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Milwaukee Transgender Teacher Commits Suicide After Bullying From Co-workers
Karis Anne Ross, 37 -year old teacher at the Milwaukee German Immersion School took her own life after she was bullied by other staff at the school. According to her suicide note, the transgender teacher said she had gone through been bullied by other staff members for 10 years.             Ross committed suicide in November 2010, and she mentioned some names of people that bullied her in her suicide note.
British Volunteer Working With Orphans In Laos Dead After Mosquito Bites
David Murray, 39, a British volunteer in working with orphans in South East country, Laos is dead. David died after a mosquito bite and blood tests revealed he had typhus, a disease caused by Rickettsia bacteria, and dengue fever.                                        David Murray
ISIS Release Photo Of 17-Year Old Talha Asmal, British Suicide Bomber, Family Devastated
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS have left a West Yorkshire family devastated after they released a photo of the 17-year old smiling in front of an ISIS flag this last Saturday. Talha Asmal, 17, had left for Turkey in April with a friend,  Hassan Munshi, also 17 at the time to join the terrorist group, at the time the family known what happened, an urgent appeal was issued for their time, worried that both boys might have joined the sect.       
Georgia Flood: Animals Invade Tbilisi After Flood Destroys Zoo, 13 Dead
, Georgia : Lions, hippopotamus, tiger, bear and other animals have invaded the town of Georgia after flood destroys their zoo. The animals escaped the zoo and have been roaming the street, residents have been asked to stay indoors while rescue workers searched for submerged homes to rescue trapped residents.                     
See A Fish That Walks On Land, It's Already Invading Australia
A new fish have just been discovered, and it is called the Climbing perch. The fish has been known to have been a species commonly found in Papua New Guinea, has entered Australia via fisherman's boat.             
Tourism: Cambodia And Thailand Signs Agreement For A Visa To Enter Both Countries
Thailand and Cambodia have joined hands to promote tourism in the 2 countries and promote inter-ASEAN tourism under a policy called; "Two Kingdoms, One Destination".            Tith Chantha, secretary of state at Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism, said:
Nigeria Senate President, Bukola Saraki Release Official Portrait
The new Nigeria senate president, Bukola Saraki has recently released the official portrait of his office. Bukola Saraki emerged senate president in last week's election after aligning with the opposition party, People Democratic Party(PDP) senators in the house to win the election, refusing the All Progressive Congress(APC) preferred candidates, Femi Gbaja Biamila. The official portait below:
Massive Storm Destroy Houses, Throw House Roofs Away And Uproot Trees In Hanoi
Hanoi, Vietnam: A massive thunderstorm today covers up the sky in Hanoi, the Vietnam capital this afternoon, which destroy houses, uproot big trees and caused an accident on the highway too.          
Why I Can't Pay Workers' Salaries - Rauf Aregbesola
Osun State, Nigeria: The governor of Osun state has finally responded to the inability of his state not be able to pay workers' salaries for 7 months, which had caused some workers in the state commits suicide.                 
Nigeria President Thinks Michelle Obama Is German President, And Germany Is West Germany
The new elected president of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari made a blunder on Live TV while addressing Nigerians on his trip to Germany for the G7 summit. The Nigerian president in his his speech made the mistake of calling the German chancellor, Michelle, the name of President Obama's wife.                  
Jihad Vs Jihad: Radical Terrorist Declare War Against ISIS In Libya, 20 IS Men Dead
The radical terrorist group, ISIS has gained ground in Sirte, Libya, but the group might be facing a major barrier in the eastern stronghold f Derna after confronting another radical Jihadist group, Majlis al-Shura.                   
Landslide In Nepal Kills 30, 12 Missing
Kathmandu, Nepal : Nepal has been hit with landslides that had reported to have killed 30 people while 12 peopleare missing. The landslides were triggered after a continous rainfall that had buried six villages in Nepal's mountainous northeast.             The Acting Chief District Officer (CDO) Surendra Bhattarai today said :   The landslide hit the villages in Taplejung district at night when people were sleeping
No Evidence: FBI Killed A Muslim Black Man Because They Believe He Is ISIS-Beheading Plotter
The Boston police department (BPD) and the FBI are under fire after they shot and killed a 26-year old black Muslim man,Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, after they stopped him at a bus stop at 7:00 a.m. in front of a CVS drug store in order to question him. The media and the FBI had claimed that Rahim was wielding a machete when he was approached by the agents. But the claim soon changed after photos emerged and the machete was changed to a military-style knife, a black military-style knife.
55-Year Old Vietnamese Earn Law Degree To Help Poor People Get Justice
A 55 year old trader in the Tieng Giang province, Vietnam, Phan Thi Kim Hoa, has decided to be back in school to get a law degree and help the poor people get justice. The lady who many called "lawyer" is a seller of banana and duck eggs, but she takes more time reading than selling in the market.                       
How Bukola Saraki Deceived Buhari, Tinubu And Other APC Senators To Emerge Senate President
Bukola Saraki, new senate president is currently trending on Twitter after he was announced the senate president yesterday in a news that shock APC leaders and political analyst. According to reports, Bukola Saraki have noticed that the APC leaders are not going to nominate him as the party senate president, and because of that had to jump different ships to attain the power he so much wanted.                
Bukola Saraki Emerges Senate President, Shunned Meeting With President Muhammadu Buhari
Bukola Saraki emerged as the senate president today. He was elected unopposed,and has been sworn in. Saraki who had been trying all grounds to be senate president had shunned meeting with Vice-president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo and had allegedly shunned the meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari today.                  
Bukola Saraki Denies Calling Vice-President Commissioner, Says He Is Super Fantastic
Former governor of Kwara state and APC staunch member, Bukola Saraki have denied the allegation that said he snub the meeting of the vice-president because he couldn't be summoned by a commissioner.                   The comment that had gone viral with many Nigerians saying that the statement is derogatory and surprised by Bukola Saraki statement. 
Osun State Is In A Complete Mess, Workers Now On Suicide Attempt After Not Paid 7-Months Salary
The Osun state governor, Rauf Aregbesola would have known by now that ruling a state is more than singing, repeating slogans or making empty promises. In an article by the @Cableng, the article revealed what is happening in Osun state and how government workers,  a woman was rescued from a suicide attempt as both couple works for the government and are yet to be paid in 7 months. The article also revealed that the private schools in the state have closed down because the school children could not afford the tuition fee of the school.
APC Crisis: PDP Adopts Senator Bukola Saraki And Dogara As Senate President And House Speaker
Two of the APC staunch member, Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara have been adopted by PDP as Senate president and speaker of the house of representatives. The move haS happened after PDP might have sensed trouble in the paradise of the All progressive congress after the embattled individuals walked out of the mock election that happened at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.                      
Bush Meat And The Hunter: 3 Thai Arrested For Robbing Nigerian Of 130,000 Baht (#770,000)
Three citizens have been arrested after they were reported to have robbed a Nigerian man, Obiora Vincent Izegbu, 36, after he was drunk. According to the  deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, Police Major General Nipon Charoenphol at a press conference in Bang Na police station.           Read Police report here :