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Trump presidency continues its deep dive into scandals after a report surfaced online recently that Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen had received $400,000 to help Ukraine fix talk between Ukraine and the White House.

The payment was reported to be done by an intermediary acting for the Ukranian leader, Petro Poroshenko. 


A high ranking member talked about how the meeting was able to hold, and how the money got into Michael Cohen's account. Mr Poroshenko decided they needed to bring in Mr Cohen, who at the time was known as Trump's lawyer and fixer.

The registered lobbyists and the Ukranian embassy in Washington could only get Poroshenko a little photo-op, but he needed something that would look like talks between the two leaders, and that was when an idea of Cohen came to light. Ukranian leader then asked a loyal MP to establish talks with Cohen.

The money was initially channeled through the Jewish charity in New York state, Chabad of Port Washington, and then to Cohen, in the sum of $400,000. Though there is no report or knowledge of Trump's knowledge of the accused bribe.

Michael Cohen has denied the reported story, so is the two Ukrainians that had opened the backchannel for their president.

Mr Poroshenko up until the day of the meeting was uncertain about the amount of time he could have with the U.S. President, and official reports on the day of the meeting had said that the Ukrainian leader would only drop by while Trump was having a staff meeting.

Mr Poroshenko was not happy about the embarrassment of small talks and just a handshake he was getting after the hundreds of thousand dollars he had spent for real meet and greet, and negotiation started till the early hours of the day of the visit.


Kim Jong-Un is worried he would lose his grip on power if he goes on to meet U.S. President Donald Trump on June 12 in Singapore. 

The North Korea leader is worried about what will happen in Pyongyang when he goes on to meet Donald Trump, he is worried about a military coup or hostile actors that would want to take power from the Kim's power house who had ruled the country since 1953.


In recent times, the leader has shuffled his power Politburo, and while some of the military head had disappeared, some are sent to the country's “re-revolutionisation education.”

One example of the NK Purge is General Hwang Pyong-so, who had been one of the top brass in the North Korean government, and had recently disappeared from the public since October. Three other officers often seen with Kim had also disappeared or sent to the re-education camp at the North Korea prison.

Victor Cha, a director for Asian affairs for the National Security Council in his opinion column in 2014 during George W. Bush wrote;

The notion that Kim is secure in his power is fundamentally wrong. Dictators may exercise extreme and draconian power like Kim, but they are also pathologically insecure about their grip on the throne. All of the public speculation about coups or interim leaders would feed the paranoid impulse of a dictator to correct that perception as quickly as possible, even if it were misplaced.

North Korea had recently sent a hard tone to South Korea by not attending a meeting that is supposed to lead up to the June 12 meeting after the South Korea and U.S. Joint training on the North Korea border, a training Nk had expected to stop after the recent meetings between Kim Jong-Un and the South Korean president, Moon Jae-In.

The meeting between the President Trump and Kim Jon-Un is a little sceptical right now as both sides watch carefully on the next move to the meetup.


After the Robert Mueller team investigated Psy-group,  an Israeli company for its online manipulation tactics during the 2016 elections, the company shut down.

Psy-group is also known as Invop Ltd. , and it is listed under the  Israeli state registrar’s database. The company during the 2016 U.S. election launched an online manipulation campaign.


According to the New York Times, Donald Trump Jr. met with the Israeli media specialist Joel Zamel months before the election, that was also when the company was developing a proposal for  a "covert multimillion-dollar online manipulation campaign” a move to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election.

According to the report, Zamel learnt that the campaign would be illegal in the U.S., therefore wanted to end it, but he later got a $2 million from a Trump associate. He had now gone under investigation by the Mueller's team, and also the employees ofthe  Psy-group have also been questioned by the FBI in Israel.

The FBI also worked with local law enforcement to seize all computers owned by Mr Zamel.

Also, Cambridge Analytica, a company that stole Facebook information and was in the midst of numerous scandal after it was known that the company ran different campaigns to help the then candidate Trump win, had declared bankruptcy.


While the US President, Donald Trump has decided to move forward in pulling out of the Iran deal, clearly former US President Barack Obama is not happy with the pulling out by Trump, and another punch to some of his legacy work, and had decided to write a statement, few minutes after the announcement was made.

Obama shared this on his social media pages;

There are few issues more important to the security of the United States than the potential spread of nuclear weapons, or the potential for even more destructive war in the Middle East. That’s why the United States negotiated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in the first place.

The reality is clear. The JCPOA is working – that is a view shared by our European allies, independent experts, and the current U.S. Secretary of Defense. The JCPOA is in America’s interest – it has significantly rolled back Iran’s nuclear program. And the JCPOA is a model for what diplomacy can accomplish – its inspections and verification regime is precisely what the United States should be working to put in place with North Korea. Indeed, at a time when we are all rooting for diplomacy with North Korea to succeed, walking away from the JCPOA risks losing a deal that accomplishes – with Iran – the very outcome that we are pursuing with the North Koreans.

That is why today’s announcement is so misguided. Walking away from the JCPOA turns our back on America’s closest allies, and an agreement that our country’s leading diplomats, scientists, and intelligence professionals negotiated. In a democracy, there will always be changes in policies and priorities from one Administration to the next. But the consistent flouting of agreements that our country is a party to risks eroding America’s credibility, and puts us at odds with the world’s major powers.

Debates in our country should be informed by facts, especially debates that have proven to be divisive. So it’s important to review several facts about the JCPOA.

First, the JCPOA was not just an agreement between my Administration and the Iranian government. After years of building an international coalition that could impose crippling sanctions on Iran, we reached the JCPOA together with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the European Union, Russia, China, and Iran. It is a multilateral arms control deal, unanimously endorsed by a United Nations Security Council Resolution.

Second, the JCPOA has worked in rolling back Iran’s nuclear program. For decades, Iran had steadily advanced its nuclear program, approaching the point where they could rapidly produce enough fissile material to build a bomb. The JCPOA put a lid on that breakout capacity. Since the JCPOA was implemented, Iran has destroyed the core of a reactor that could have produced weapons-grade plutonium; removed two-thirds of its centrifuges (over 13,000) and placed them under international monitoring; and eliminated 97 percent of its stockpile of enriched uranium – the raw materials necessary for a bomb. So by any measure, the JCPOA has imposed strict limitations on Iran's nuclear program and achieved real results.

Third, the JCPOA does not rely on trust – it is rooted in the most far-reaching inspections and verification regime ever negotiated in an arms control deal. Iran’s nuclear facilities are strictly monitored. International monitors also have access to Iran’s entire nuclear supply chain, so that we can catch them if they cheat. Without the JCPOA, this monitoring and inspections regime would go away.

Fourth, Iran is complying with the JCPOA. That was not simply the view of my Administration. The United States intelligence community has continued to find that Iran is meeting its responsibilities under the deal, and has reported as much to Congress. So have our closest allies, and the international agency responsible for verifying Iranian compliance – the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Fifth, the JCPOA does not expire. The prohibition on Iran ever obtaining a nuclear weapon is permanent. Some of the most important and intrusive inspections codified by the JCPOA are permanent. Even as some of the provisions in the JCPOA do become less strict with time, this won’t happen until ten, fifteen, twenty, or twenty-five years into the deal, so there is little reason to put those restrictions at risk today.

Finally, the JCPOA was never intended to solve all of our problems with Iran. We were clear-eyed that Iran engages in destabilizing behavior – including support for terrorism, and threats toward Israel and its neighbors. But that’s precisely why it was so important that we prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Every aspect of Iranian behavior that is troubling is far more dangerous if their nuclear program is unconstrained. Our ability to confront Iran’s destabilizing behavior – and to sustain a unity of purpose with our allies – is strengthened with the JCPOA, and weakened without it.

Because of these facts, I believe that the decision to put the JCPOA at risk without any Iranian violation of the deal is a serious mistake. Without the JCPOA, the United States could eventually be left with a losing choice between a nuclear-armed Iran or another war in the Middle East. We all know the dangers of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon. It could embolden an already dangerous regime; threaten our friends with destruction; pose unacceptable dangers to America’s own security; and trigger an arms race in the world’s most dangerous region. If the constraints on Iran’s nuclear program under the JCPOA are lost, we could be hastening the day when we are faced with the choice between living with that threat, or going to war to prevent it.


In a dangerous world, America must be able to rely in part on strong, principled diplomacy to secure our country. We have been safer in the years since we achieved the JCPOA, thanks in part to the work of our diplomats, many members of Congress, and our allies. Going forward, I hope that Americans continue to speak out in support of the kind of strong, principled, fact-based, and unifying leadership that can best secure our country and uphold our responsibilities around the globe.



President Trump has announced that the US will be pulling out of the Iran Nuclear deal, making a strong stance on his campaign promise to pull away from the deal he had tagged a "terrible deal" by the previous administration.

The President did not work along his allies, especially France, Germany and the UK that had lobbied the White House to stay in the Iran Nuclear deal. A deal they had helped negotiate with the former US administration.


President Trump also re-impose the sanctions that were lifted when the previous deal was signed with Iran. The new move by the US threaten to destabilize the region, and has already caused an oil price surge in anticipation for the withdrawal.

The Iranian economy is currently in decline, and the country currency is also weakening, and the withdrawal will add pressure to President Rouhani and his moderates in the region.

Mr Rouhani had warned that it would be a terrible idea for President Trump to withdraw, but France, Germany and Britain have said they will continue to honour the deal they help negotiate with the Iranian regime.

Trump in the past was not happy with the deal, and has promised to withdraw from the deal, and had also called Iran a country sponsoring terrorism in the Middle East. Trump in his speech said;

The agreement was so poorly negotiated, that even if Iran fully complies, the regime can still be on the verge of a nuclear breakout in just a short period of time.

Israel Loves Trump's New Message

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the country is happy with President Trump stance of pulling out of the deal. Netanyahu released a speech after Trump's speech withdrawing from Iran's deal.

Benjamin said Israel fully supports President Trump’s bold decision today to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with Tehran, he also added Israel opposed the deal from the start because, rather than keeping Tehran away from the bomb, “it paves Iran’s path to an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs.

He praised Trump for the "courageous leadership" he had shown, and for pulling out of the deal.


North Korea has said it will stop testing nuclear missiles. The latest move has surprised experts, but many believed this was done in preparation of the meeting between North Korea and the White House.

A recent study by group of geologists have shown that the sudden compromise by Kim Jong-Un might just be because the nuclear test site have collasped due to many explosions, and there are concerns about the collapse, as radioactive materials could make its way to China soon.


Geologists in China said that the mount Muntap collaspses might be because the country tested a nuclear warhead last fall. The detonation was done at around 2,300 feet beneath the mountain peak, causing aftershock earthquakes.

The bomb is reported to have vaporized the surrounding rock, and blew a hole in the side of the mountain.

According to the United States Geological Survey, when the bomb was detonated, there was a 6.3 earthquake,followed by another 4.6 magnitude earthquake.

The collapse of the test site could be a reason for the halting of nuclear missile test by North Korea, whether the regime will build a new one is unknown.


President Donald Trump is fuming over the 60 Russian diplomat that was ordered to leave the country after the Salisbury attack in the UK. The U.S President felt he was misled by aides after learning that both Germany and France have only sent four Russians from their countries respectively.

According to the Washington post, aides have told the President Trump that the U.S will match the entire numbers of the EU, and not the major EU countries, like Germany and France.


                                 Russian double-agent, Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia  CREDIT: EAST 2 WEST

The President had initially pushed back on Prime Minister Theresa May requests, asking her, "Why are you asking me to do this? What’s Germany going to do? What about France?”

After the 60 Russian diplomats were ejected from the U.S. and only four from France and Germany, President Trump is reported to be furious with aides over the information he was given, and had thrown curse words around the office.

The UK called on its allies after a double agent, Sergei Skripal with his daughter Yulia was reported to be exposed to nerve agent only owned and produced by the Russians. The UK then accused Russians to be behind the attack, and led to the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats in the UK.

According to the Washington post, Donald Trump had said that the US will match the numbers of the oher allies, Trump said “we’ll match their numbers”, adding: “We’re not taking the lead. We’re matching.” It led to him screaming at aides when they told him, matching the EU numbers, he said “I don’t care about the total" while pointing to the numbers of expulsion from France and Germany.


Former FBI director, James COmey in a recent interview believed that the Russian government might have compromising information on U.S President Donald Trump. 

He made the statement in an interview on ABC, but before the interview on Sunday, the President had started a Twitter war on Comey, calling him a 'slippery" and added that the former FBI director is "the WORST FBI Director in history, by far!”


Comey in his interview said the various actions by the U.S President shows that there are “some evidence of obstruction of justice” in the president’s actions and that Trump is “morally unfit” for office. The former FBI director talked about his firing in May because he was looking into the election meddling by the Russians in the U.S. election, even though Trump has tweeted the investigation is a witch hunt, and himself or his team have no collusion with Russia.

Comey said the President is morally unfit, and gave a sample of the event in Charlottesville;

 A person who sees moral equivalence in Charlottesville, who talks about and treats women like they’re pieces of meat, who lies constantly about matters big and small and insists the American people believe it — that person’s not fit to be president of the United States, on moral grounds.

Attacking Comey before the interview, Trump denied he ever asked Comey for a loyalty pledge,but the firing of James Comey caused another scramble at the Justice department that led to Attorney-General Jeff Session recusing himself from the investigation, and the appointment of Robert Mueller, which had since led to the investigation of 19 people, and this include the Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort and former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn.

Two campaign aides, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos have pleaded guilty and are currently cooperating with Mueller.


Former FBI director, James Comey is about to release his highly anticipated forthcoming memoir, A Higher Loyalty, and he had share something he was told by the current White House Chief of staff, John Kelly. 

Comey said that within minutes after he was fired, he received a call from the  head of the Department of Homeland Security at the time, John Kelly, and currently Chief of staff at the White House. According to Comey's account, Kelly said he was "sick" about what had happened, and "intended to quit" in protest of the situation.



Kelly,  “said he didn’t want to work for dishonourable people,” referring to how Comey was fired for looking at the possible collusion of Russia in the 2016 US presidential elections.

Comey now said he advised Kelly to stay in his position, because the president needs people of integrity and principle around him, than his predecessors.

The new revelation by James Comey will probably turn the U.S. President to start another tweetstorm against Comey. Kelly has been on thin ice with General Kelly in the past few weeks, and he February had told Trump he will resign if he needs him to go.

Trump at the other end has said to different aides he feels more comfortable without the Chief of staff around.



Rex Tillerson

Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has been fired and immediately replaced by the CIA director, Mike Pompeo. 

Mr Tillerson was the former  chief executive of ExxonMobil,and was called to be Secretary of State by Donald Trump, just a year ago. In a decision that has shocked the Tillerson, Trump was reported to have called Tillerson to leave his job.


The president also has now nominated Gina Haspel to be the new director of the CIA, if accepted by congress, she will be the first woman to be the director of the agency.

There has been rumour back and forth that in the past about the disagreement with Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump, and Tillerson was reported to have allegedly called Donald Trump a moron, something he denied, amidst reports he was considering quitting the cabinet.

According to White House senior officials, the President has decided to fire Tillerson to hire new heads ahead talks between Trump and Kim Jong-Un of North Korea in May.

Trump tweeted about the firing here;