France terrorist attack

A mosque in Southern France was attacked by two hooded men, after they open fire on a crowd outside the mosque Arrahma mosque at around 10.30pm in a Renault Clio. 


Police are now looking for the yet unknown men, with one of them carrying a handgun, and the other man was carrying a rifle, and attacked the worshippers who were at the time leaving the mosque. Among those injured in the was a 7 year old girl who suffers minor injuries, and another family of four who were dining in a restaurant nearby the mosque, and  were hit by shrapnels.

Police are now investigating the gunfire at the Muslim worshippers, but have "completely dismissed" the shooting as terrorism related attack.


In a suspected terror attack on a Mosque in London, a man rams his truck into people, killing one and injuring several others. According to a recent report, 8 people have now been taken to the hospital, and two were treated at the scene.


The driver of the van, a man, 48, was detained by the police before police arrival. According to the metropolitan spokesperson;

He has been taken to hospital as a precaution, and will be taken into custody once discharged. He will also be subject of a mental health assessment in due course.

Scotland Yard has now deployed armed policemen to the scene, while the counter terrorism command carry out investigation of the incident.

According to witnesses at the scene, the vehicle veered off the road into worshippers leaving the mosque after midnight.

A woman who lives opposite the scene, while speaking to BBC said;

From the window, I started hearing a lot of yelling and screeching, a lot of chaos outside.Everybody was shouting: 'A van'has hit people, a van hit people. There was this white van stopped outside Finsbury Park mosque that seemed to have hit people who were coming out after prayers had finished.

Passers-by said that the crowd was trying to give a man who had collapsed by the pavement CPR, and the fan arrived to hit them. When the man later left the van, he was restrained by people, and was handed over to the police when they came around.


Three people have been reported dead after a lorry rams into a store in Drottninggatan (Queen Street), the city major pedestrian street. The lorry was hijacked on Friday from its owner, and was used to smash into people at the Ahlens department store just before 15:00 local time.

Local media have reported that a suspect has been arrested, but police officials are yet to confirm the story.


The owner of the truck, Swedish brewery Spendrups said the lorry was hijacked from the driver while on delivery to a restaurant. According to the spokesperson of Brewery Spendrups;

Someone jumped into the driver's cabin and drove off with the vehicle while the driver was unloading

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said that everything pointed to an act of terror.

The same tactics of car crashing into civilians was recently used in London on March 22nd, killing 6 people, and injuring 50 others in Westminster bridge. The attacker then went into the parliament complex on foot and stabbed the police officer, before he was shot by officers around the scene.


Nine people have been reported dead and 50 injured after a truck plows into the Christmas market in Berlin, Germany. According to the Berlin twitter account, it tweeted; "A truck just ran over a sidewalk at #Breitscheidplatz Our colleague report multiple injuries. more to follow"

The tragic accident happened  in Breitscheidplatz in western Berlin.


                   Truck that hit a #Berlin christmas market belongs to polish haulage company

Julian Reichelt, editor-in-chief at Bild, a German tabloid newspaper believes that the accident is a copycat of the attack in Nice that killed 80 people and injured 400 other people in the Bastille day attack.

The police have asked that people should stay out of Breitscheidplatz as they need all exit routes.

Though the reason for the attack is yet to be known as police is unsure if it is an accident or terrorist attack, but the driver of the attack has been taken into custody while the second occupant of the truck was found dead.

 Ariel Żurawski, owner of the transportation company to whom the truck belongs, told TVN24 that he had lost contact with the driver around noon. "According to him, they did something to the driver, hijacked the truck and they did what they did. This wasn't my driver. I vouch for him, he was my cousin" - he added. 


France interior minister,Bernard Cazeneuve, has ordered the closure of another four mosques that allegedly preach a radical ideology, a move by the minister after banning foreign donation to Mosques in France, and shutting down another 20 mosques in August.


A state of emergency in France allow for France to shut down any place of worship where the preaching risks provoking hate, violence or acts of terrorism.

The minister ordered that the mosques in the Paris region be closed on Wednesday. Though the names of the mosques were not mentioned, but a statement released by the ministry reads;

Under cover of religion, these places held meetings that in reality were aimed at promoting a radical ideology.

There has been close monitoring of place of worship that incites violence since the Paris attack, and non-citizens and imams of these places have also been expelled.