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Former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh Shot Dead By Gunmen
Abuja, Nigeria: The former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Air Chief Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh, 61 - has been shot dead by unknown gunmen while returning from his farm on the Abuja-Keffi highway.                        According  to the spokesman of the Nigerian Air Force, Ibikunle Daramola; 
South Korea Said It Will Arrest Citizens That Smoke Marijuana In Canada
South Korean authorities are warning citizens that are currently living in Canada to not smoke cannabis in the country after its legalise recreational marijuana last week. The authorities warned that smokers will be arrested when they enter South Korea from Canada.                      
Islamist leader And ISIS Recruiter Loses Belgian Citizenship, Faces Deportation
Fouad Belkacem, an ISIS supporter that used his group, Sharia4Belgium to send dozens of Jihadist to Syria is currently facing deportation after an appeal court in Antwerp ruled that Fouad has come short of his duties as citizens of the country. Belgium was the only country in Europe with the many number of jihadists that went to Syria to join ISIS, some of the recruits came back to Europe. Some of those that returned to Europe went to Paris, and caused the Paris 2015 attack that killed 130 people, and the March 2016 Brussels attack that killed 32 people, and 300 injured.
China Performed Abracadabra On Interpol Chief Meng Hongwei After A Trip To China
The Chinese head of the international police agency Interpol, Meng Hongwei has disappeared after a trip to China on September 25. According to family members, Hongwei had left the Interpol HQ in Lyon, France, but was later not seen after he landed in China. According to a quote from the The South China Morning Post, Hongwei was taken away by "discipline authorities" to an unknown location, and also the reason for the abduction.               
Abducted ICRC Midwife Saifura Ahmed Killed By Boko Haram
Nigeria: Saifura Hussaini Ahmed Khorsa, a 25 year old midwife kidnapped by deadly terrorist group, Boko Haram, has now been killed by the group, after Boko Haram claimed the government has denied to respond its messages, both in writing, and audio messages, therefore it is sending a message of blood to the government.
Buhari Feels The Heat After Senate President, Bukola Saraki Decamps From APC
Abuja, Nigeria: Bukola Saraki, the Nigeria Senate President is the next person dumping the ruling party -All Progressives Congress.                      Saraki announced the shocking news via his twitter timeline, and will join other senators that have dumped APC for their previous party, PDP. 
Trump Knew About Trump Tower Meeting After Promising Dirt On Hillary Clinton Two Days Before Meeting Russian Agent
Donald Trump had denied knowing about the meeting between Russian agent and his son, Donald Trump Jr., but as invesigation into Russian meddling intensifies, and former Trump lawyer now sings for Robert Mueller, there are new reports that Donald Trump himself knew of the meeting. Trump who seems to have known about the meeting inform his followers during a campaign stop that he got dirt on Hillary and Bill Clinton, and will release a report soon in 2 days. Though Donald Trump never delivered on the promise as it seems he never got any good information from the Russian agent.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Insulted At Restaurant In Kentucky
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was the latest Republican to be met with insults from protesters while going back to his car on Saturday in Kentucky. McConnell was met with both political and personal insults outside a parking lot at a Louisville restaurant.                      
Hillary Clinton Planning A Comeback For 2020 US Election
Hillary Clinton has not given up on the race for the number one public office in the US, after new speculation that the 2016 candidate is preparing for a re-match with Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Ms. Clinton lost to President Donald Trump in an election pollsters have believed would be won by the former secretary of state and first lady. Clinton in the past week was seen at different high profile events, and also she has been asking for donation to support her cause.
Stop Buying Iran Oil, US Warns The World
A US official is currently on a tour to both European and Asian countries, asking that they stop buying oil from Iran. The countries are instructed to stop oil import before November from Iran or face US sanctions.
Man Shouted "Allahu Akbar", Then Killed Woman In Belgium
A man early this morning shouted "Allahu Akbar" in the eastern city of Belgium, Liege - before opening fire, killing a passerby and two cops were killed before the man was neutralised. The attacked happened around 10.30am, as armed cops and siren arrives at the scene of the shootings. Onlookers scrambled around the Liege's central boulevard d'Avro.                       
16-Year Old Vietnamese Girl, Thuy Dung Details Abuse From VTV Staff, Minh Tiep
Pham Thi Thuy Dung, a 16 year girl in Viet Nam has set the internet abuzz in Vietnam when she decided to write about how a famous sports presenter for Vietnamese national television,VTV, Minh Tiep has constantly abuse her. The courage from Dung has now gained very high momentum as Vietnamese netizens have rallied round this girl who had boldly came out to let the world know the abuse she suffers from her brother-in-law.
ISIS Threatens To Attack The Champions League Final Match In Kiev
A cyber security firm, Sixgill - which helps monitor the activity of the ISIS terror group on dark web and other encrypted apps have reported that the terrorist group have sent out a chatter it will be in the Champions league final at  Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Kiev on Saturday.              
Nigerian Family Disown Daughter On National Daily For Lesbianism
The Shoremi family of Ogun state, Nigeria has publicly disowned their daughter, Shalom T. Shoremi after the daughter decided to pick lesbianism and requested for a special marriage license at the Federal Marriage Registry to marry another woman.                    The family of Ms Shoremi took an ad space on a National Newspaper dissociating tie from the young woman, and severe all family ties with her.
Donald Trump Cancels Peace Talk With Kim Jong-Un Slated For June 12 In Singapore
U.S. President Donald Trump has canceled high talk with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, accusing the North Korean leader of "tremendous anger and open hostility." The U.S. President canceled talks on Thursday, accompanying the cancellation with a letter. The peace talk between the duo was set up for June 12 at Singapore, and there have been preparation for these talks between the two parties involved.                  
Michael Cohen Was Paid $400,000 From Ukraine To Arrange Talks With White House
Trump presidency continues its deep dive into scandals after a report surfaced online recently that Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen had received $400,000 to help Ukraine fix talk between Ukraine and the White House. The payment was reported to be done by an intermediary acting for the Ukranian leader, Petro Poroshenko.            
Kim Jong-Un Worried Of Military Coup If He Meets Trump In Singapore
Kim Jong-Un is worried he would lose his grip on power if he goes on to meet U.S. President Donald Trump on June 12 in Singapore.  The North Korea leader is worried about what will happen in Pyongyang when he goes on to meet Donald Trump, he is worried about a military coup or hostile actors that would want to take power from the Kim's power house who had ruled the country since 1953.                
Israeli Company That Interfered In U.S. 2016 Election Shut Down After Robert Mueller Investigation
After the Robert Mueller team investigated Psy-group,  an Israeli company for its online manipulation tactics during the 2016 elections, the company shut down. Psy-group is also known as Invop Ltd. , and it is listed under the  Israeli state registrar’s database. The company during the 2016 U.S. election launched an online manipulation campaign.             
Saudi Arabia Exposed- How The Kingdom Sponsored Mosque That Teach Hating Of Jews And Homosexuals
According to Belgian intelligence reports, some documents from Gulf Arab-financed mosques promotes the anti-Semitic and stereotypes of jews, and also calls for the persecution of gays. The reports acquired by OCAM national terrorism monitoring centre see a document that called that gays be stoned to death or thrown off buildings, and describe jews as "evils."                        
Trump Pullout From Iran Deal Is Misguided And A Slap On The Face Of US Allies
While the US President, Donald Trump has decided to move forward in pulling out of the Iran deal, clearly former US President Barack Obama is not happy with the pulling out by Trump, and another punch to some of his legacy work, and had decided to write a statement, few minutes after the announcement was made. Obama shared this on his social media pages;