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Pham Thi Thuy Dung, a 16 year girl in Viet Nam has set the internet abuzz in Vietnam when she decided to write about how a famous sports presenter for Vietnamese national television,VTV, Minh Tiep has constantly abuse her. The courage from Dung has now gained very high momentum as Vietnamese netizens have rallied round this girl who had boldly came out to let the world know the abuse she suffers from her brother-in-law.

According to the story posted by Dung, she wasn't the only one suffering from Minh, but Minh also beat his wife at different times whenever there is misunderstanding in their marriage. 


Dung said she had suffered violence and was beaten throughout her 6th grade year, and because her sister had suffered the same fate, she had no choice than to kneel down most times and cry her eyes out. Dung wrote in her long Facebook post that Minh had spied on her, though he was unsure of his tactics, but his major reason when he started beating her was because she had a crush on a school mate.

Minh according to  Dung would hit her on her thighs and legs so that the bruises would be hidden from her classmates, and neighbours. 

She wasn't only beaten because of a crush on some boys, Minh would hit her if she scores low marks at the school. 

Time To Say No

On Friday, which was the last day of the school year, 16 year old Dung hanged out with friends, and was tired from all the activities. She went home, and was in bed from 6pm - 11pm. When she got up, she knew it was late, and decided to take showers before Minh get back from his own hangout.

When Minh got home, he unfortunately met Dung still at the bathroom, and yelled at her saying " Hurry up you b****, what the f*** have you been doing all day to only take a bath now?" When Dung went of the bathroom, he murmured some words which seem to sound insulting to Minh, and he called her back to repeat the word that was murmured, she responded  “I said it already, if you didn’t hear it I wouldn’t say again”, while walking away, Minh Minh pulled her back with her hair, and his fingers pointing at her face “Repeat what you just said! You believe I can slap you to death?” and I said: “Do it, I dare you touch me”.


Minh landed a heavy slap on Dung, and throw her aside. This time, Dung believed she won't go down easily, and gathered all her 16 year old strength to hit Minh, but when she did hit him, he dislocated her joint immediately.

The VTV sports commentary staff went on to punch the 16 year old straight in the face, mouth. Dung then lashed out at him with verbal abuse while walking away, Minh followed her, and continue to beat her, targeting her legs, thigh and her back area. It took the strength of the wife and maid to rescue Dung from the grip of Minh.


Character Assassination

Dung believes the next line of action is to expose the abuse she had suffered with Minh, and she went on Facebook to detailed all the abuse and what happened to her. The post was shared and later went viral among netizens in Vietnam. 

With Minh personality in check, Dung, who had been staying with Minh and his sister was called back home to their house in Ninh Binh, a two hour journey by coach from Hanoi.

In Ninh Binh, Dung mobile phones, tablets were seized from her, and the family, together with Minh Tiep are looking to discredit Dung confession by saying she is schizophrenic, and had called her a "spoiled brat" and a girl that cheats in exams, rude to teachers and all round troublemaker.


                            Dung exam score as shared online

According to some students and teachers that had testified about the character of Dung, they have only showered her praises, and also from the school reports that have now been seen by our reporters in Vietnam, Dung is an excellent student with good grades.

Dung family, including her sister abroad have all come in support of Minh Tiep. The sister of Dung abroad said that Dung makes up stories, and he is a genius in making up stories like this.


Rumour has it that Dung father, who also is a director of a central maternity hospital might be able to work out some patient report record that will show  that Dung is suffering from Schizophrenia, and thereby discrediting her story.

Currently a campaign to help Dung from her family has gained 43k people, while th maximum person needed to take action is 50,000.

Written by Trang "Michelle" Nguyen


A British businessman, Gary Iredale, 52 was not going to move on from his Vietnamese lover in Hanoi. The former divorcee doused his Vietnamese ex-girlfriend, Nguyen Hang, and also a tailor in Hanoi in petrol and set her on fire.


The result of the burnt has seen the woman have a 70% burnt on her body, and after the horrible act, Gary ran away from Vietnam, into Thailands, but police believes he is currently hiding in the Philippines. 

According to an expat in Hanoi, Vietnam- who at the time of the incident had his wife and baby in the shop said;

    This guy came into the shop, wearing a face mask, and threw petrol over the woman and the rest of the shop and set her on fire. It's rocked the local community to its core.

According to neighbours of Gary, he was heard yelling at a lady last Sunday, "F*** off, get the f*** out." 


Before the day of the incident, he had taken ecstasy and LSD, and he was visibly angry that his Vietnamese girlfriend doesn't want to be with him anymore. He also complains of his aged parents back home.

It was also reported that different ladies have always approached his apartment, and he seems to be popular among his peers.


An amateur boxer, James Tobin, 20, has been arrested after he killed his girlfriend, Kellie Gillard, 25, after a post-sex argument. James struck his girlfriend, causing her to fall out of bed and hitting her head on the wall.

When Kellie was taken to the hospital, she died from a ruptured artery, but James denied having anything to do with the death of his girlfriend.


                               James Tobin(L) and Kellie Gillard (R)

The police investigating the case decided to take the investigation a step further by placing a secret recording device, the device would later see him discussing the incident with his father.

While discussing the incident, Prosecutor Vincent Coughlin said;

Officers recorded a conversation between Tobin and his father in which he said his partner had been ‘chopsy’ to him and so he had ‘put her to sleep’.

The device also picked up on his father saying: ‘You sparked her?’. Tobin replied: ‘Yes’.

During the argument, she kicked him to the nose, causing his nose to bleed and damaging a filling.

He concedes that in a short exchange of violence, after he had been kicked in the head, he must have delivered a number of forceful blows with an open hand.

She collided with the wall and fell from the bed.


He was not able to say whether it would have been with an open hand or clenched fist.

The boxer was later arrested on suspicion the murder, and he pleaded guilty to the charges. 

Kellie was said to have kicked him in the head before he slapped her, the court heard.

Writing about her sad demise is Tracey Gillard, Kellie's mum. In a victim statement, Tracey said;

My last memory of my beautiful daughter was her in hospital fighting for her life. She didn’t stand a chance with James Tobin. I am no longer capable of smiling, let alone laughing – all my happiness is gone.

Kellie before her death has said she would like to be an organ donor, and her donation had saved six other people, her mum wrote.


A morning Tv show recently has sparked outrage after it decided to air tips for woman on how they can cover up their facial bruises after a domestic violence incident. 

The tutorial was first shown on TV, and was later published to their YouTube channel page, 2M on November 23rd.


The video shows a woman with a lurid purple “bruises”, and the makeup artiste in the video throughout the 6-minute video was seen applying foundation and powder brushes until the "bruises" was no longer showing.

According to an online petition that was started by concerned Moroccan citizen, the petitioner wrote;

A few days before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, a show dedicated to women on the Moroccan public channel 2M aired the November 23th a segment showing Moroccan women how to cover bruises from domestic violence.

As Moroccan women and as feminist activists in Morocco, and in the name of all Moroccan people, we denounce the message of normalization with violence against women. We demand severe sanctions against this show, "Sabahiyat", and the channel 2M.

We encourage signatories to contact the High Authority of Audiovisual Communication (HACA), demanding they take action against 2M and Sabahiyat. A full list of phone numbers and email address is available here: HACA

Do not cover domestic violence with makeup, condemn the aggressor! 

The video, though deleted by the channel, was re-uploaded by the petitioner;


The 2M channel also released an apology via their Facebook page;



It was one of the most shocking news of 1993, that got men everywhere holding their breath as they read how Lorena Bobbitt cut off her then husband's penis, John Wayne Bobbitt off him, and later throw it in a nearby grassy field, a couple of miles from the house.


In a recent interview, John was able to reveal the gruesome detail of the attack. He explains that on the night of the incident, he was asleep in bed when Lorena cut off his penis, and he took him few moments to realize what had happened to him.


John said;

I didn't know she cut it off,She did it so fast and ran so fast — I thought maybe I saw a little bit of her in my peripheral running out the bedroom door. But I looked down and there was blood everywhere. I applied pressure — I get up and try to put my pants on, and tried to get to the hospital as fast as I could.

Not able to drive, John called up a friend,Robby, who was deep asleep in their home, but not knowing what had happened, Tired Robby went to the bathroom first to try to brush his teeth, until he saw blood everywhere. John in his interview said;

I had to go get my friend up to drive me to the hospital. 'Come on, Robby! Get up — you gotta take me to the hospital. My wife cut me. He's incoherent, too — he was just like I was, so tired.

He gets up and goes to the bathroom and brushes his teeth, and he looks in the mirror and saw the blood everywhere. We flew to the hospital — we got there within 10 minutes.

In the legal battle between the former couple, Lorena claimed that John was physically and sexually abusive, slept around and took up drugs and alcohol. She said she soon suffered from battered woman’s syndrome from the treatment.

And on the night of the attack, Lorena also claimed that John had assaulted her sexually, and claimed this provoked the attack, though John claimed the couple had had consensual sex, he was tried for sexual assault and acquitted on the charge.

The couple divorced in 1995.

John penis was reattached, and was sexually active after his treatment. He later acted in some adult movies, and also made television appearances.

Lorena kept a low profile after the incident, and changed now use her maiden name. She also remarries, and started a non-profit organisation that helps women of domestic violence.

While on Steve Harvey show, Lorena also talked about what happened on that night;

I found myself in the street with a penis in one hand and the knife in the other. So yeah, that happens ... I’m here to tell you and to tell everyone what happens when a woman gets abused by a man.

We understand that my story actually has humour, but we also shed light on domestic violence, as well.

Watch the video here;



Police in Myanmar are searching for a British school teacher, Harris Binotti, 25, after his colleague, Peter Gary Ferguson, 47, and also a school teacher in Myanmar. Peter was found dead after a night of drinking at downtown, Yangon.

He was found dead with injuries on his head and chest inside Harris's apartment.


                                      Harris Binotti

The death of Peter was known in the morning after Peter's wife could not reach him, and after going to see Harris's place, they found his dead body on the floor and contacted authorities.

According to local officer, both men were teaching at Horizon international school, though Horizon had released a press statement saying that Peter was a teacher at Brainworks-Total School in Yangon, and not Horizon International School.

According to commenters on Cambodia expats, Harris Binotti leaves the country on a Thai Airways flight on November 5.



A video of a boy beating his girlfriend has surfaced online. The students are from Ebonyi State University, Isieke Campus, Abakaliki student, and they seem to be living the couple lifestyle. 


The video shows the boy pounding the girl while she face down and crying heavily and pleading with the boy. The beating continues for some minutes before friends around intervene.

As a boy, what would you do if a coward like the dude is beating your sister like this? Comment below:


A lot of people out there have are shocked after a video on "How To Beat Your Wife" was aired on National television in February this year. The video was anchored by a family therapist,Khaled Al-Saqaby, and according to, the Saudi government approved the website before it aired on National television.

The video came into the known after it was air in the US via the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute, in April 2016.


In the video, Khaled Al-Saqaby said tha he is "aware that this issue (wife beating) is a thorny one, which contains many hazards. But Allah willing, we will cross this bridge safely. he necessary Islamic conditions for (wife) beating must be met, the aim of beating a wife "is to discipline, not to vent one's anger".

He suggested that beating the wife should not be done with sharp object or rod, but instead "something like the sewak tooth-cleaning twig - or with a handkerchief". 

Al-Saqaby said; "because the goal is merely to make the wife feel that she was wrong in the way she treated her husband", and he said husband should remind their wife of "your rights and of her duties, according to Allah".

On Equality

Another reason to beat the wife is because " some wives want to live a life of equality with their husband,this is a very grave problem" and most "some women provoke their husbands to beat them"

See video here



A lady has decided to share the story of how she was raped by a guitar player and a friend of his boyfriend. She was raped overnight till the next day, because she was tired and the boy thought she was enjoying the sex..It is horrible, and this like every other rapes affected her. Read the story of these poor lady, and please be careful out there.


Read the Story :

When I was 16, I had had a boyfriend who was five years older than me. We had been together for three months and I was very interested in him and I visited him often in the house, which he lived with two other guys. It was a place that looks rough and old with shower in the basement and was little untidy and grubby, but I do love him and we had sex, which was not so nice to do at home, since i live with my own parents.

We often sat in the kitchen in the evening with his friends and had a good time. We Often played with one of his friends, who played the guitar while we sang. They were all very musical and because singing has always been one of my passions, it was fantastic. I loved being there and felt that I could be myself.

One evening after 8 o'clock, when there were only two of us and a guitar player (my boyfriend's flatmate), My boyfriend told me that i could not sleep with him that night. I wondered why and asked why he had not just said that before the last bus left so I could go home.He said he did not and was sorry, but told me to sleep on a mattress in the guitar player's room. Unfortunately, I could not sleep in the living room, because it was under renovation or the other friend's room, because he had locked his door.

At a time when it was completely dark, I woke up and there was something that touched me between my legs. It was of course the guitar player. I cried, but he lay just heavily over me, held me down and put one hand over my mouth. The other was still between my legs and became more eager and overbearing than before. He told me there was no use crying to alert my boyfriend, so he would remove his hand so he could hear me groan while we have sex.

I cried again and again and tried to get him off me. He was a great man with lots of bulging muscles from lifting weights, so I could not even move him an inch. He just laughed and continued. And my boyfriend did not come, though I certainly must have awakened him with my screams.

Guitar player told me that my boyfriend would not come, because he owed a lot of money in rent. And since he had no money, I was paying for my boyfriend, he told me how he talked all the time about how sweet I was and how good I was in bed, so now, he would rather have me than the money.

I was raped many times that night. Not just at the guitar player's room, but also around the house, as he showers in the basement and on the kitchen table. And I did not hear or see my boyfriend. Finally, I was so exhausted by the fighting that I did not even put up resistance, but just did exactly what guitar player ordered me.

In the morning he fell asleep with an arm and a leg over me. I was crying as quietly as possible, I did not go to wake my boyfriend. I later heard my boyfriend come towards the room and stop at the front door of guitar's player for a long time. He knocked quietly on the door and whispered my name, before he finally gave up and went away to work. I did not call him or cried for help, because I was no longer in doubt that the guitar player had told the truth. It was impossible to sleep through the noise that had been at night.

As a guitar player wakes up, he began again and used various styles this time. I cooperated and pretended I enjoyed it, although it did even more evil than at night. Already there I thought it was my own fault.

In the afternoon, he drove me home and gave me a big handful of bills in his hand and said, the tip for a good sex. He also said that I was welcome at any time, because I was a good and an obedient little whore. And that he would pay me well every time. Then he drove away.

The money I burned in a metal bucket with my T-shirt and panties.

I never returned or confronted my 'boyfriend.' But he came to see me once outside my school and apologized. He explained himself that he had not known what to do at the time. He could not be thrown out because he owed too much money around and could not afford the deposit on a new place. 

And besides, his friend said that I had enjoyed at least,It would have been sad, if i never did.

It took eight years before I again went to bed with a man and many, many more years before I could start to enjoy sex a little bit. 

My first orgasm with a man (since the rape), I experienced only a little over two years ago, when I found a boyfriend who is dominant and who gives me the hard sex that I obviously need now. He is the only one I've told this, although we have hard sex, so he fits at me and gives me lots of love and tenderness.

He has encouraged me to write my story and maybe get some demons out this way. I'm probably as close to happy as I can ever be in a relationship, "said the woman on the website The Everyday Sexism Project , which is a page documenting women and helping women on sex rape or harassment.


Freeze of Cool FM, Nigeria had come out and speak about his personal experience with domestic violence. The radio presenter talked about how the society had tagged men to be the monster and women always the victim, but in his own case, Freeze was the victim as he shared pictures he suffered from his ex-wife.


Freeze encourages more men to come out and speak about their own domestic violence and not be matured or silent about it.


The radio presenter later shared some horrific pictures of him getting injured during his time with domestic violence.

See his tweet, read from below :