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Four Israeli Soldiers Dead After Truck Rammed Into Them In Jerusalem
Four Israeli Soldiers cadet were killed in Jersualem on Sunday when a Palestinian attacker drives a truck and rammed into them. Three women and a man in their early twenties were reported to have died in the attack, but police is yet to identify the victims. The attack took place as a large group of soldiers visited a scenic outlook overlooking modern Jerusalem and the Old City.              
Donald Trump Looks Forward To Meet British Prime Minister, Theresa May
The US president-elect, Donald J. Trump has said he looks forward to meeting the British prime minister, Theresa May in Spring. The meeting is set to have been scheduled after meetings of  the closest advisers of both leaders in Washington.             Donald Trump also praises the relationship of both countries, saying Britain is "a longtime U.S. ally, is very special!"
Intelligence Report Says Vladmir Putin 'Ordered' Campaign To Influence US Election
A new document declassifying the US election has just been released. According to the report by the intelligence community, Russian President Vladmir Putin ordered that the US election be hacked to "undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process."                  The report reads;
5 Dead, Six Injured As Gunmen Open Fire At Florida's Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport
A gunman is now in police custody after killing 5 people and injuring 6 others at the  Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, Florida. The shooting happened in the baggage area of the Terminal 2, and the shooter did not breach the TSA secured area of the terminal.           The shooting happened at around 12:55pm on Friday.
Megyn Kelly Dumps Fox News To Work At Rival, NBC
One of Fox news powerful presenter, Megyn Kelly, will not be renewing her contract come July 2017. The presenter rose to fame during the Presidential campaign debate after she asked Donald Trump.              In a statement by Andrew Lack, chairman of the NBC Universal News Group,Megyn Kelly will move away from Fox News to join NBC, where she will anchor a a new, one-hour daytime program.
Donald Trump Policies Will Allow Ford Motors To Invest In Michigan, And Not Mexico
Ford has announced it will cancel a $1.6 Billion plant in Mexico, and rather invest it in  $700 million in metro Detroit's Flat Rock Assembly plant. The announcement was made by the Ford CEO Mark Fields.                                   Mark Field, Ford CEO
President Obama Sanctioned Russia Diplomats For Interfering In US Election
President Obama has decided to sanction the Russia diplomat in the USA for their involvement in the November 8th election that see Donald Trump becoming president. Obama sanctioned four Russian individuals and five Russian entities for interfering in the US election. The Obama administration also ordered that 35 diplomats leave the country in the next 72 hours, and two Russian compounds are being closed.                  
Abu Harith al-Matuiti, Assistant To Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Arrested By Iraqi Forces
Iraq: In what might have come as a big blow to Daesh group, the assistant of ISIS leader, Abu Harith al-Matuiti has been apprehended by Iraq forces. He was arrested based on solid intelligence information in Hayy al-Bakr areas in the eastern side of Mosul.              This comes just as Iraq predicted it will throw out ISIS from its country in 3-months.
Syrian Government Agrees To Ceasefire With Rebels.
Syria: The Syrian government has now agree to a ceasefire with rebel groups starting from midnight (22:00 GMT) across the country. The great news was announced by the Russian president, Vladmir Putin, and have also been confirmed by the Turkish foreign ministry.               
Five Foreign Nationals Busted In Cambodia Drug Raid
Cambodia: Police in Cambodia have arrested five foreigners in a drug bust in Sihanoukville. The police found in their possession lots of MDMA pills and machine for pressing pills.                         The people arrested in the drug bust are; Mikhail Grafman, 52 year old male from Forest Hills, New York, USA
Four Indians Arrested For Raping American Tourists
India: One thing the world has come to recognise India for in the past few years is not about their revolutionary leader, Mahatma Gandhi, but instead of sexual assaults and brutal rape of both Indian women and tourist coming into the country. The recent incident that happened includes a bell boy of a hotel in New Delhi and three of his friends for allegedly raping an American tourist that had visited the country.
Criminal Investigation For Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netayanhu For Bribery And Corruption
Israel: A secret inquiry into the corruption charges of Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netayanhu will now be a full-blown investigation by the police. The police authorities received a new document on Monday for the investigation that had been done secretly for nine months.                 
Psycho Man Killed Tinder Date, Then Dissolve Her Skin In Acid
New Mexico: Emmanuel Delani Valdez Bocanegra, 26, has been accused of killing  Francia Ruth Ibarra, 26, a lady he had matched with on Tinder after she refused to have sex with him. The friends of Francia had reported the a case of missing person to the police after she refused to show up for their movie date.                        
Senior Facebook Engineer, Dov Katz, Arrested For Soliciting Sex With A Minor
Dov Katz, 38, a Senior Engineer working for Facebook was arrested by an undercover detective with the Tukwila Police Department after soliciting sex with a 15 year old girl. Katz was arrested in December 21 near Seattle.              
12 People Fatally Shot In Christmas Holiday Killings In Chicago
Chicago shooting spree continued into the holiday, with police investigating 27 gun shooting incident, 12 of which shows people were fatally shot in the Christmas weekend holidays.  According to the Chicago city police, there were 3,495 shooting incidents and 753 homicides in the city from January 1 to December 25, an increase to the the same time frame in 2015, as the city reported 473 homicides and 2,383 shootings between  January 1 to December 25,2015.
Planned Christmas Terror Attack In Melbourne Foiled By Police
Police in Melbourne have thwarted a planned Christmas terror attack in Melbourne. The suspected terrorist had planned to use guns, knives and also suicide bombers for the attack on Christmas day in the city. Police have arrested a Abdullah Chaarani, and have denied bail for the terror suspect. He is expected to be back in court in April.                
Berlin Christmas Market Attack Suspect, Anis Amir Killed In Milan
World most wanted man, Anis Amir, suspected of killing 12 people in the Berlin Christmas market attack has been killed in Milan. Amir was killed in a shootout involving the Italian security forces. According to the Italian interior minister, Marco Minniti, in a news conference, said that the Berlin Christmas market attacker has been shot dead. At 3am in Milan, during one of the patrol routine, one of the officers on patrol sees a man that looks like the suspect and stopped him to ask for his ID.
Jame Ibori, Covicted Fraudster And Corrupt Former Nigerian Governor Freed From UK Prison
Former Delta State governor, James Ibori, has been freed from a UK prison after serving six and half years from his 13 year jail sentence. There were attempts to keep him in the prison by the home secretary,Amber Rudd, but he has agreed to be deported after his half jail time.      The home secretary won't be deporting Ibori until he returns £18m of "proceeds of crime".
Meet The World Most Wanted Man, Anis Amir, 23 For Berlin Christmas Market Attack
Other European countries and the world are on a lookout for a Tunisian asylum, Anis Amir, 23, for the attack at Berlin Christmas market attack. The suspect was identified after the police found an identity document in the truck that was used in the attack.              He has been declared "dangerous" and also a member of the Daesh terrorist organisation.
Donald Trump Officially Elected As US President By Electoral College
Donald Trump has officially won the electoral college, and will be the President of the US come January 20. The president-elect officially won the 270 electoral college votes needed to formalise his presidency. Electors have said they had received thousands of emails from concerned citizens asking them to not vote for Donald Trump in the December 19th electoral college vote.