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Stop Investigating Kim Jong-Nam Death, North Korea Warns Malaysia
North Korea is not happy with the Malaysian authorities' investigation into the death of his half-brother, Kim Jong-Nam, who died in Kuala Lumpur airport. The North Korea authority believes that Malaysia is collaborating with South Korea, who it accused of having a “sinister purpose,” and believe that Kim Jong-Nam was assassinated by an order from Pyongyang. North Korea accuses Malaysia of breaking international law by conducting autopsies on a diplomatic passport holder and also withholding the body. The state-run KCNA news agency reported.
Transgenders Student In A New Mess As Trump Withdraws Obama Guidelines On Bathroom Policies
President Donald Trump is reversing one of former president Obama policies on Transgender bathrooms. The Obama administration has allowed that transgender students be allowed to use the bathrooms of their gender identity in schools, or they risk federal funding. The new sheriff in town, and a conservative president Trump, is looking to reverse the policy. Though the Obama policy was put on hold by a federal judge, arguing that states and schools should be able to make the decision without federal interference, Trump administration has decided to revoke the policy.
Canadian Gay Man Denied Entry To The US Because Of His Scruff And BBRT Profile
A Canadian gay man has been turned back twice by the US border immigration after they went through his gay dating website profile on Scruff and BBRT. André,30, who did not give full name for fear of Immigration officials retaliating against his person said that the officers have taken him for a sex worker after they saw what he wrote on his profile"looking for loads" and have believed he was seeking sex to obtain cash.                  
Russian Ambassador To UN, Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin Dead In New York
The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin, 64, is dead. It was reported that the ambassador who had represented the country since 2006 died suddenly while in New York on Monday, a day to is 65th birthday.                  He suffered from a cardiac arrest while at the Russian Mission on East 67th Street. He was taken to the New York's Presbyterian Hospital, where he was then pronounced dead.
Senior President Trump Appointee,Craig Deare Fired For Criticizing Of Trump's Policies
Craig Deare, a Donald Trump white house senior official appointee have been fired just a month after he was appointed to head the National Security Council’s Western Hemisphere division. Craig was fired because of his criticism of the Trump's administration about the rocky start with Mexico. Craig was escorted out of the Executive building where he worked in Washington.                
Story Of How A French Husband Takes Away Daughter From Vietnamese Wife, And Won't Let Them Meet
A once bubbling love affair between a French husband, Azais Stephane Alexandre,40, and his Vietnamese wife,Thanh Huyen,30, has turned sour, after Stephane took the daughter away from the hospital,3-5 months after Huyen gave to their daughter, Sarah via a caesarean section.
Kim Jong Un Brother Assassinated In Malaysia, North Koreans Tried To Stop Autopsy
North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un half-brother,Kim Jong-nam was yesterday assassinated at the Kuala Lumpur international airport on his way to Macau.  Kim Jong-nam was assassinated after being attacked by two women with a "poisoned needles", and after the assassination took a taxi and left the airport.  He died in the ambulance on his way to the hospital.               
French Presidential Candidate, Marine Le Pen Pledges To Ban Same-Sex Marriage
The French far-right presidential hopeful, Marie Le Pen has quietly pledged to end same-sex marriage when elected. The policy by the presidential hopeful was quietly buried in a 144-page policy document released last week.                     
Trump Attacks FBI, NSA, Hillary Clinton And The Media Amidst Russia Scandal
Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to attack the media, intelligence community and Hillary Clinton after multiple questions that is being asked about his associate and Russia. Trump went on Twitter to rant about the recent reports, and said the media are only trying to spin the "conspiracy theories", and are supported by the intelligence communities. According to New York Times, members of the President Trump inner circle had contacts with Russia Intelligence officials during his campaign, this is also proven by looking at Trump's phone records, and an intercepted call.
Trump Approval Rating In All Time Low In Iowa
According to a new poll by Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll, 42% approve of Donald Trump job since his inauguration, while 49% Iowans disapprove of the newly elected president. Since the Des Moines Register started his presidential poll approval in 1964, no president has been disapproved than approved in Iowa until Trump came along. 
Scandal: Donald Trump National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn Resigns
The National Security adviser, Micheal Flynn has resigned from the Trump's administration. The resignation comes after reports that Flynn has been talking to the Russian ambassador after they were sanctioned, and assuring them that the sanction would be lifted during the Trump's administration.                    
Ku Klux Klan Member, Frank Ancona Shot In The Head
Body of a self-proclaimed ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan, Frank Ancona, 51, resident of Leadway was found near a big river by a family who had gone fishing.  According to the Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen, they had got the information that Frank was missing on Thursday. They police later learned that a Federal Forestry Service employee found his car near the forestry service road off of Route P in Potosi. 
Plane Catch Fire In New York Airport
A plane caught fire in a New York busiest airport, JFK, while taxiing on the runway of the busiest airport. According to pictures taken by onlookers, the jet was shown with flames spewing from its fuselage as it is stays at the airport tarmac.             
Russia Airstrike Kills 3 Turkish Soldiers, Putin Apologised
Russia President Vlamdmir Putin has sent his condolences to the Turkish army after an airstrike killed 3 Turkish soldiers. The airstrike had hit a building near the town of al-Bab, believed to contain ISIS operatives, but instead contains Turkish troops. The friendly fire also injured eleven others.             
U.S Court Keep Trump's Ban On Hold
A U.S Court has put President Trump travel ban on hold. The ban was put in place to ban travellers of predominantly seven countries that are coming to the United States with Visa, and also people with Green cards. The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declined to remove the ban that was initially placed by a lower court, and now visitors that were initially suspended from those countries, can now travel to the United States.
Daily Mail News Outlet Branded Fake News By Wikipedia
Online encyclopaedia  giant, Wikipedia, have labelled Daily Mail as an "Unreliable source" due to its "reputation for poor fact checking and sensationalism"                 Wikepedia, which does not approve or disapprove news outlet before now had been investigating Daily mail since early 2015. The investigation is done by the volunteer editors in Wikipedia, and had released a statement to their findings, it reads;
Jeff Session As Attorney General Of United States And Betsy DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary
Despite a strong stance by the house Democrats against Jeff Session nomination, he has now been confirmed the attorney-general.The senate voted on Wednesday to confirm Session.
Breaking News: Efforts By Donald Trump To Reinstate Travel Ban Denied
President Donald Trump is fighting back to reinstate the travel ban that was recently signed by his administration. The Trump administration appeal to reinstate the travel ban was rejected by the US Federal appeal court.              
Judge Reverses The Executive Order Of Donald Trump Travel Ban
A Judge in Seattle has overturned the travel ban imposed by President Donald Trump. The ban affected citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the United States, after the president cited issues of National Security.                    The State department has now said it will allow people with valid visas to enter the country, the department in a statement said;
Milo Yiannopoulos Event In UC Berkeley Canceled After Violence Protest
A scheduled talk by right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart Editor has been cancelled after a violence protest on Wednesday at UC Berkeley. The organizers of the event removed Milo from the venue of the event after a some unknown 150 masked agitators came around and disrupt the already peaceful protest.