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1,200 New Settlers In West Bank To Be Approved By Israel
While the UN and countries debate peace between Israel and Palestines, Israel is no longer waiting for validation or approval from any country or group, but will continue to approve new settler's home in West Bank. The country's defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman has said that the construction for the new approval should go on after peace talks between the 2 countries had been halted since 2014.
Steve Bannon Out Of Breitbart News Network
Former Donald Trump White House strategist, Steve Bannon is out of Breitbart news network. Steve Bannon loses the post of director of Breitbart news after he made a comment that where he described that a meeting Donald Trump Jr held in New York with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential election campaign is "treasonous".                  
FBI Arrests Woman That Hired Hitman To Kill Boyfriend For Insurance Money
Rasheeda Johnson Turner, 35, appeared in court yesterday after she was arrested last month for wanting to kill his boyfriend, but the hitman she hired turned out to be a FBI informant. The woman was looking to end the life of her 55 year old sugar daddy, and cash out his $150,000 life insurance policy, and offered to pay the hitman $50,000 for the hit.                
Yair Netanyahu Apologized For Comments, Benjamin Netanyahu Defends Son
Benjamin Netanyahu has defended his son after his recent tape recordings were leaked to Israeli TV. The leaked tape saw the first child of Benjamin, Yair Netanyahu begging money from Ori Maimon, the son of Kobi Maimon, Israel gas tycoon.                                              From left, Yair, Sara(m) and Benjamin Netanyahu
David Cameron Thinks Barack Obama Is A "Narcissistic, self-absorbed" Person
Steve Hilton, the former senior adviser to Mr Cameron during the 2010 General Election campaign has revealed on his new TV show that the bromance between Barack Obama and David Cameron might not be 100% perfect as displayed on TV,  after revealing that Mr Cameron thinks Obama is a "Narcissistic, self-absorbed" person.                       Steve said; "
Name Of Republicans Retiring For Senate In 2018
As Orrin Hatch looks to retire from the senate, Ed Royce of California is the latest Republican that just announced he will be leaving the House.  Before his announcement, Ed was the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and his district was won by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election with 9 points, which makes it vulnerable for the next election.                     
Did Yair Netayanhu Exposed Benjamin Netayanhu Deal To Oil Tycoon?
Yair Netayanhu, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu son of Israel might not be helping the two corruption cases against his dad after a recent released tape heard him bragging about how Benjamin Netanyahu helped push a $20bn of a gas tycoon. In the tape, Yair was with Ori Maimon, son of a wealthy oil magnate, Kobi Maimon.Mammon Snr. is a shareholder in Isramco, which also owns Tamar gas fields.                          
Meet Abuja Serial Rapist - Nigerian Ladies In Abuja Should Run
Abuja, Nigeria: A brave Nigerian lady  @MissyAyom on Twitter have just accused a man that goes by the name of AbdulAzeez Yusuf, alias are "Ozeal or Charles", staying in Abuja of assault and rape.                                                                                           AbdulAzeez Yusuf image
Israeli And U.S Governments Directs Facebook To Delete Accounts Of Palestinian Activists
Last year September, some Facebook representatives met with one of Israel most extremist and pro-settlement Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. The meeting was done so that Israel could control Facebook, and be able to tell them the account of Palestinian activists that should be deleted on the group of constituting "incitement"                              
Same-Sex Marriage In Saudi Arabia Sparks Outrage, Police Arrest Couple And Friends
The police in Saudi Arabia are investigating a video that went viral of 2 men getting married, and their friend throw confetti while the 2 men walk down the aisle. Same sex activities are restricted in Saudi Arabia, and punishment for same-sex activities can range from lashing to death penalty sentence. 
Kidnapped Catholic Nuns Released After 52 Days In Captivity In Nigeria
Kidnappers have now released the three reverend sisters that were kidnapped by guns at the Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus convent in Iguoriakhi, in the Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo State on November 14, 2017. Three other females were also kidnapped, as kidnappers demand for a 20million Naira ransom.              
War Time: Russia Simulates A Full Scale War Against NATO
Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces, Riho Terras claimed that last September, Russia military simulated a full scale war against the NATO. The military drill conducted between 14-20 military officers displayed a fictional scenario of Russia engaging the US led alliance.              According to the Russian military, the drill was a scenario to simulate attacks by militant.
"Sloppy" Steve Bannon Apologizes To Donald Trump
After receiving backlash from both President Donald Trump, and Republicans, Steve Bannon has apologized to President Donald Trump and his son for the comments he provided to the author of Fire and fury-Inside The Trump White House, Michael Wolffe. In his apology via Axios, Steve Bannon apologized to Donald Trump Jr. saying "Donald Trump, Jr. is both a patriot and a good man. He has been relentless in his advocacy for his father and the agenda that has helped turn our country around."
CNN Jake Tapper Abruptly Ended White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller Interview After Rambling Answers
Stephen Miller was on CNN State of the Union, hosted by Jake Tapper, and got his microphone cut off amid interview. Jake Tapper switched to commercial after Miller's repetition of answers not relating to the questions, and attacking both CNN network and Jake Tapper.                    
ISIS Vows To Wage War Over Hamas For The Loss Of Jerusalem To Israel And Trump
In a 22-minute video released by the Egypt chapter of ISIS, the terrorist group has declared a war on Hamas for losing Jerusalem to Washington and Israel. The video was recently released to the Jihadist-monitoring SITE Intelligence Group website.
China Will Issue 10 Years Visa For Skilled People To Work In The Country
China is looking to bring in talents to the country, and will look to give them long term visas to stay in the country. The visa will be given to people with talents, scientists, entrepreneurs, technology leaders who are willing to move into China.                   China has set out this goal to allow social and economic developments in the country, and the new immigration law is set to benefit more than 50,000 foreigners.
Emmanuel Macron Calls Out U.S, Saudi Arabia And Israel Government For Creating War Path In Iran
French President Emmanuel Macron has called out the U.S, Israel and Saudi Arabia government for its conspiracy to turn the world against Iran, and trying to lead the country to war while at it. The recent protests in Iran have caused more than 50 people death and several others injured after clashes with security forces and the protesters.                         
Former UKIP And Conservative MP Sent To Prison For Electoral Fraud
Bob Spink, the former UKIP and conservative have been arrested and was sentenced at Basildon Crown Court to 6 months in prison, and also suspended for 2 years. Spink served as Tory MP for Castle Point in Essex. He was found guilty of deceiving elderly people in his constituents to sign electoral forms that backs local candidates. He was sentenced at with 39 year old James Parkin, who was UKIP election agent at the time.
Trump Security Adviser Threatens Russia Saying It Will Pay A "Huge Price" For Supporting Iran
The White House’s National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has warned Russia it will pay a huge price for supporting the Iran regime. The recent demonstrations by the Iranians have received support from the US President Trump and also the US UN ambassador Nikki Haley, calling the Iranian government should listen to its people and allow them to protest.                    
Girl Live streamed Her Suicide On Social Media After Boyfriend Breaks Her Heart
18 Year Old, Ms. Nittaya Sawatdiwan has committed suicide by jumping in a river in Thailand. The lady was filmed on the Rama 8 bridge and jumping in the Chao Phraya river in Thailand. The video was captured by her taxi driver Pattharadanai Noomarinart, whom was said to be either an Uber driver or the driver of a taxi-sharing app in the city. The driver is now facing massive criticism by the people who said he could have helped the young girl to overcome her suicide thoughts and not standing behind the camera.