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Tunisia Will Shut Down 80 Mosques Promoting Violence Following Attack In Resort That Killed 42 People
Tunisia's prime minister,  Habib Essid has said that the government started a clampdown on security after the death of 42 people at the resort in Tunisia yesterday. The PM also assured that army reservists will be mounted at archaeological sites and resorts to ensure no more re-occurrence of such tragic happening.                
5 Britons, 37 Others Killed By Gunmen In Tunisia
Sousse, Tunisia: A gunman who had disguised as holidaymaker has killed 5 Britons and 37 other nationals in a resort in Sousse, Tunisia. The gunman who dressed in dressed in shorts and hide his Kalashnikov inside an umbrella opened fire on the beach in  Port el Kantaoui.       
The Disgraceful Structure Of Nigeria Army Barrack In Effurun, Warri
Warri, Nigeria: The Nigerian pubic offices are well known for non-maintenance and that is the reason most Nigeria infrastructures are always damaged after a period of 5 years. Recently a photo was shared on Linda Ikeji blog platform, showing the bad infrastructure of the Nigeria army building after what looks like a heavy downpour.
Governor Greg Abbott Of Texas Disagrees With SCOTUS, Says Marriage Is Between Man And Woman Only
After the ruling of the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) that allows same-sex marriage in the United States, Governor Abbott of Texas has said he will continue to protect the religious liberties of Texans. He said marriage is for both men and woman only, and all state agencies will prioritize the  protection of Texans’ religious liberties
Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal Nationwide In United States
The Supreme court today ruled that states cannot ban same-sex marriage. This is a victory for the community as the court establishes a new civil right and handing gay rights advocates a victory.             
Hate Crime: African-American Church In Charlotte, North Carolina Deliberately Set Ablaze
In the wake of 9 people killed in Charleston, South Carolina by a 21-year-old, Dylan Roof, another African-American Chruch has suffered another blow in North Carolina after a church was set on fire. Officials have revealed that the church was set on fire on purpose, and are trying to determine if it is an arson or a hate crime.
Kim Jong-un Of North Korea Tour New Pyongyang Sunan International Airport
North Korea state run media have released a photo today of the their leader, Kim Jong-un touring the Pyongyang Sunan International Airport. Though the day the photos was taken was not revealed, the pictures of the new terminal look impressive, but North Korea is hostile to a lot of countries, thereby receives less visitors.            
President Obama Invites General Muhammadu Buhari To The WhiteHouse
Whitehouse National security advisor, Susan Rice has announced via her twitter handle that President Barack Obama will meet with the newly elected President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari.                The meeting is said to promote and deepened the partnership with the new government.  See the tweet :
ISIS Publicly Flogged Two Men For Breaking Fast During Ramadan And Lying About It
The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, ISIS have publicly 2 men for breaking their fast privately and lying about it. In a photo released by the group information office, the 2 prisoners were squatting while the terrorist commander read the charges against the prisoners.               
Ryanair Grounded After Bomb Threat Call, One Man Arrested
Ryanair was grounded and swept for bombs after receiving a call from an anonymous caller who said the plane is explosives laden. The anti-bomb squad swept the whole plane on Thursday, but they found nothing.                   
British Muslim Convert "The White Beast" Fighting Along Al-Shabaab Killed With Other 11 Members By Gallant Kenyan Troops
Thomas Evans, popularly known as the "White Beast" from the small town of Buckinghamshire village of Wooburn Green has been shot dead after a failed attack on Kenyan troops. The 25 year old had led an assault to the Kenyan Defence Force Base, and also making a video of the war between the terrorist sect, Al-Shabaab and Kenyan Military.        
Vietnamese Police Arrest Russian Fugitive In Nha Trang, Vietnam
Volko Denis, 35, from Russian had been arrested by the Vietnam police in Khanh Hoa. The man was arrested after fleeing Russia and hiding in Vietnam for almost 2 months.               The man had broken into a house in Russia, stealing 390 million rubles (US$7,200) at gunpoint, local media reported. He then fled to Vietnam away from the Russian authority. A warrant was issued by INTERPOL that Denis was hiding in Vietnam and needs to be apprehended.
Foreigners Stealing From Luxury Hotels Arrested And Sentenced To Jail In Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam: Two foreigners living in the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi, have been sentenced to prison. The duos were sentenced to court by Hanoi people's court for stealing from other foreigners staying in luxury hotels in Hanoi.           William Rafael Agular Villanueva (R),and Jose Marcelino Velasquez Aviles. Photo Courtesy :VnExpress
Texas White Woman Put Bruises On Her Face With Makeup, Claimed She Was Jumped By African Americans
In the wake of 9 people killed in Charleston,South Carolina, a woman might want to balance things up, as she claimed in a news that went viral that she was attacked by African Americans.The woman who wrote the message on Facebook under a name, Ashley M wrote:
At Least 10 Dead, 30 Injured As 12 Years Old Suicide Bomber Hit Market In Yobe State
10 people dead and more than 30 injured after a suicide bomber hit Wagir, Gujba local government area of Yobe State. According to an eye-witness account, he said the suicide bomber was a female and not more than 12 years old.               
ISIS Releases Video Where Prisoners Were Lowered Into The Swimming Pool And Drowned, Burned Alive In A Car, And Prisoners Blown Up With Explosives Necklaces
It is the month of Ramadan where you believed the ISIS militants would lay low and not be in the news, but your thoughts are not ISIS thoughts after they released a 7 minute video of several prisoners that had been killed by the terrorist group.          
Charleston shooting was not terrorism-FBI Director, James Comey
The FBI director,  James Comey on Sunday had said that the killings that happened in Baltimore is not an act of terrorism. The FBI director said the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina that killed 9 people by a 21 year old Dylan Roof is not an act of terrorism, but a political motivation. James Comey said this on Friday while in Baltimore.            He said:
Wikileaks: Osama Bin Laden Son Asks For Death Certificate
The son of of Osama Bin Laden, Abdullah bin Laden is asking the US to provide him with his dad, Osama Bin Laden death certificate. The documetn is part of the Wikileaks document dubbed, "The Saudi cables" that was published by whistle blowers.          
I Want Death Penalty For Dylan Roof If Convicted, I Will Push The Button Myself - Uncle
Dylan Roof, 21 year old had said he wants death penalty for the killer if convicted and he will be happy to push the button, which is legal in South Carolina.                 Carson Cowles, said he wouldn't forgive the nephew who went to the historic Emanuel AME church in South Carolina and opened fire, killing 9 people who are attending the church bible study last Wednesday.
British National, Charles William Emery Arrested For Illegal Drugs Possession In Cambodia
Sihanoukville, Cambodia: A 48 years old, British man, Charles William Emery was arrested in Sihanoukville, Cambodia last Thursday, he was arrested after police found illegal drugs in his possession. A lot of drugs were found and confiscated.