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Steve Bannon Is Out Of Trump's White House, Set To Go Back To Breitbart
White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon has now been fired from Trump's white house. The controversial Steve Bannon had issues is set to return to his former position at news outlet, Breitbart.  According to White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, the decision of Steve Bannon departure from the White House is a mutual agreement between Chief of Staff John Kelly and Bannon himself. In a statement to ABC news, Sanders said; We are grateful for his service and wish him the best
Russia Says NO to Neo-Nazi Websites, Drops .Ru Domain
The Russia watchdog said on Thursday it called the domain provider hosting the neo-nazi websites to immediately drop the domain websites following the Charlottesville violence. The website,dailystormer was recently dropped by Godaddy and was also rejected by other domain providers moved its domain to Russia, using the         
Van Ploughs Into Crowd in Barcelona's Las Ramblas Tourist Area.
Several people have now been reported injured injured after a van rammed into several people in Barcelona's Las Ramblas tourist area, and emergency services are now warning people to stay away from the Plaça de Catalunya area. According to Reuters, emergency services have now ordered the closure of local metro and train stations. People are also reported to be taking cover in shops and cafes.                 
Duterte Threatens He Will Instruct Police To Shoot Human Right Activist For Obstructing Justice
The Philippines President Duterte is not backing down on his war on drugs, and after criticism from human rights groups, Duterte warns that he might just order the police to shoot them so they will understand what human rights violation means.                     
Baltimore City Remove Confederate Statues
After the violent act that killed one and injured nineteen in Charlottesville, Virginia, neighbouring city, Baltimore in an overnight operation on Wednesday removed Confederate Statues
Bruno Mars Donates $1m To Support Flint Water Crisis
Bruno Mars is supporting the Flint community with a $1m to help in the relief work of the city water contaminated with lead. He gave the announcement while on stage in Auburn hills, that is between Detroit and Flint.          In a statement by Bruno Mars;
30 Children Dead In Indian Hospital After Contractor Cut Off Oxygen Supply Over Unpaid Bills
Parents were helpless on Thursday night as oxygen supplies run low in a government hospital in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh after contractor cut off the supply of oxygen over unpaid bills. There was a chaos at the hospital between 11pm and 2am as medical practitioners handed over manual resuscitator to parents in an attempt to save the kids when oxygen is out.                          
American Tourist Gave Nazi Salute In Germany,So A Stranger Beat Him Up
A child that is not well-trained from home by the parents will definitely learn the lesson the hard way from strangers in the public. This is the story of an American tourist that travelled up to Germany, only to give the Nazi salute outside a cafe in Dresden, and was beaten up by a passer-by. The police also confirmed the report on Sunday.                    
Charlottesville: 20 Years James Fields Charged With Murder After He Killed Anti-Far-Right Counter Protesters
James Fields, 20 years old man from Ohio is currently charged with murder and in police custody after he rammed a car into counter-protesters peacefully protesting at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one person and injuring another 19.               
Donald Trump Team Had Problem Getting Him A Hotel In Hamburg
Donald Trump is meeting with other 20 world leaders at the G20 summit, but his travelling team had problems booking a hotel for him in Hamburg as his travelling staff took a long time to book him a hotel, and all major hotels in Hamburg were reportedly booked.                       
North Korea Claimed To Have Launched A Successful Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
North Korea is not listening to the US threat or take its sanctions serious after the country launched its new claimed ICBM, and it landed in the Japanese exclusive economic zone (EEZ), a great moment for the nation's leader, who in the past has said the country would soon be able to launch the missile. The intercontinental ballistic missile could do a 5,500km while carrying a nuclear weapon.                
ISIS Burned Cleric That Confirmed Al-Baghdadi Death
Abu Qutaiba, one of ISIS’ Friday prayer leaders will not be meeting his 72 virgins after the group burnt him alive for slightly confirming the death of the ISIS group leader, Al-Baghdadi. He was burnt July 2 in Tal Afar. Abu was unfortunate during his Friday sermons, and burst into tears after mentioning the ISIS leader name, hinting that the man himself is dead.                   
Two Men In Hood Open Fire Outside Mosque In France, Injuring Eight People
A mosque in Southern France was attacked by two hooded men, after they open fire on a crowd outside the mosque Arrahma mosque at around 10.30pm in a Renault Clio.                  
Germany Legalize Same-Sex Marriage, Angela Merkel Says Marriage Is Between A Man And A Woman
Germany Parliament has said "Ja" to same-sex marriage in a snap vote. The bill passed 393 to 226, with the German vice-chancellor, Angela Merkel voting against the bill, however, more than 70 conservative bloc members of Merkel vote in favour of the bill.     
Donald Trump Mocks MSNBC TV host Mika Brzezinski "Bleeding Facelift"
The US president, Donald Trump will fight "fire with fire", those were the words of Deputy White house press secretary, Sarah Huckabee, after the president went on a Twitter tirade against MSNBC TV host Mika Brzezinski. Trump tweeted the attack to the Tv host, and said she was "bleeding badly from a face-lift" when she visited his Mar-la-go resort in Florida. Trump also attacked Brzezinski's co-host, Joe Scarborough, who he said is developing a "dictatorship."
Tech CEO And Prominent African-American Killed By Two Black Thugs
A  74-year-old Albert Eugene DeMagnus was stabbed in his home at the upscale community of Lake Horton Landing Drive. According to Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb, deputies were called to the incident at around 2.30am, and he was transported to Piedmont Fayette Hospital.                                                   Albert Eugene DeMagnus
Controversial Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak Called Back To Russia
Many US politicians that had met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak have all been in the news for colluding with the Russian government to hack the US election. Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak was the reason that Michael Flynn got fired, he was the reason Attorney Jeff Sessions had to face the US congress and recuse himself from the Trump-Russia investigation, and Jared Kushner, Trump son-in-law is also under scrutiny after he failed to disclose his meeting with Kislyak.
Obama Speaks Up On New Trumpcare Healthcare Bill
The recent GOP health care bill has unmuted former President Barack Obama, who before now has not commented on the Donald Trump presidency, or any of Trump previous allegations. The reason Obama is coming out now is to speak against the current released GOP health care bill. Barack Obama and Donald Trump disagree over the cost and insurance rates of the new health care bill for Americans. This also includes argument over the world mean.
Russian Man Charged With 729 Rape Allegation Charges After Sleeping With Five Foster Daughters
A Russian man has been detained and charged with 729 charges of rape. The man allegedly had sex with his five foster daughters, the girls are aged 17 and under. The man was arrested after one of the girls reported the case to the her school teacher, and the man was arrested, while police continues their investigation.                            
American Man Held In Nigeria Prison For Defrauding Nigerians Of $565,000
An American man, Marco Ramirez has been held in Kirikiri Maximum prison, after he defrauded Nigerians $565,000 US green card and investment scam.  The man was arrested by the Nigerian anti-graft agency after he was caught collecting money from Nigerians while promising them of US green cards, and also promise to get some other victim green card if they invest in some business in the US.