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Police Officer Killed In Georgia, USA
Police authorities have confirmed the death of a police officer, Patrol Officer Tim Smith, in small, central Georgia city. The policeman was not wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting, and the killer is on the loose.                    Patrol Officer Tim Smith was fatally shot  in a residential area of the city located about 60 miles southeast of Macon at about 9:30pm CT on Saturday.
Imam And Associate Shot In The Back Of The Head In New York, USA
Imam Maulama Akonjee, 55, and his associate Thara Uddin, 64 were both shot at the back of their head at the corner of Liberty Avenue and 79th Street in Queens after a prayer at the New York City mosque on Saturday.                               People gather for demonstrations after an unknown person killed 2 people leaving the NY city mosque
Some Donald Trump Supporters Reverse Stance To Support Him After His Recent Media Scandal
The recent Donald Trump media scandals, from the insinuating that Hillary Clinton should be assassinated, calling on Russians to hack Clinton 30,000 emails, disrespect for army veterans and many others have led to a  few of his supports reversing their support for the GOP candidate.
Bomb Explosion In Thailand Kills 1, Injured 19
Two bombs in Thailand had killed 1 woman and 19 others injured. The explosion happened in the Thai resort of Hua Hin, and the dead woman was running a food stall around the area the bomb exploded.                The bombs were reported to be in flower pots and were only 50m apart. The bombs were controlled by mobile phones within half an hour of each other.
Google Manager, Vanessa Marcotte, Raped And Set On Fire While Jogging Near Mother's Home
Google employee and manager, Vanessa Marcotte, 27, body was found at 8:20pm on Sunday after she went jogging near her mom's home. She was found with burns on her hands and feet and police were investigating a sexual assault.                                She was last seen at 1pm on Sunday in Princeton, Massachusetts when she went for the run.
Man Head Cut Off From Body In Wandsworth Common After Putting Head Out Of Moving Train
A horror train accident has left a man's head removed from his body in Wandsworth Common after leaning out of a Gatwick Express window. The man who is on-board Gatwick Express train heading to London Victoria, when he decided to put his head out of the window.                                           Police condone off Wandsworth Common station after the accident According to an eyewitness;
75 People Dead In A Blast At Pakistan Hospital
A blast rocked the emergency ward of the civil hospital, killing 75 people in the city of Quetta, Pakistan this morning, 9:30am local time. The Northwestern side of the country was hit, injuring 60 people, and killing at least 75 others.              
Student Denied Job At Holland and Barrett Because Of Body Tattoos
18-year-old Logan McNicholas has been denied jobs at Holland and Barrett because of his tattoos, after the company claims it has ‘high standards of personal appearance’ and any body art needs to be covered up. Logan, who lives in Manchester has a compass on his left hand and also the word that says "Stay True" on his knuckles.                                
New Law In Italy Says All Supermarkets Should Give Unsold Foods To The Needy
181 senators in Italy have passed a bill that encourages families to use a "doggy bag" to take home unfinished food after eating outside of their homes. The new law is passed to reduce the amount of food wasted in the country each year.                          
FBI Arrest Washington, D.C. Metro Transit Officer For Providing Materials To ISIS
Nicholas Young, a 36 year old Washington, D.C. Metro Transit Officer was arrested on Wednesday afternoon by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after attempting to send money via an app used by ISIS in recruiting its soldiers. Young was trying to send $245 to an undercover FBI agent, who disguised as a link from the terrorist group, ISIS.                      
Mike Pence Disagrees With Donald Trump On Not Supporting Paul Ryan
Before Mike Pence was picked as Donald Trump running mate, he had disagreed on many Donald Trump policies, including the banning of Muslim migrants coming into the country. Donald Trump seems to be hitting back at the speaker of the house, Paul Ryan for endorsing him late.                                                       Mike Pence (L) and Paul Ryan (R)
Obama Says Trump is "Unfit" To President, And Republicans Leaders Should Withdraw Support
Obama once again throws a jab at the Republican party nominee, Donald Trump on Tuesday, calling him “unfit” to be president. The president makes the remark during a White house news conference with Singapore's prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, in response to Trump's attack on an American Muslim family, Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son was killed in Iraq.                     
New Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Bully 8-Year Palestinian Girl
A video of 2 Israeli soldiers bullying an eight year old girl has surfaced online. The video was recorded by a member of the Israeli human rights group B’tselem in July, but has just been published on Youtube.            
Nigerian Prince Team Behind Scam Of More Than $60m Arrested By Interpol
Top Nigerian scammer behind the popular scams, only known as "Mike" was recently apprehended in Port-Harcourt by INTERPOL and the Nigerian security agency. The team is said to have scammed people globally, and their scam is worth $60m.                 Mike is the leader of the fraudulent team, and their operations involve using malware to compromise email and also romance scams. According to INTERPOL, "In one case, a target was conned into paying out $15.4 m"
ISIS Threatens To Kill Vladmir Putin And Invade Russia In New Propaganda Video
In a recent video published by the Daesh group, ISIS, the terrorist group has threatened the Russian president of homicide and also threatens its citizens too in the 9-minute video.                The video shows the terrorist launching attacks on vehicle, and tents. Towards the end of the video, a masked terrorist then said;  Listen, Putin. We will come to Russia and kill you in your homes.
France Shut Down 20 Mosques Suspected Of Radical Islamic Teaching
The French government continues its crackdown on terrorism in the country just days after it announced it will block foreign funding for mosques in the country, the country has also decided to shut down twenty mosques considered of radical Islamic teaching in the country.                          
ISIS Magazine Listed Six Reasons They Hated Western Countries
ISIS have released six reasons while they are hell bent on destorying Western countries, and will continue fighting the western world in their new periodical magazine, Dabiq, 15th edition.                        In an article in the new edition of the magazine, titled "Why We Hate you and Want to Fight You", the terrorist listed their different reasons for attacking the Wstern world, and some of the listed reasons are:
Breaking News: One Person Dead And Multiple Wounded In Austin, Texas Shooting
A shooting in Texas as seen many people injured in downtown Austin, Texas. One woman has been reported to be dead as gunman fired into the crowd.The Police have arrived to the scene and clearing the scene of the shooting.                 Three people have also been transported to the hospital, and paramedics confirmed that people with gunshot wounds are spread across the area and trying to find them.
Gunman Killed Three People At House Party In Seattle
Shooting at a house in Mukilteo, near Seattle, in the US state of Washington has seen three people dead and the state of other two unknown. The shot was fired at a teenagers party with youngsters or those at universities in attendance.                      According to eyewitnesses, more than 20 shots were fired and a call to 911 emergency services see police men coming to the area.  According to the police, the gunman is currently in custody.
Chinese Hackers Publish Information Of Vietnam Airlines Customers
We announced yesterday that more than 400,000 users was compromised after the hacker group that call themselves, 1937cn hacked the Vietnam National carrier website, Vietnam airlines. The hackers this morning have gone ahead and prove that they did hack the information and publish all the information on the internet.