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Australian boy played with severed head in Iraq
There is now an outrage from all part of the world as a young boy holds a severed head of a dead Syrian army and a caption from his dad, Khaled Sharouf that says "That's my boy" . Since the post on twitter everybody had condemned this brutal act and it also shows the brutality currently happening in Iraq by ISIS member.                     
No!! We don't Know where Tupac is...CIA
Since the death of Notorious BIG and his best friend Tupac, a lot of music fans believe something is not right since nobody could point to Tupac's grave and they all believe any grave for Tupac is probably fake since it's looking like either Tupac or someone is not saying the truth.      A lot of YouTube videos have shown Tupac look-alike partying or showing Tupac in some award night. So this had left a lot of unanswered questions on the lips of the rapper fans.
Shots Fired From Russia To President Obama: We have different allies
Amidst tension between Russia and the US since the shooting down of flight M17 that left 298 people dead, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and head of the Military-Industrial Commission. Special Envoy of the President twitter via his twitter account @Rogozin shared a picture of President Obama with a poodle and president Putin with a baby tiger showing that the Russian president is more stronger than the US president.
Nigeria Government launches 64-pages E-passport
Abuja, Nigeria : The Nigerian president, President Ebele Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday launches the new 64 pages for frequent travellers. The new passport which is an improved version of the current 32 pages is now in the immigration department for travellers.                
Putin's Daughter Quit £2 million Dutch Apartment over MH17 Fury
The daughter of the Russian president, Maria Putin, might be feeling the heat at her Dutch apartment as she needed to flee her £2million apartment with the husband after the news of her staying in the penthouse filter out to the Dutch nation. Netherlands is currently mourning the death of more than 300 people that were shot down last week by Pro-Russian Ukrainian separatist.                              Maria's residence (Photo credit:Daily Mirror)
Boko Haram Kidnaps Cameroon's Vice Prime Minister wife and also Lamido
The Islamic Insurgents, Boko Haram that have been attacking the Nigerian innocent citizens had moved its attack to Cameroon with the insurgents trying to smuggle the girls that were kidnapped, but the Cameroonian military won't allow the insurgents as they keep exchanging gun shot every day at the Nigerian-Cameroonian border. Things seem to take a twist today as Boko Haram insurgents storms the house of the Vice prime minister of Cameroon, Vice Prime Minister Amadou Ali in Kolofata as he celebrates the Ramadan feast with the family.
Viewer Discretion: Boko Haram beheaded Nigerian Air Force personnel (Video)
A recent video showed the Bokoharam men in Nigeria beheading a man of the Nigeria Air force. The man with name Umar Abubakar before his death said his boss had sent him on an errand before he was captured by the deadly terrorist group.  He had pleaded for his life and claim he was a Muslim, but all pleas fell into deaf ear as he was later beheaded. Watch the subtitle video and see what mankind had turned to. Why is mankind so unkind to mankind
Plane crash killed 45 people in Taiwan, while 9 others injured
45 people have been reportedly dead as a TransAsia airways crashed  crashed on one of Taiwan's Penghu islands on Wednesday. The cause of the crash is not known immediately. A lot of speculation from people had said the plane crash landed due to the typhoon Matmo that hit Taiwan early Wednesday. The plane had taken off from Koasiung, Taiwan before crash landing on the landing.  This is a bad time for avaiation industry as a Malaysia airplane was shot directly from the sky barely a week ago.
Malaysian airline crashes with 295 passengers onboard.
A Malaysian airplane(MH17) flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur at an altitude of 6.2miles was shot down in Ukraine, at the border with Russia. The Boeing 777 was shot down by a BUK ground to air missile. At the time of the crash, 280 passengers and 15 crew members were on board. The armed forces of Ukraine denied reports that it was involved in the air mishap. Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk ordered a full investigation into what he called "catastrophe", while the Prime minister in Malaysia, Najib Razak said:
Groom divorces bride a night to wedding because of intimate pictures
Manama, Saudi Arabia : A Saudi man divorced his wife few hours to wedding after he received a gift of flower bonquet and  a USB. The man who and the lady who had been looking forward to a wonderful future together had to break up on wedding night after the husband-to-be received a gift from the ex-boyfriend of the bride that shows both of them being intimate. The groom who says he can't look past the picture called it quit and said he can't proceed with the wedding after the images in the picture show the bride been intimate.
Soldiers in Nigeria beat innocent citizens, Burn public buses and chant victory songs in Lagos,Nigeria
Lagos,Nigeria : Soldiers in Lagos state, Nigeria this morning took to the street of Lagos state and beat up innocent citizens after a news filtered to the soldiers that one of its soldiers was hit by a bus owned and operated by Lagos state government.
Video : How bomb went off to kill 21 people in Nigeria(Viewers discretion is strongly advised)
Abuja, Nigeria:  A recent bomb blast rocked Emab Plaza in Abuja, Nigeria and killed 21 innocent lives. The Nigeria president had to leave the African Union summit to attend to this issue right back in the country. On June 25th, a bomb went off in Abuja, the Nigeria capital, killing 21 people and others running helter-skelter. The deadly sect Boko-harm are behind the killing of people in groups and letting a bomb goes off.   Please this video you are about to watch, Viewers discretion is strong advised.
Plane flying from Nigeria to Gabon missing
A 4-seater plane flying from Nigeria to Gabon has gone missing. The plane owed by a US company, Global Aviation had took off from Kano, Nigeria and was supposed to be at Doula  airport, Cameroon at 11pm, but it never arrived Cameroon, Cameroonian Authorities have said. NAMA(Nigeria Airspace Management Agency) released a statement that the 4-seater plane was not in the country's airspace. The managing director of NAMA, Mr Ibrahim Abdulsalam said that the flight was not in the jurisdiction of the agency.
Nigeria Government pay citizens $2 for their votes.
Ekiti, Nigeria : As election draw near in Ekiti state, Nigeria. A gubernatorial aspirant has resolved that the best way of getting votes to be elected as the new governor of the state is  sharing a bag of rice for all voters. This development is not a new trend in Nigeria,  where it's people survive living under 1 dollar everyday. This is a strategy used by different aspirants in Nigeria to beg for votes from voters every four years by using the country situation to ride on their people intelligence. A bag of rice will cost 2 dollars in Nigeria.
Nigerian leaders send kids abroad because of poor education system
The poor education system in Nigeria is so poor and not showing any sign of improving in many years had given reasons for the rich and elite to send kids abroad away from the bad country education system. 99.9% of Nigerian political leaders prefer their kids to study abroad and not concerned about the nation poor educational system. 
Nigerian Woman Bagged 25 Years In Jail For Drug Smuggling In Cambodia
A 36 years old Nigerian woman, Collin Seniola Abosede was sentenced to 25 years in prison for drug smuggling. The 1.5kg of drugs was found in her suitcase at the Phnom Penh International Airport. While defending herself, Abosede told the court he had met a man in Qatar who had asked her to help deliver the suitcase with a computer, but she never knew drug was stashed inside the suitcase.. The judge that presided over the case had told Abosede to file an appeal of the verdict within 30days. She was weeping while been taking away and keep saying 
Boko Haram kidnapped 20 women in Bornu, Military killed 50 Boko Haram members
Boko Haram sect in Nigeria that are currently in the act of kidnapping the female gender struck again as they kidnapped 20 women on Sunday. You remember before now, the same group kidnapped close to 200 school girls during an exam in Chibok town, Bornu State in Nigeria. Read the news Here.
Michael Scofield Stunt : 3 inmates escaped via helicopter in a Canadian jail
In what many have thought only happens in movies (Prison break) repeat itself live in Canada as 3 inmates awaiting trial for a drug bust escape in Quebec City via a helicopter. The men are : Yves Denis Yvon Lamontagne, 35, Denis Lefebvre, 53 Serge Pomerleau, 49.                    
#WondefulWoman : Dora Akunyili, Fomer NAFDAC president is dead
This might be one of the saddest news coming from Nigeria aside from the kidnapping from the schools as one of the most powerful woman is said to be dead.  Dora Akunyi was the president of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Accroding to family sources, she was said to be dead in an Indian hospital where she is said to be receiving treatments.          
Boko Haram killed 250 in fresh attacks in Borno state, Nigeria
More than 250 have been reported killed by the deadly sect Boko Haram in Borno State Nigeria. It was gathered that Boko Haram had attacked a church on Sunday (June 1st) and killing 9 of it's worshippers. The Civilian task force caught up with the killers 4 of them, while 3 were arrested.