approximately 6:30pm (00:30am UK time).                    
Man Killed Father-In-Law, Sister-In-Law Just To Meet Wife, And Killed Her Too
A man, Samuel Velasco Gurrola, 41, in the US town of El Paso is facing a life sentence after killing of wife's father and sister so he can lure his wife to the funeral. The man had asked his two other siblings to help perform in the evil plot. Velasco decided to kill his wife, Ruth Sagredo, so she won't testify against him in a sexual assault case. So in 2008, Velasco hired a hitman to kill the father of Ruth in Juarez, the city in Mexico, which shares a border with El Paso, in the hope that Ruth would attend, and he would kill her.
Fear Grips ISIS As They Evacuates Wives Of Leaders From Mosul
ISIS members are starting to evacuate Daesh leaders' wives from Mosul as security forces invade Mosul in their liberation movement. The women of the caliphates are being removed on the order of their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.              According to a report by the Iraqi news outlet;
70 Dead, 100 Injured As Train Derailed In Cameroon
A derailed train in Cameroon has sent 70 people to the great beyond and another 600 injured. The train station in Douala was packed with people after rain washed out a frequently used road on Thursday.                        
Michael Steele, Former Republican Party Chairman Says He Will Not Vote Trump
As the world watch the U.S. election between GOP candidate, Donald J. Trump and former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, another top GOP official and also the former Republican party chairman, Michael Steele has said he will not be voting for Donald Trump come November 8.                 Michael Steele led the GOP between 2009-2011.
Israeli Forces Shot And Kill A Palestinian Girl
A Palestinian girl was reportedly shot on Tuesday by Israeli forces, after a claim that she had attempted stabbing in the city of Nablus.                
University Of Calabar Lecturer Threatens Colleague Who Intends To Sleep With Student
A lecturer and Paedophile have been called out by the Head of Department in the Faculty of Law, University of Calabar (UNICAL), Dr. Eni Alobo. According to a Facebook post, the yet unnamed lecturer in his fifties has threatened to withold a 16-year old student paper unless she finds time to join him at his preferred place for sex.                 
Saudi Arabia Executes A Prince For Killing Another Saudi Man
A member of the Royal family in Saudi Arabia,  Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir, was put to death today in Riyadh after he shot dead a Saudi Man, Adel bin Suleiman bin Abdulkareem al-Muhaimeed, during a mass brawl. This makes the prince the 134th person, local or foreigner to be put to death, according to a tally by AFP.                 
27,000 Homes Gone, 11 Dead In Quang Binh Heavy Flooding
Central Vietnam: The government has ordered the local authorities in Quang Binh to rescue people from the heavy flooding in the area. 11 people have been reported dead,  27,000 homes have been submerged, and several people missing.                   
Interview: Aisha Buhari Says She Won't Support Muhammadu Buhari For Re-Election
The wife of the Nigerian president, Aisha Buhari during a recent interview with the BBC has criticized her husband for his administration. In a 58 second snippet interview released by the BBC, Aisha said that she might not support her husband re-election if he does not make changes to his cabinet.                   
Thailand King, Bhumibol Adulyadej Dies After Ruling For 70 Years
World longest reigning monarch,King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 88, from Thailand is dead. The kind had ruled Thailand for 70 years, but has been in a poor state of health in recent times. The palace had warned that the king health was "not stable" on Sunday. After the news, a lot of Thai people had been wearing pink clothes as it is believed to bring good luck to their sick king, while hundred gathers outside the hospital where he is being treated.
Breaking News: 21 Chibok School Girls Freed
21 from the Chibok school girls have been freed, and are currently with the security services in the north-eastern city of Maiduguri. It is not clear how the girls were rescued, but a senior government official have also confirmed the news of the young girls freedom.              250 Chibok girls was kidnapped by Islamist Militant group, Boko Haram in April 2014 from their hostels.
Prisoners In Venezuela Starve To Death As The Country Faces Economic Hardship
Prisoners in Venezuela prisons are starving to death amid the economic crisis facing the country. The prisoners are starving to death as food and medicine run out in prison, and the prisoners have been seen standing in queue begging food from passers-by.                       
Vietnamese Risk Their Lives For Facebook Likes
The latest trending act on social media with Vietnamese Netizen involves risking their lives for Facebook likes. This is a game by Vietnamese youths challenging themselves to carry out a dangerous act if their peers can give them a particular number of likes. The trend was started by a young man in Ho Chi Minh city, challenging people that he will go to  Tan phu bridge, set himself on fire and jump into the river, if he gets 40,000 likes on that status update post. The post went viral on social media, and the man got 93,000 likes.