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President Trump Asks FBI Acting FBI Director If He Voted Him Or Hillary Clinton
President Donald Trump reportedly asked the acting FBI director during a meeting at the oval office if he voted for Hillary Clinton of Trump during the 2016 election, while trying to demand loyalties from the director, but Andrew McCabe replied that he did not vote in the election. In May 2017, the President Trump fired FBI director, James Comey after he denied the president of the loyalty he had asked him. The President also asked that James Comey shows leniency to Former United States National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, and also stop the Russia investigation.
Two Students Dead, Another 15 Injured In Kentucky School Shooting
Police have arrested a 15-year old who killed two other 15year old student in a shooting at Marshall County High School, in the small city of Benton, in southwestern Kentucky.. Another 18 students have been reported to be injured in the shooting.  According to authorities, 15 of the students suffered gunshot wounds, and 5 students trying to escape were injured.     
We Will Humiliate Trump Government If You Provoke Beijing - China Warns
The Chinese government is not going on twitter before it can let out its own threat to the Trump administration if it intends to provoke China at the South China Sea. The warning was given by a top official of the Communist government in Russia after a USS Hooper warship was spotted within 12 nautical miles of the  disputed Huangyan  island.                    
Shakil Afridi, Man Who Helped US Defeat Osama Bin Laden Forgotten In Prison Since 2011
Killing Osama Bin Laden was one of the Obama administration victory, and a boost for the American Navy seal too, but behind the scene in killing Osama Bin Laden is a forgotten doctor, Shakil Afridi, who helped Navy Seal confirmed their target by using a vaccination scam used to track and kill Bin Laden.  
Iraqi Court Sentence German Woman To Death
A court in Baghdad has sentenced a German woman to death after she confirms she had travelled from Germany to Iraqi for the sole purpose of joining ISIS with her two daughters.
Mexican Marine Killed Three Americans Along The Border
Three Americans,Erica Alvarado Salinas, 26, Alex Alvarado, 22, and Jose Angel Alvarado, 21 have all gone to greet their fathers in El Control, a small town near Matamoros, and were en route back to Progreso, Texas, when the Mexican marines executed the siblings and a friend who was with them at the time. A friend of the siblings travelling with them from Mexico,  Jose Guadalupe Castaneda Benitez, 32, was also killed.
Nigerian Man Killed By South African Policemen After He Refused To Bribe Them
Bartholomew Eziagulu, the Chairman of the Nigerian Union chapter in the Kwazulu Natal Province of South Africa has narrated how two South African men a 27 year old Ebuka Okori in Durban.  According to the president, the Bartholomew said that the 2 policemen who appeared to have dressed casually went to the deceased apartment, and forcefully gain access to his building in the early hours of Friday at around 2am.
British Man, Gary Iredale Set Vietnamese Ex-lover On Fire, Fled VIetnam
A British businessman, Gary Iredale, 52 was not going to move on from his Vietnamese lover in Hanoi. The former divorcee doused his Vietnamese ex-girlfriend, Nguyen Hang, and also a tailor in Hanoi in petrol and set her on fire.               
US Government Shutdown- What You Need To Know
The US Government today have shut down officially, but the questions people keep asking is, What does this mean?  The government shutdown, now called "The Trump Shut down" is happening because Senate Democrats, Senate Republicans and the US President Donald Trump could not make a deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allows undocumented immigrants brought into the US, remain in the country without fear of deportation.
Herdsmen Killed Pregnant Woman In Ekiti A Day After Fayose Meeting
The peace arrangement between the Fulani herdsmen and its host communities by the government of Ekiti state did not bear much fruit after a pregnant Tiv woman was killed 24 hrs after the meeting.  The woman was reported to be from Benue state, and was shot dead at a farm settlement at Orin community in Ido/Osi Local Government Area of Ekiti State. Rumours going around said that the woman was killed by the Fulanis to retaliate the death of a Fulani man killed by the Tivs in OKe Ako, Ekiti.
Meghan Markle Picked Wedding Dress For Upcoming Nuptial To Prince Harry
As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare for their dream wedding, Meghan has finally settled for a wedding dress after different media speculation on what will be her style of choice. The former actress had made the selection, and also had her first fittings at Kensington Palace. She is guided by her long time pal and stylist, stylist Jessica Mulroney, with both ladies spending four days at the cottage occupied by Prince Harry and Meghan at Nottingham.
Russian Athletes Scampered For Home When Anti-Doping Agencies Arrives
Russian athletes were no where to be found when they heard anti-doping agencies have arrived at a tournament in Siberia, more than 30 athletes were reported to have withdran from the tournament immediately the news of the agencies went out.                    
Two Americans And Two Canadians Kidnapped, Policemen Killed In Shootout
Two policemen were killed while escorting 2 Canadians and two Americans expatriates in Kaduna state, Nigeria. The abduction happened at the Kwoi-Jere Road in the Kagarko Local Government Area of Kaduna State when the expatriates who had travelled to inspect some projects in Kaduna were returning to their bases in Abuja.                
Democrats Looks To Shut Down Government If No DACA Deal
Former president Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, is causing a standoff in the US Congress, and might lead to a government shutdown in 2 days if both Republicans and Democrats do not come back to a negotiation table.                    The Republicans who had supported the bill arenow tossing it.
American gymnast, Simon Biles Says She Was Sexually Abused By Team Doctor, Larry Nassar
American gymnast, Simon Biles is the latest woman to report on how she was sexually harassed by the former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. Larry has been accused by more than 130 women during his 29-year tenure as a physician for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University, and last month was sentenced to a 60 years on federal child pornography charges.  
After 30 Years In The United States, Man Sent Back To Mexico
The  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have now deported Jorge Garcia, a 39-year-old landscaper from Lincoln Park, Michigan after staying in the U.S for 30 years. He had came to the U.S when he was 10 by an undocumented family member, but he stayed in the U.S, and now has a wife and two kids who are all U.S citizens. He was escorted out of the U.S with his wife, Cindy Garcia, why their daughter, Soleil cried on his shoulder.
KKK Flyer Distributed Across Virginia Houses Ahead Of Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Ahead of a Monday public holiday dedicated to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., members of the Ku Klux Klan wasreported to have distributed flyers that are denoucing the leader. Police and the FBI have launched an investigation after at least 10 people reported to have seen plastic sandwich bags containing a flyer that labels Dr. King as a an alcoholic, communist and pervert.                     
Israeli Air Force Destroyed Tunnel Used By Hamas To Smuggle Terrorists And Weapons Into Gaza Strip
A 180-metre long tunnel have been discovered by the Israeli intelligence team, and was destroyed on Sunday morning, after the security team closed the  Kerem Shalom on Saturday night. Israel has also denied claims that the tunnel is used to transport food to the Gaza strip, claiming that the tunnel is used by Hamas to smuggle terrorists and weapon into the Gaza strip, which can be used as a combined attack on the Kerem Shalom crossing from the Egyptian side.
Chelsea Manning To Run For Senate
After given a second chance by former President Obama, Chelsea Manning is now vying to run for the US senate election in Maryland. Chelsea Manning, 30 was a former US intelligence analyst, but was jailed for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. He was then sentenced to a 35 years in behind bars after he was found guilty of 20 charges, including espionage.       
A Missile Targeting Hawaii Caused Chaos Among Citizens, EMA Says Threat
Emergency alert sent to phones of residents in Hawaii caused a panic. The emergency alert was sent in all caps "Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill." Hawaii Emergency Management Agency spokesman Richard Repoza has now debunked the claim, and said that it is a false alarm, and the agency is looking into what happened. Hawaii has been preparing for the worst case scenario since North Korea armed itself with missiles, though unlikely that the country would ever use it.