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Jan 18, 2018 |

A new iOS bug will make you say - "Chai," if you click on its link. The link to the malicious was posted by Abraham Masri, and was posted on Tuesday.

According to Abraham,...

Jun 17, 2016 |

Meet Anvitha Vijay, a 9 year old and the youngest App developer from Melbourne, Australia. She created the app, ...

Jun 08, 2016 |

All lovers of Apple products are to expect a great week from Apple as the doors for the yearly Apple WWDC 2016 will be open on...

Mar 01, 2016 |

John McAfee of the McAfee antivirus software on live TV tutored the FBI and everyone on how to crack the iPhone or any other phone out there on...

Sep 17, 2015 |

Mobile giant, Apple has finally released the latest version of its OS, iOS 9 on Wednesday, and users of the iPhones can now enjoy the latest of...

Jul 02, 2015 |

Smartphones are not the latest trend in the today's society. Many apps are available out there and most of us would love to see what different...

May 26, 2015 |

“This is the best smartphone in the world. We did it!” are the words of an elated man, Nguyen Tu Quang has he presented the newest smartphone...

Nov 01, 2014 |

A new group of young aspiring entrepreneurs in Viet Nam recently released a new brain teasing game on google play store called ...

Oct 30, 2014 |

Tim Cook, the apple CEO that took over from Lt. Steve jobs this week write in one of the editorials that he is gay. A piece that had sparked...

Aug 05, 2014 |

The addictive game that was removed by its developer, Flappy Bird for unknown reason is now back online. Duong Nguyen, the developer of Flappy...