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Read Profile Of Donald Trump New Cabinet Members
Donald Trump is preparing for office, and also picking people that will work with him to "Make America Great Again."                  Five people have now been picked by the President-elect, Donald Trump, and they are:
Vietnam Pulls Out Of President Obama TPP Policy Amid Trump Win
One of President Obama legacy is the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and one of the reason for Obama visit to Vietnam in May this year, and it was about to be signed and confirmed by the Vietnam legislature, before deferring it to after the U.S presidential election.                   
Watch Hillary Clinton First Public Appearance Speech After Election
Hillary Clinton has decided not to curl with books or her dogs, but instead stepped out after she lost the election to business mogul, Donald Trump. She was recently seen at the Charity gala for the Children’s Defence Fund in Washington ON Wednesday night. She said in her speech; "I will admit, coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me, There have been a few times this past week where all I wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book and our dogs and never leave the house again"
35-Year Old Dead American Man Dead From Drug Overdose
A 35-year-old American man, Christensen Jordan Caleb, has been reported dead after police examined his body at the Eighty8 Backpackers Hostel which is located along Street 88, sangkat Wat Phnom, khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh. The body of the man was examined on the evening of November 8,2016 at bed No.10 of room No.8 on the 1st floor of the hostel.
Tension Between Bill And Hillary Clinton Days After She Lost The Election
There is trouble in paradise for the Clintons, days after Hillary Clinton lost the election to Business mogul, Donald Trump. According to Bill Clinton’s closest advisers who was with him in Bill's Little Rock penthouse, there was a shouting match between who was to blame for Hillary losing the election to Trump.
Barack Obama Is The Last Black U.S President -Donald Trump
A lot of people have called Donald J. Trump different names, but I have decided to jump on the bandwagon, and many times in the past, Donald Trump has tweeted a lot of harmful things, especially towards the presidency of Barack Obama.                 
Myanmar Police Are Searching For British Schoolteacher, Harris Binotti After Death Of Colleague
Police in Myanmar are searching for a British school teacher, Harris Binotti, 25, after his colleague, Peter Gary Ferguson, 47, and also a school teacher in Myanmar. Peter was found dead after a night of drinking at downtown, Yangon. He was found dead with injuries on his head and chest inside Harris's apartment.                                                                Harris Binotti
Putin Congratulates Donald Trump, And Assure Of To Fully Restore Ties
Russian president, Vladmir Putin has said that Russia is ready to restore full ties with the U.S after it elects its new president, Donald J. Trump.            Receiving the certificate of credence from the new US foreign ambassadors to Russia, Putin acknowledged that he heard the Trump comment about working with Russia, and he welcomes the development, though it won't be a easy one.
Duterte Happy With Trump Victory, Would Like To Work Together
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte seems to be happy with the Donald Trump victory in the recent U.S election, and have sent him "warm congratulations" and would also love to work with him going forward.                          Duterte who is one of President Obama critics and have thrown insults at him on different occasion has hailed the success of of the U.S democratic system. 
Donald Trump Vows To Unite The Nation
The President-Elect of The U.S, Donald J. Trump shocks the world on November 8th after he was announced as the 45th president of the United State.  Speaking after the announcement, Donald Trump addressed the crowd of supporters waiting for his speech, and informed them that his opponent, Hillary Clinton has called to congratulate him on his winning the election.              Donald Trump said;
Donald Trump Wins Election, Clinton Concedes
In what comes as a surprise to the majority of people inside and outside the USA, business mogul Donald Trump has won the US presidential election, and would be the 45th president of the United States. The Republican presidential nominee cruised to victory in the battleground state of Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. He won the Democratic party nominee, Hillary Clinton, and he is the 45th US president.
Read The Brutal Murder Of Two Prostitutes By Brit banker, Rurik Jutting
A Brit banker,Rurik Jutting,  is facing life behind bars after he was convicted in the killing of two Hong Kong prostitutes in his Hong Kong high-rise.   The Brit banker had lured the two girls into his apartment, but he killed one because she fought back, while he tortured the other lady for three days before killing her.                     
Student Killed Teacher In Front Of Classmates
A schoolboy, Will Cornick  is serving a life sentence with a minimum of 20 years in jail after stabbing 61-year-old Spanish, Ann Maguire multiple times. Will killed the teacher after he was told that he could not drop Ann's subject. Will Cornick had written different threat on social media that he would kill the teacher. Ann Maguire meanwhile, was about to retire from the Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds, when she was stabbed and killed by the 15-year old.
Mystical Chinese Monkey Believes Trump Will Win US Election
Trump might have created a lot of enemies, out of his 99 problems, a monkey is not one He was recently choosen by a China's magical monkey king, Geda as winner of the US presidential election. Geda is a prophetic primate from Shiyan Lake Ecological Tourism Park in Hunan, and has a history of predicting the right result by placing a banana between two opponents, and Geda will go to eat the monkey of the preferred monkey.
A Tinder Stalker Stabbed A Doctor Numerous Times After Break-Up
A Tinder stalker, Paul Lambert, 36, has been shot dead after he charged at police during a stop. According to the report, Paul was the former boyfriend of Angela Jay, 28, but after Angela ended her relationship with him, Paul, a banker,  will not let go and started stalking the young doctor. Paul had travelled from his home in Sydney to  Port Macquarie and had stalked her for several days, monitoring her activities and movements.
Serial Killed Who Chained Women Like Dogs, And Killed Seven Others Arrested In South Carolina
Police in South Carolina have arrested a 45-year old South Carolina man, Todd Kohlhepp, after they found a woman chained like a dog on his property. The arrest also helps the police to solve a 13-year old murder case. The man has also said to have killed seven other people.                  
Kim Jong Un Order North Korean Military To Kill Kill South Korea Top Leaders
North Korea leader, Kim Jong Un, has ordered North Korean special operations battalion Friday to go ahead and kill South Korea politicians. According to the state controlled News agency, KCNA, he asks that the soldiers "eliminate the human filth occupying the [South Korean] presidential Blue House, military and the puppet government, all who have committed crimes that cannot be forgiven for all of eternity."
FBI Is Investigating Al-Qaeda Terror Plans In Texas, New York And Virginia.
The FBI is probing a terror plan by terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, a day to US election in Texas, New York And Virginia, according to reports. The group is planning an attack on the three states, but the location of the attack is yet unknown.              According to a FBI spokesperson; 
4 Mosques Promoting Radical Ideology In France Shut Down
France interior minister,Bernard Cazeneuve, has ordered the closure of another four mosques that allegedly preach a radical ideology, a move by the minister after banning foreign donation to Mosques in France, and shutting down another 20 mosques in August.                 A state of emergency in France allow for France to shut down any place of worship where the preaching risks provoking hate, violence or acts of terrorism.
11-Year Old Girl Survives Cancer, But Killed Herself Over Bullying
It is a sad time for the family of 11 year old girl,  Bethany Thompson after she killed herself recently. Bethany was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 3, and had to undergo radiation treatments, and in 2008, Bethany was declared cancer free. According to her mother, Wendy Feucht, Bethany treatment caused a nerve damage to her smile, and also her curly hair, and this allows let to bullying by students that are cowards and lack good parenting.