Drake toosie slide

As the rest of the world is on lockdown, Drake, who is also on lockdown in his home country in Canada is lifting the spirit of his fans with his new single, Toosie Slide. While in his 35,000 square mansion, the rapper can be seen moving around his home, nicknamed, The Mansion, as he sings, "It goes right foot up, left foot, slide / Left foot up, right foot, slide”.


The song is already a hit at the time of this writing with over 9million views on Youtube, second day of the release, and also currently on on number 1 trending on both Apple music and Spotify.

The music is definitely going to be a viral background song for a lot of folks on Tik-Tok.

Listen to Toosie Slide now:






Michael Jackson

As Drake kick-starts his European tour this weekend, the king of pop is removing a song featuring Michael Jackson that had appeared on his Scorpion album, “Don’t Matter to Me.”

Drake on his start of his tour in U.K at Manchester Arena on Sunday (Mar. 10), fans noticed that he had the same songlist he had during his U.S. last year’s “Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour,” only that this time, he had axed Jackson's  “Don’t Matter to Me.” and “Rock With You”.


The new action by the Drake is due to the new documentary, "Leaving Neverland", that was recently released, in which two young boys, Wade Robson and James Safechuck alleged that Michael Jackson had sexually abused them when they were kids.

Aside from Drake's action, Canada and New Zealand radio have said they will be removing Jackson's playlist from airing, and also the Simpsons has removed an episode that features Jackson's voice from rotation.


Drake is looking into releasing a new music, and a little teaser of the music was recently released.

The new music tagged"God's Plan" is yet to have a release date, but Drake's fan can enjoy the teaser here..



Drake can be heard rapping in the video that appeared that the music was shot in a night club.

I hope you don’t come and start no trouble with me,” Drizzy sing-raps on the snippet. “Trying to keep it peaceful is a struggle for me / Don’t pull up at 6 a.m. to party with me / You know how I like it when you lovin’ on me / I don’t wanna die for them to miss me.




King Kunta, Kendrick Lamar is back on Heart IV after dropping "Part 3" nearly five years ago, and he seems to have throw shots at both Big Sean and Drake.


Kendrick Lamar rapped;

   The five-foot giant woke up out of his sleep, ni**a, Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel punk

Then went for Drake and Big Sean like this;

My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole little shit,” he raps. “I’ll Big Pun your punk a** you a scared little bitch / Tiptoein’ around my name, you’re lame / When I get at you, homie / Don’t you tell me you was just playin’

There has been a back and forth messages between Big Sean and Drake to Kendrick Lamar, but rapheads believe none of the rappers will like to go that far with Kendrick because of his heavy bars on bars.

Kendrick then let his fans know he will be dropping his album come April 7th, he rapped;

  You know what time it is / Ante up, this is here forever / Y’all got ’til April the 7th to get y’all sh** together.”

Listen to the track here;



The predicted "power couple" status between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have hit the wall. Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj have been seen together on different occasions, and while we have seen different engagement rings on their Instagram and social media posting, taunting fans that the relationship seems to be going fine, all that seems to have hit the brick and the lovers seems to have finally quit the affair.


Since the breakup, Nicki reunited with his label mates, Lil Wayne and Meek Mill arch-rival, Drake. But while the reunion was going fine for Nicki Minaj, vandals went to her $30,000 a month leased property and destroyed the whole place.


The attack on her mansion seems personal as the vandals destroyed flipped furniture, broke picture frames, and some of her clothes were cut into different pieces.  They also took some of her expensive, and all of the damages and robbery are estimated to be $200,000.

Nicki had moved into the mansion with her now ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill, but it was Nicki name that was on the document.

Meek Mill Involvement

Meek Mill has been known to be with a lot of his friends, who always stand up for him when he is being betrayed or fight for him as their sign of loyalty to his person. 

One of those was when Beanie Siegel, who had supported Meek Mill against The Game during their beef later stop his support for Meek Mill, and pitch his tent with The Game. A man in his 30s, which also happen to be Meek Mill cousin attacked him during a show at the backstage, and knocked Beanie unconscious. This is for supporting The Game, and also saying things against Meek Mill.

So when the robbery happened, Nicki Minaj fans pointed their fingers to Meek Mill boys once again, and some said he had arranged for the robbery, something he denied when TMZ caught up with him.

Meek said he won't do a thing like that, and showed the interviewer the chain on his neck and claimed to be $450, 000 and a wrist-watch he claimed is $80,000 on his wrist. See video;


Drake and Wizkid have always again team up to give their fans good music, as they drop "Come Closer." The duo has recently teamed up on Drake's album, One Dance, a music that has taken over the airwaves and also with different award nominations including the Grammy.


Click play to listen to "Come Closer" by Drake and Wizkid



Drake keeps hitting it anyhow he wants it, and with whoever he wants it with. The 6-god recently created a storm on the internet after a picture surfaced on the internet of Drake and Jennifer Lopez cuddling up in the new photo.

Fans have speculated in the past about the duo relationship, but on December 27th, both celebrities confirmed the relationship after they went public with their status by sharing the photo, though no caption was shared along with the picture, but fans are not stupid either.


The recent rumours of the duo dating and the recent pictures did not sit right well with Drake on-and-off girlfriend, Rihanna, who had since unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram. J.lo has been one of Rihanna's fashion clothes designs, after she wore her 9-5 in a video, but that has nothing to do with their current friendship at the moment.

J.lo is now added to the list of girls Drake has met with including Teyana Taylor, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams and many more.

Champagnepapi is dropping his new album,  More Life: The Playlist, this December to mark his 30th birthday. Drake dropped the news while performing at the OVO Sound, a radio show on Apple's Beats 1.


While performing on the show, Drake said;

I’m off like mixtapes, I want to do a playlist. “I want to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life, so this More Life: The Playlist. Like I said, dropping in December. All original music from me.

You might hear some tunes from the family on there, but I’m just really excited.

I had a great tour, I had a great summer. And most people, I guess, would like go probably take a break. But for me I just want to get right back to it. Be with the people again.

Drake then went on and played four tracks from the upcoming album. He played Two Birds, "One Stone; Sneakin; Wanna Know (Remix) and Fake Love, and also a cover art of the album.


The Fans are happy to have Drake's new album and have started rejoicing over the news on Twitter.




Drake is not letting go with his beef with Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill. Talking about Philadephia, Drake was in Meek Mill city during his summer sixteen tours, and decided to throw some shots at Meek Mill.


The show was held at the Wells Fargo Center centre, and Drizzy decided to change some of his back to back lyrics once more, he said; 

 “I did another one,” he bragged. “I did another one / I even did this shit in Philly, man, I never run.”

After the music stops, Drake did not m he said; 

   “Just remember,” he told Meek. “When you watch that video over and over tonight, it’s not about your city. I love your city. You did that shit to your motherfu**in’ self, boy.”

Later in his concert, Drake also changed the lyrics on "Still here"; “Me and all my ni**as doing well,” he rapped. “Man, you not really from Philly and they can tell, ni**a.”

While the crowd cheers for Drake while he enjoys himself, some of Dreamchasers affiliates released some videos where they appeared to be mocking Drake and standing outside of where the concert was happening. The outside gate was locked and police, and some of the hood boys were outside the gate, but nobody would come out, and then Meek Mill also responded with a post on his Instagram, which he has since deleted;

 “When u run out the backdoor wit 12 and use the ‘old man’ to save you, I’m done. You had Philadelphia swat with you. Ima go ahead and hang it up with these suckas! Had y’all tucked back in there for hrs lol. #stillrunning. I only came to talk lol.

He later changed the Instagram caption with this:


But the concert was not about Meek Mill only, Drake brought out Lil Wayne is marking yet another big “Summer Sixteen Tour” guest following the likes of Kanye West and Eminem.

Is Drake ready for a rap battle with Slim Shady? Eminem is yet to lose  the battle against any rapper that crossed his path, and the wise rappers have learned not to cross the fire-spitting battle ready battle rapper, but 6 god, Drake is not afraid of Eminem.

The Hot 97’s Ebro Darden opened up about a private conversation he had with Drake, and they talked about his latest enemy, Joe Budden and later on Slim Shady. 


“We talked about Joe Budden,” Darden said. “He was laughing. He was like, ‘I gave him a little look…That’s why Joe ain’t put out the DMs. He keeps threatening he’s gonna put out DMs, where I DM’ed him…The reason he ain’t put them out was because I DM’ed him and said, ‘I hope you get well in this tough time, aka you out here strung out on dope or something.’ So he ain’t put that out.'”

And when they talked about Eminem, this was their conversation

“I told Drake,” Darden added, “That the rumor was that Eminem was gonna gear up to come after him. He laughed. He was like, ‘That’s not gonna happen. He’d never do that and if he did, I’ve got something for him too.’ This was a private convo…That’s what he said.”

Listen to the conversation