Donald J Trump

When the United States citizens look to their president, they see a truthful, upstanding, role model and powerful person occupying the 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue. They expect a great level of morals from both the president and everybody surrounding the president.

Though, there might be sometimes that the president of the US will have to make compromise over their promises during campaigns, this might be from the situation above their powers, bargaining out of their reach, but they try to stay on track of their responsibility and high ground morality.


This seems to not be the norm since the election of Donald Trump in November 2016. The US President has made over 1, 950 falsehood and misleading information, which means an average of 5.6 claims a day in 347 days he assume office.

President Trump is someone that likes repeating his claims, example was his 30mins impromptu interview with New York Times at his Mar-la-go residence, where he made 24 false and misleading claims, as those claims have already been fact-checked.


President Trump is obviously not a fan of former President Obama or his Obamacare initiatives, and since the campaign has promised his voters to repeal and replace Obamacare, and had since repeated claims that the Obamacare is dead, but according to the Congressional Budget Office, the Obamacare mandate is still on, and not imploding as claimed by President Trump. 

The office said that the mandate remains stable, and might remain for the foreseeable future. The CBO said that the enrollment for the upcoming year has also surprised health experts.

Tax Cut 

The recent big win for the Trump presidency was the tax cut, after it survived the push through Congress. Since the bill for the new tax plan was announced, Trump has touted that it is the biggest tax cut ever in US history. Trump has now repeated this claim 53 times.

The treasury department has claimed that the new tax plan will rank as the eighth, and he has also claimed 25 times that the United States pay the highest corporate tax, and also said 33 times that the United States is the highest tax-nations. The claims are misleading, and not true.

Unemployment Rate

A lot of Trump supporters have hailed the President for the lowest unemployment rate in decades, but was it? During the campaign, Trump said that the statistics released by the official is phony, and the US unemployment rate is actually 42%.

Since he was elected, he had now claimed that the 4.6% unemployment rate was his doing, but the fact is the unemployment rate was already low before Trump was elected. He had not corrected his misleading comment, and instead continues to enjoy the praise from his supporters.

Stock Market

Trump has touted and celebrated the rise in the stock market, and Fox news, his favourite media house have also done a great job stroking the ego of the president with the stock market rise. Trump once again has attributed the rise to his presidency, and claimed the success of the stock market 85 times.

During the Trump campaigns, he had said that the rise in the stock market at the time was only a "bubble" that will crash once the Federal Reserves starts raising interest rates, but the Federal reserves since the election has raised it three times, but the stock market did not plunge . The rise in stock market has started rising since the former President Obama presidency in 2009.

The rise in stock market is because of the global rise in equities. The US stock market is not the only one on the rise, but also their foreign counterparts have enjoyed the same rise. 



With the start of the New Year, Donald Trump is letting go of Iran for now, and directing his latest tweet to Pakistan, labeling the country a haven for terrorist. The latest tweet comes as the US is looking to stop giving $255 million in aids to the country for showing no effort in fighting terrorism.

In his tweet, President Trump wrote;


Mr Trump in many of his speeches has condemned the Pakistani government of allowing terrorist the use of the country as a safe haven, especially terrorists that the US are trying to hunt down in Afghanistan. In a speech in Washington in August, Donald Trump said;

We can no longer be silent about Pakistan’s safe havens for terrorist organisations, the Taliban, and other groups that pose a threat to the region and beyond. Pakistan has much to gain from partnering with our effort in Afghanistan. It has much to lose by continuing to harbour terrorists.

The US has now conditioned to release the money to Pakistan only if it joins the effort of the US to crack down on terrorist networks. 

The New York Times have reported that the recent development is the Pakistan government refusing access to a captured Taliban-linked Haqqani network militant. 

The militant was arrested last week by the Pakistani forces after they rescued a Canadian-American family, and the US had hoped that the Pakistani forces would allow access to the militant so he could provide more information about other American hostages, but instead were denied.

Also, in November, the Pakistani government releases a suspect who was said to have masterminded an attack in Mumbai that killed 160 people in 2008.

According to Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, while commenting on the suspect released by the Pakistan government, she said;

If Pakistan does not take action to lawfully detain Saeed and charge him for his crimes, its inaction will have repercussions for bilateral relations and for Pakistan’s global reputation.

Pakistan authorities have drafted plans to seize control of the charities and any financial assets that is linked to the Islamist leader, who in Washington has been marked as terrorist.

Two people have now been reported dead after a nationwide protest in Iran calling for the end of their government. The current protest in Iran has received a support from the US President, Donald Trump, who had called for the end of the Iranian government on Twitter, and included his own hashtag #IranProtests.


Donald Trump believes that the Iranian regime is currently supporting terrorism and the people of Iran are finally tired of the government not developing the country, but instead are supporting terrorism around the world, and supporting the people protest to end the regime.


Trump posted his tweets after an anti-government protesters clashed with the police at the University of Tehran. Most protests are happening in different cities, and that includes  Khorramabad, Zanjan and Ahvaz, all the protesters chanting"Death to dictator"

The people killed in Dorud on Saturday have been said to be killed by foreign agents. Habibollah Khojastehpour, the deputy governor of Lorestan province, while speaking on state television after the death of two protesters said;

Violent clashes broke out in the illegal demonstration in Dorud on Saturday and unfortunately two people were killed,No shots were fired by the police and security forces. We have found evidence of enemies of the revolution, Takfiri groups and foreign agents in this clash.

President Putin in his new marathon annual Q&A session praises his new American counterpart, President Donald Trump. 

Speaking to 1,600 reporters, President Putin said that he and Donald Trump called each other on the first name basis, and added that that should be the relationship between the two countries. The Russian President also debunks the Russia meddling in US elections, calling it a ruse started by Donald Trump enemies.


When asked about his thought on Trump's presidency performance, Putin said;

It's not for me to evaluate the president's work. This needs to be done by the voter, the American people. We are objectively seeing that there have been some major accomplishments, even in the short time he has been working.

Look at how the markets have grown. This speaks to investors' trust in the American economy. It speaks to what President Trump is doing in this sphere. With all due respect to Trump's opponents, this is an objective fact.

Though President Trump had looked forward to a very strong relationship between the US and Russia, the different news of Russia meddling in the US election had affected such relationship as US investigators continue to investigate the connection between different Trump campaign team and their Russia meeting.

US President today have announced the moving of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and have also instructed the State's department to start the process of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Israel welcomes the news of the recognition, but  Palestinian officials have said that the peace talk in the Middle-East is finished. Israeli security forces brace for any violent act after U.S and Israeli flags were burnt and Hamas has declared this Friday the "day of rage."


                        Protestants burn US and Israel flag before Donald Trump announcment

Several US allies in the Middle East disagreed with the decision as many said it would cause chaos in the region.

The Pope said in his weekly general speech to his audience in Rome that President Trump should re-rhink the decision, he said;

I make a heartfelt appeal so that all commit themselves to respecting the status quo of the city, in conformity with the pertinent resolutions of the United Nations.

UK Prime minister, Theresa May also has said he would challenge Trump in his decision, she said;

I'm intending to speak to President Trump about this matter. Our position has not changed, it has been a long standing one and it is also a very clear one. It is that the status of Jerusalem should be determined in a negotiated settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and Jerusalem should ultimately form a shared capital between the Israeli and Palestinian states.



North Korea new missile, the HWASONG-15 an intercontinental ballistic missile that is capable of reaching the US. Mainland. The latest missile test ordered by the nation's supreme leader, Kim Jong Un has been tagged successful missile launch by the regime.


The latest and the most powerful missile test by the isolated nation is said will not be used to threaten or used by North Korea as long as the country is not invaded by intruders, or its sovereignty threatened.

The device was fired at a lofted trajectory, and it hit an altitude of 4,475 kilometres and flew 950 km in a 53-minute flight.

Watch the video of the North Korea reporter announce to the nation on the successful launch of the missile;


Experts have said that the missile would be able to hit the US if it has flown on a flatter trajectory. According to David Wright, co-director of the global security program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a non-profit advocacy group,"We don't know what payload it carries so it's not clear it can carry a nuclear warhead to that range. The real question is: how small North Korea has made a nuclear warhead and whether it can carry a warhead like that on the missiles it makes."

The US president, Donald Trump was briefed on the missile launch while it was in the air, and he responded and vowed"to take care of it"

Trump has mocked the North Korea leader in the past, and had always talked about how he would stop the North Korea leader from getting close to having a nuke, and some people in the US after the latest news of the new HWASONG-15 have started to doubt if Trump can keep them safe or if it is all tweets, no actions.





H.R. McMaster

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has been reported to have mocked US President, Donald J. Trump during a dinner with Oracle CEO Safra Catz in July. According to four different sources, McMaster was said to have called Trump an "idiot", a "dope" with a brain of a “kindergartner.”


Other sources who were close to McMaster have also revealed that he had mocked Trump intelligence in private , saying that Trump lacked the brainpower to understand matters before the National Security Council.

According to Michael Anton, for the National Security Council, he responded to the McMaster allegations saying;

Actual participants in the dinner deny that General McMaster made any of the comments attributed to him by anonymous sources. Those false comments represent the diametric opposite of General McMaster's actual views.

Also, people from the Oracle's camp have also denied the allegations. Oracle's top DC operative who was at the dinner with Catz said that none of such comments were made, and they had in that dinner talked about China.

McMaster did not only attacked Trump at the July 18 meeting in Washington, according to sources that spoke to Buzzfeed, the National Security Adviser also talked about Secretary of States, Rex Tillerson, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, and President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner.

While speaking of Kushner, McMaster said that he had no business working at the White House.


The Alabama Republican Senate nominee, Roy Moore is in the news for sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl while he was 32. The recent allegations have divided Republicans senators in Washington, who was no fan of the nominee, though Roy Moore is a good friend of President Trump.


According to the Roy Moore campaign adviser, Dean Young;

For the next 33 days, Alabamians are going to be tested whether they can be tricked by fake news and the establishment. If they pass the test, our nation has hope. But if they can beat Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, they can beat anybody, anywhere, anytime and our nation will continue to go down in a spiral.

According to reports, Roy Moore took Leigh Corfman to his house in 1979, stripped to his underwear and made her touch his genitals. Narrating his experience with Moore to Washingtonpost, Corfman said;

I wasn’t ready for that – I had never put my hand on a man’s penis, much less an erect one.

Aside from Leigh Corfman, three women have come forward with detailed allegation of the nominee, and according to one of the ladies, Roy Moore ordered a cocktail for her, even when he knew she was underage at the time,and did not say if there was any illegal behaviour after that.

In 5 weeks, Roy Moore will face off with the Democratic party nominee, Doug Jones as they compete for a vacant seat left by current US attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Roy Moore in September had won the appointed incumbent and one supported by Donald Trump, Luther Strange. 

Roy Moore is receiving support from former White house strategist, Steve Bannon.

Top Republicans have distanced themselves from the Moore's campaign. Some  Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, Senator John McCain of Arizona had called for Moore to step down if any of the allegations against him are true. 

Roy Moore campaign has instead used the recent sexual assault allegations to fund for more money for their campaign, and had called the latest allegation to be from former president Obama and 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. In the email to supporters, the Moore campaign wrote;

The Obama-Clinton Machine’s liberal media lapdogs just launched the most vicious and nasty round of attacks against me I’ve EVER faced.




President Trump candidate in Virginia, Ed Gillespie did not win Virginia gubernatorial race, instead Virginians has elected Democratic governor, Ralph Northam. Ed was President Trump preferred candidates after he tweeted his support for the aspirant, and claimed he was going to be tough on crimes, gang related issues and immigration.

Though President Trump never campaigned with Northam, but even during his Asia trip, Trump tweeted his support for Ed, and urged Virginians to vote for the former chairman of the Republican National Committee.


                                   Ralph Northam campaign banner

Ed Gillespie did not win the election and President Trump quickly once again distanced himself from the candidate, tweeting "Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for. Don’t forget, Republicans won 4 out of 4 House seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win, even bigger than before!"


                         Trump tweet support for Ed before election


Donald Trump tweet after election


Democrats needed the boost of the winning after they suffered four special congressional elections earlier this year.

This is also a boost for the Democratic party who needed the grassroots movement to turn resistance against President Trump, and Hillary Clinton only won the state with just 5% point during the 2016 national elections.

New Jersey Governorship Race

Democrats also won the New Jersey governorship election, Democrat Phil Murphy will be the new New Jersey governor to succeed Chris Christie, and he won  Republican Kim Guadagno.


                                 Democrat Phil Murphy

Murphy, was a former ambassador to Germany and former investment  banker, who had promised to put a check on President Trump rhetorics, but Kim Guadagno affiliation with Christie might have cost him the vote of the state.

Chased Out By Transgender

After 25 years in the Virginia House of Delegates, Bob Marshall, a strong and notorious Anti-LGBTQ candidate was defeated by a Transgender candidate, Democrat Danica Roem. Danica is the first transgender person to win a state legislative race.


 Democrat Danica Roem


While current Puerto Rico governor is trying to be friends with US President, Donald Trump, the former governor of Puerto Rico, Governor Alejandro García Padilla throws a subtle jab at Trump, who had given himself a "10" for the great work he did in Puerto Rico.


Padilla tweeted a picture of surgeons in a theatre room operating on a patient with a mobile touchlight, 1 month after hurricane Maria.

Twitter have now shared the picture in drove, and other Twitter users reminded the US president of the lack of electricity and good drinking water on the Island.

Trump while talking about the "tremendous" job he had done in Puerto Rico tweeted;

I would give myself a 10. I think we've done a really great job and we've had tremendous cooperation from the governor and we are getting there and people are really seeing the effort that's been put into Puerto Rico.